Review: Cold Love

Review: Cold Love

Cold Love is a new brand in town, offering delicious artisanal ice cream, in a variety of interesting flavors, delivered right to our doorsteps. The chef and owner Aditya Tripathi is a graduate of LSE and IIM, Ahmedabad, and for more than 20 years, he followed the typical career path one would expect. But after experiencing the corporate world for many years, he decided to turn his attention to the kitchen, and poured his heart into understanding everything about what makes a good ice cream. And the result of this endeavor (of course, after a lot of samples and trials that his friends and family benefited from), is Cold Love.


All the ice-creams are made in his home-kitchen using absolutely natural and fresh ingredients – so no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no added colors. What also really intrigued us, were some of the rather unusual flavor combinations he has put together, which urged us to order a few. The ice creams were delivered on time and nicely packed with ice, so that they do not melt.

The Salted Butter Caramel is by far his best flavor, and rightly so also the most popular one. The texture of the ice cream was super creamy and the balance of the sweet, salt and bitter flavors was masterful. The caramel had a hint of salt and had been pushed right to the edge, and hence had acquired a nice bitter flavor, which made the flavor just pop. If you are ordering just one flavor (why though) let it be this one.

Another cool new flavor he has is the White Chocolate & Green Chilly. White chocolate is typically not my favorite, since it mostly turns out to be sickeningly sweet, but the genius of this combination solves for that issue, by adding the hit of the green chili. So, I had a spoonful of this ice cream, and just as my taste buds were comprehending the white chocolate flavor, they were hit by this kick of chili, urging me to have more. This one may not be for everyone, because the chili is prominent in the aftertaste, but for people like me who love mixing spices with sweet, this one would be a hot favorite.

The Coffee Lover’s Coffee got the flavor right- with the right amount of sugar and coffee to the proportion of the milk (a tough balance to get right). But where it suffered slightly, and this may have been a one-off case, was in the texture. This was the only flavor which felt a bit icy.

The Apple Cinnamon is Aditya’s take on the classic apple pie. This one has a lovely apple flavor with a strong whiff of cinnamon. So now, apple pie is no longer just a winter dish.

The Oh Honey Honey is a unique flavor that gets its sweetness not from sugar, but from honey. Maybe that makes it slightly healthier? That could be a good excuse to indulge in this one, but when has anyone needed an excuse to enjoy ice creams? The cool thing about this flavor is that there are small pieces of crunchy honey caramel in the ice cream, which give a nice textural contrast. I would have personally loved a little more of the crunchy caramel, as the slight bitter taste of those crunchy bits was working well to balance the sweetness of the ice cream.

And yes, how could he not have had a kickass chocolate variant. So Aditya has created a Midnight Chocolate flavor which not only had the right amount of sweetness, but also had chocolate chips which made it taste even better and more chocolaty.c1Overall, yes, they are a bit pricey, but these are artisanal ice creams, and they are really delicious. They can be ordered by contacting Aditya at or on 97111 36997, or by placing an order through his website.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: D-157 Defence Colony, New Delhi
Phone No.: 097111 36997

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