Review: Reve

Review: Reve

The city really needed a restaurant serving classic French cuisine, and to fill that void, we now have Reve, French for dream, located at Worldmark, Aerocity. The place is modeled to resemble a quaint bistro and is simple and homely while still having that air of refinement.reve1Coming to the food, this place provided us one of the best dining experiences we’ve had in a long time. Each dish was spectacular in taste and nicely presented.

We started with the Wild Mushroom Vol Au Vent which had crisp flaky puff pastry, topped with flavorsome mushroom ragout and emmenthal cheese. The ragout was packed full of mushroom flavor and was delicately seasoned to let the mushrooms shine, and the creaminess was right on point. A must-try dish!

The Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites had a crisp panko coating while inside, the balls had chicken, smoked ham, and melted gruyere cheese oozing out of them. The dish was served with a dijon mustard sauce.reve3 (1)The Twice Baked Gruyere Souffle had a light and airy souffle that just melted in the mouth, topped with cheese fondue that had been baked to get that thin crisp crust on top while still being gooey. To cut through the richness on the plate, the souffle had been served with slices of fresh pear which surprisingly worked really well, and candied hazelnut for crunch.

Next, we had the Tarte Flambee, which was a white pizza with a thin, crisp crust, topped with smoked chicken pieces, caramelized onions and olives and had a nice, subtle flavor.reve4 (1)The Poached Pear and Blue Cheese Salad had slices of pear that had been perfectly poached in red wine, to get that light sweetness and wine flavor. The texture was soft but not mushy, and the sweetness of the pear was counterbalanced with the pepperiness of rocket leaves and the sharpness of blue cheese, which had been used in apt quantity to balance out the flavors nicely. The salad was topped with some caramelized walnuts for crunch.

For main course, we went with the fish and pork.

The Fish Meuniere was one of the best fish dishes we’ve had in the city- the sole fish fillet was pan fried to perfection to get a nice crust outside while the fish was flaky and moist. The fish was served with a delicious brown butter sauce where the butter had been taken to the point that it had a nice nutty flavor that went well with the capers, and the touch of lemon juice added to the sauce went really well with the fish. The accompaniments were roasted baby potatoes and sautéed beans which were both done well. This dish should not be missed here!

Pork Normandy had a slow braised Belgian pork belly which had the right amount of fat in it, and was cooked beautifully and was breaking apart easily at the touch of the fork. We also loved the sauce that the pork was served in as it was super flavorful. Pork goes really well with apples, and the apple puree served along with the pork had a nice creamy texture. The pork was served with some sautéed spinach and beans and really creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes. The one tiny thing we could point out in this dish was that the mashed potatoes should have been served warmer.reve5 (1)We ended this fabulous French meal with a classic French dessert- Crème Brulee which had a nice jiggle to the custard and a thin, crisp layer of crystallized sugar on the top.

Along with our meal, we also had Virgin Pomegranate Bellini and Orange Basil Virgin Mojito, both of which were nice and refreshing.reve2 (2)


The service was well-timed and spaced out, and the servers were very knowledgeable about the menu. Overall, we loved our meal at Reve and will surely be going back soon.

Overall Rating: 4.75/5

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Shop No. R – 2, Worldmark 1, Aerocity, Delhi
Phone No.: 011 4039 6708

Review: The Fat Cat Bistro

Review: The Fat Cat Bistro

The Fat Cat Bistro is a new gourmet food delivery business, serving up some amazing pizzas, dumplings, sandwiches, tacos exotic Indian fare and other comfort food. We recently ordered some food from The Fat Cat, and were not only pleased with the dishes, but were also happy to know they’re doing their bit to be as sustainable as possible, by using environment-friendly material for their packaging. Also, all the dishes were packed and labeled properly, and the branding is super cute.fc1Coming to the food, we tried the Coxinha, which is a popular snack in Brazil. The dish was made with shredded chicken meat mixed with cream cheese filled in a dough and deep fried. The outer covering was really crispy and the creamy chicken filling inside was nicely seasoned, and the dish went well with the spicy mayonnaise sauce served alongside.

The Chicken Iranian Berry Pulao had light, fragrant, perfectly-cooked rice that were spiced delicately and topped with brown onions, Iranian berries for a slight sweetness and, fried cashews for crunch.

The Keema Kotlet had a spicy minced mutton cutlet, coated in panko and deep fried to get a crunchy outer covering, while the mutton was still juicy inside. The dish was served with some nicely made French fries.

We were really impressed with the packaging for Taco Pollo. The mini soft tacos were nicely toasted and packed in a separate packet, while the rocket leaves were packed separately. There was a container that had herbed chicken, and then there were six small containers having sour cream, guacamole, jalapeno sauce, lime wedges, mashed kidney beans and grated cheddar cheese, so we could make our own tacos just the way we like it and nothing went soggy.fc3The Chef’s Special Fat Cat’s Sandwich was a delight- it had a fresh baguette that was nicely toasted and filled with melting cheese, caramelized onions. Gherkins, and tons of chicken salami. The sandwich was super flavorful and was served with some fries and two dips.

For dessert we had the Pick Me Up, which is Fat Cat’s signature Tiramisu in a jar. The tiramisu had a lovely coffee flavor and was just adequately sweet.

This delivery service should certainly be tried for its vast menu choices and its delicious gourmet food that is packed brilliantly.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: C116, Ground Floor, Panchsheel Vihar, Khirki Main Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 4152 3232

Review: Game of Grills

Review: Game of Grills

Game of Grills is located in Hawker Street, an open-air food court right outside Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, and the place serves up some delicious Lebanese food, with a touch of Malayali influence. The husband-wife duo who own and run this place have attempted to create an amalgamation of the spices of Kerala and the flavors of the Arabian land. This, by the way, is the same duo that co-owns the popular Kerala specialty restaurant, Mahabelly in Delhi.gog1We recently visited the container at Hawker Street, and really liked the concept of this area. Hawker Street has some 20-odd containers, serving up food in a lovely open-air ambience, with some closed air-conditioned seating available at both ends of the street. The GoG container had a lovely, small seating right in front of it, from where we could see the shawarma being grilled and the food being cooked on live coals. Also, they make all the dips in-house.

We started with the Falafel Roll which had a soft kuboos bread coated with a little bit of toum or garlic dip, along with falafel and some pickles. The falafel was one of the best we’ve had and was really flavorsome, soft, and moist. The dish was served with pickles and hummus. The hummus had a great consistency and texture, and a nice tinge of tanginess.gog2The GoG Special Grill Platter is a platter that has one chicken, one mutton and one seafood item. We picked the Al Faham grilled chicken, grilled lamb chops, and South Indian fish tikka. The fish was beautifully cooked and delicately spiced, the lamb chops were juicy and spicy, but the highlight was the Al Faham chicken. The chicken was cooked over coal with skin-on, making the skin really crispy while retaining the juices of the chicken inside, and the chicken was also spiced to perfection. The platter also included some toasted kuboos bread, hummus, tabbouleh, toum, and pickles, making for a hearty meal.

Along with these dishes, we had a Malt and Berry Shake which was thick, creamy and had a nice balance of sweetness and tanginess from the berries and the slight nuttiness from the malt.gog3Overall, a place that must be tried out for its delicious food (they deliver), and even to visit for the lovely concept of the Hawker Street.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Container C, Hawker Street, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 0124 466 5736


Review: AMPM Café & Bar

Review: AMPM Café & Bar

AMPM Café, located on the third floor of Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, is the perfect blend of a café and lounge- it has a nice relaxed vibe (not to mention the live singers and amazing, innovative cocktails) inviting you to visit the place for a dinner and drinks with friends, while at the same time being lively enough to be a place for a nice family lunch.ampm1We started off with a Dirty Scotsman at Indian Harem cocktail which had aged whisky muddled with Indian spices like mint, ginger, cinnamon and sun-kissed lemons, with lots of ice. The cocktail was quite strong and tasty, and the spices worked well with the whisky. We also had a Spicy Guava mocktail which had guava juice mixed with tabasco, black pepper and chaat masala.

The Palak Patta Chaat had thin, crisp spinach leaves that had been lightly battered and topped with curd, green chutney, saunth, pomegranate seeds and coriander.

The Chicken and Scallion Dim Sum had a thin coating and were stuffed with chicken flavored with scallion, though we felt the herb could have been more pronounced in flavor. The dim sum was served with soya sauce, chive sauce, and burnt garlic sauce.ampm2The Patatas Bravas was a Spanish-inspired dish consisting of diced potatoes in a spicy pomodoro sauce with some tangy curd sauce as well. While this was an interesting dish, the flavors could be enhanced further.

The Butter Chicken Sliders, one of their signature dishes, consisted of chicken tikka coated in makhani gravy served atop crisp, mini garlic naans along with some makhani gravy. The gravy was full of flavor, and the chicken pieces were juicy and succulent. A dish worth trying.

We also had the Smoked Chicken Bruschetta that had slices of smoked chicken tossed with bell peppers, red onions, rocket leaves, olives and parmesan, served on toasted slices of French bread rubbed with garlic. The bread was fresh and nicely toasted and the chicken topping had a delicate flavor to it.ampm3For main course, we had the Thai Steamed Fish which was a wonderful dish. It came in a bamboo basket, and had a thin fillet of fish which was steamed perfectly so it was just breaking apart at the touch, along with some glass noodles. The fish was served with a thai chili vinaigrette that had the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy notes, with a touch of lemongrass.

The Chicken Parmigiana had two pieces of chicken breast that had been flattened out, coated with panko, and deep fried so that the outside was really crispy, while inside the chicken was still moist. The chicken pieces sat atop a spicy and tangy pomodoro sauce, and had on top some spaghetti aglio olio, melted, gooey buffalo mozzarella cheese and some herbs. This dish is a must-have as each element on the dish was very well executed.ampm4We ended our meal with two interesting desserts. The Rasmalai Cheesecake had a biscuit base, topped with a light and airy chenna cheesecake that was flavored with saffron and topped with pounded pistachios. The other dessert was an Affogato, consisting of three scoops of coffee ice-cream served along with a biscuit coated in chocolate sauce, and the dessert was drowned at a table in a shot of hot espresso. We loved the coffee and chocolate flavors in the dessert, and the fact that it was not too sweet.ampm5The service, as it is with all restaurants under the Bright Hospitality brand, was excellent. A place worth visiting for so many reasons- food, drinks, ambience and service!

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Shop T-304, Third Floor, Ambience Mall, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 9971177085; +91 9560027842

Review: Pebble Street & Bar

Review: Pebble Street & Bar

Pebble Street, which started its first outlet at New Friends Colony in 1998, has been a known name for two decades. They have managed to not only maintain their quality over the years, but now stand 3 outlets strong, with one in CP and the newest one in Kailash Colony. The café-pub serves up Continental, Italian, Tex-Mex, Asian and Indian delicacies along with some amazing cocktails amidst a pleasant ambience. We recently visited the CP outlet and loved how the restaurant looked like a Mexican street.ps1We started off with an Achaari Lemonade, which was a khus-flavored lemonade with a tempering of red chili, saunf, cumin and nigella seeds, and was quite tasty. But what really got us interested was the Beerita, which had a pint of Corona over-turned on a mug of flavored, shaved ice, so the beer flowed into the ice with each sip.

For starters, we tried their signature Dal Makhani Fondue which had really crisp naan with a lovely strong garlic flavor cut into strips, rolled up and put on tiny skewers and was served with dal makhana dip. The dal makhana was also creamy, spicy and flavorsome, and the dish really worked. A must-try here!

The Bun-Chow was their take on keema pao, and consisted of mini buns topped with minced mutton, served with a keema gravy to enhance the flavors. The keema was made really well, and was not too spicy.

The Pulled Mutton and Chicken Sliders platter had four sliders- two chicken and two mutton, served with thin, crispy fries, barbeque sauce and a honey chili sauce. While the chicken was a bit dry, the mutton was doused with barbeque sauce and tasted really good.

The Phuket Fish had a fish fillet that was coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried to get a nice crispy covering, topped with a sauce made with tomato sauce, spices, onions and bell peppers, that added a nice tanginess to the dish.ps8For main course, we had the Chicken Steak that had a juicy and delicately flavored minced chicken steak topped with a nicely made mushroom sauce, grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes. The mushroom sauce had lots of thin slices of mushroom that really added a nice texture to the dish.

The Grilled Sole Fish consisted of sole fillets that were nicely cooked, with nice grill marks on them, served with a lovely tangy citrus butter sauce, grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Along with both these dishes, they served a bread basket as well.

On the server’s recommendation, we also tried the Chicken Biryani, which was quite interesting- the chicken pieces in it had a nice achaari flavor, the rice was coated nicely with spices without being too spicy, and the dish was served with papad, burani raita and saalan.ps7For dessert, we had the Choco-licious Shots, which had cold coffee in shot glasses, with chocolate fudge cake cubes dipped in them.ps5Overall, we were very happy with all the food, and the service was extremely courteous. A place that should be visited with friends for an evening out.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 61-62, 1st Floor, Outer Circle, N Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: 9870263325

Review: The Potbelly Divine

Review: The Potbelly Divine

Potbelly, with its two outlets in Delhi, has become a known name for Bihari cuisine. And now we have a new outlet at Gurgaon, and this outlet is much larger, has beautiful, elegant decor and even some outdoor seating.pd1We visited the place for a tasting and tried out the Baggia Basket, which had steamed rice flour pockets stuffed with spiced lentils. The rice flour covering was really soft and was tempered with mustard seeds, and the filling was quite tasty. The dish was served with spicy parval chokha, tomato chokha and a spicy green chutney which all added a nice punch of flavor to the dish.

The Keema Platter had mutton keema aloo chop and keema goli served on mini paranthas that had a lovely carom seed flavor. The keema golis were also moist and had been seasoned to perfection, and also had some coriander leaves in them which provided a nice freshness to the dish. The platter also had a bun which was buttered and was slathered with a spicy red chili chutney.

For mains, we went with the Bhojpuri Thali that had aloo paneer sabzi, sitaphal subzi, parval chokha, jackfruit chutney and sattu pooris, along with raita. The aloo paneer sabzi had a nice flavor of garam masala in the thick gravy, the sitaphal was sweet and tangy, and the jackfruit chutney had a nice hit of mustard. The sattu pooris were absolutely delicious, and they had a stuffing of dal which enhanced their flavor.pd3In non-veg, we had the Ahuna Mutton, which was very different from any other mutton dish we’ve had before. It was slow-cooked in an earthen pot, and was really juicy and succulent. The mutton had pronounced flavors of whole black pepper, green chilies and onions and was extremely delicious. The mutton was served with a thick, crispy, laccha parantha and raita. This is a must-have dish here!pd4For dessert, we went with the Boondi Hung Curd and the Raspua. The hung curd had a texture very similar to shrikhand. It was slightly tangy, slightly sweet, and had been flavored with saffron and topped with sweet boondi. The raspus was similar to malpua, but it had saunf in it which not only cut through the sweetness, but also provided an interesting change to the flavor of the dish. The raspua was served with a saffron kulfi, which we thought was a bit icy, and not creamy enough.pd2Overall, it was a great meal, with some unique flavors. The service was very courteous throughout. This place should certainly be tried.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +919667056464; +918587812658

Review: DeliBombay Café and Delicatessen

Review: DeliBombay Café and Delicatessen

A cute café tucked in the corner of NFC market, DeliBombay is run by an extremely warm couple who care deeply about the quality of the food and the experience they offer to their diners. The place is subtly, yet beautifully done up. The rooftop has the benefit of the shade and greenery of a Karanj Tree, while the level 1 seating has both indoor and outdoor options. The place has floor-to-ceiling glass windows bringing in a lot of natural light.db1DeliBombay serves up perhaps the best Butter Croissant we’ve had in the city. The croissant is made fresh to-order and takes roughly 20 minutes to arrive at the table, but is well worth the wait. The croissant is made with French butter, and has the perfect texture- light and airy on the inside, flaky on the inside with a lovely buttery flavor. It is a thing of beauty and is a must-have at the café!

DeliBombay makes almost everything in-house, from their breads to their sauces, and they try to use the best ingredients to ensure the end product is of great quality.

We also had their Four Cheese Pizza which had a lovely thin and perfectly baked pizza base that had been made in-house and was topped with generous amounts of mozzarella, parmesan, scamorza, and English cheddar, and the tastes of the different cheese was balanced well.

The Aglio e Olio was also made well- with just the right amount of olive oil coating the spaghetti, tossed in herbs and topped with parmesan cheese. Each bite was flavorsome, and the best part- the pasta was cooked al dente!

The Desi Chalupa was a very interesting dish- a fusion take on Mexican chalupas, this one had flavorful soya chaap chunks that had been cooked well and marinated to perfection to let the spices permeate well into the soya chunks. The soya was wrapped in a crispy, flaky chalupa along with lettuce, onions and capsicum and was served with fries on the side along with house-made fresh tomato salsa and sour cream.

Another great dish we had, and another must-try item, is the De.Bo. Meat Platter which was their take on The Halal Guys famous gyro. Their version consisted of juicy chunks of grilled lamb and chicken served with grilled pita bread, delicately flavored turmeric rice, a special yogurt based white sauce and a fiery red sauce along with a salad made with onions, tomatoes and cucumber. The chicken and lamb were flavored deftly, and the salad was made really well, but the sauces are what made this dish stand out. The red sauce was super spicy and pungent while the white sauce had a lovely garlic flavor and was creamy and delicious.db2We enjoyed these dishes with a couple of drinks- the Mixed Berry Smoothie was thick and creamy and was made with fresh berries. The Conundrum was a unique lime and lemon shake which, we were told, really divides people- you either hate it or you love it. We in fact loved it as it felt really refreshing due to the lime flavor.

We ended this superb meal with a Classic Chocolate Brownie which was made well- it had a thin crust and was super gooey inside, and wasn’t too sweet.db3Overall, each and every dish we had here was delicious, and was made using really good quality ingredients which came across in the taste. The ambiance is also really nice, and this is a place we’d like to visit again and again. DeliBombay Café is highly recommended!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 1, Community Center, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 4019 5264