Review: Sly Granny – The Breakfast Club

Review: Sly Granny – The Breakfast Club

Sly Granny, after wowing us all with its lunch and dinner menu, has now started off with her Breakfast Club, serving some classic and of course, some of her quirky breakfast dishes from 8:30 am to 11:30 am everyday.sg1We started off with the Avocado Toast which was an open sandwich with mashed avocados flavored with lemon, olive oil and herbs served on a slice of toasted multigrain bread. The creamy avocados went really well with the crunch of the bread and the tangy lemon dressing. The toast was served along with a quenelle of goats cheese and a side of house salad which was nicely dressed.

The Veg Toasty Sandwich was nicely grilled and had a stuffing of basil pesto, sweet peppers and ricotta. Though the sandwich tasted nice, we would have preferred a bit more of the basil flavor to provide that freshness to the sandwich.sg2The Eggs Benedict had perfectly poached eggs atop soft buttered brioche along with crispy bacon rashers and arugula leaves, topped with a lovely, creamy hollandaise sauce. The moment we put our forks through the poached eggs, we saw the golden yolk ooze out, and mix with the brioche and bacon. The side salad served alongside provided a nice fresh change to the creamy flavors of the dish.

Along with the eggs benedict, we also had their Grilled Chicken Sausages, which unlike most sausages, were not dry at all, and were really moist and juicy. They were stuffed with melted gooey cheese which oozed out with each bite we had.sg3Next, we had the House Cured Salmon Bagel Sandwich, which was a stellar dish. It consisted of a well toasted bagel, coated with a flavorsome dill sauce, and topped with generous amounts of cured salmon and pickled shallots. The bagel sandwich was served with more of that lovely dill sauce, a quenelle of sour cream and some house salad. All the elements in the dish went really well together and the dish had a nice mix of flavors and textures.

Along with our meal, we also had a few of their signature tea and coffees. We went with the light and flavorsome saffron and rose tea, which was nice and delicate. The Ibrik, a medium roast Brazilian coffee mixed with cinnamon and made Turkish style on a hot plate, was a really robust and flavorsome shot of coffee. While the Spiced Chemex was a lighted coffee, filtered in a beaker using a light roast Ethiopian coffee and spice mix.sg4We ended our lavish breakfast with their Raisin Bread French Toast. The bread was soft and flavorful, with a nice touch of cinnamon (though we would have preferred the cinnamon flavor to be more pronounced), and was served with honey and maple syrup. Though this was a nice French toast, if they would have served it with some whipped cream or fresh fruits, it would have made for a nice combination.

The service was excellent throughout- quick and attentive and extremely courteous. This is a wonderful place to have a lazy breakfast at!

Location: 4, Khan Market, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 4905 8941

Review: Cultured – Heartcrafted Brew & Eatery

Review: Cultured – Heartcrafted Brew & Eatery

This is a cute little cafe located in the narrow busy lanes of Humayunpur, serving up some delicious  Continental and Mediterranean food. The cafe is decorated beautifully and artistically, with a neat indoor space with abstract-shaped wooden tables and a small and cosy outdoor space. And what’s more, the cafe is pet-friendly as well.

We started off with Hummus and Pita, where the pita was really nicely toasted and the hummus had the right consistency and a good hit or garlic and paprika. The fresh hummus also went well with the carrot and cucumber slices they’d served alongside.

Our next dish, and perhaps the best dish of the evening was their signature Cultured Pasta. It had nicely cooked spaghetti in a light sauce made with parmesan and extra virgin olive oil and seasoned nicely with chili flakes and oregano. The pasta was tossed with mushrooms, green beans and white onions and had a lovely flavor. Served alongside were two slices of toasted bread rubbed with garlic butter to make this a delicious, wholesome dish. This is a must-try dish here!c3The Oven Roasted Chicken had a slow roasted chicken thigh served with skin on so the chicken inside was really juicy and the skin was crisp. The chicken was served on a bed of brown butter parmesan garlic mash along with a side salad and chicken jus. The mash had a lovely smooth texture and a nice flavor from the garlic and brown butter, while the jus was thick and robust. The side salad was nicely dressed and had fresh, crunchy leaves.

We ended our meal with their famous Buttermilk Pancakes. The pancakes were really light and fluffy and were served with caramelized bananas, Nutella and candied walnuts for crunch.

The owner Ms. Esha bakes the desserts fresh every day and the dessert menu changes daily. On the day of our visit, we got to try a lovely Almond Cake which was really moist and fresh and just adequately sweet.c4Along with our meal,  we also had a lovely Handcrafted Smoked Green Tea, which due to its smoky taste, may be an acquired taste for some, though we really enjoyed the taste. We also tasted their Irish Coffee which had a lovely whiff of coffee liquer.

Overall, this cafe serves amazing food in a nice ambience, and should be tried.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 168, Humayunpur, New Delhi
Phone No.: 098997 04071

Review: Crème Borne

Review: Crème Borne

Crème Borne is famous for its black ice-cream with activated charcoal, and was the first one to hit the city with this new trend.

We recently visited their cute little outlet at CP and the flavor on offer for the black swirl (which keeps changing every month) was Nutella. We went ahead and took one cone which was decorated with googly eye gems and sprinkles. You can add toppings of your choice to the ice-cream as well. The ice-cream was smooth and creamy and had a Nutella flavor with an undertone of this earthy taste from the charcoal. The cone was nice and crunchy and was lined at the top with Nutella and some chopped nuts for texture. While we did enjoy the charcoal flavor, it could be an acquired taste for some, but it’s surely worth trying.cb1We also tried the Fresh Fruit Bubble Waffle, which had a light and airy waffle that also had activated charcoal in the batter. The waffle was filled with loads of fresh fruits like banana, pomegranate, kiwi and was drizzled with a tangy berry sauce. But we felt they could have put a bit more sauce on the waffle to enhance its flavor.

We also tried the Churros, which were crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside and were coated with a cinnamon flavored sugar. The churros were drizzled with three sauces- dark chocolate sauce, Nutella and caramel sauce. cb2Overall, this place can be tried for its new concept of ice creams.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: 57,Municipal Market, Connaught Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi
Phone No.: 084470 96729

Review: Speak Greasy

Review: Speak Greasy

Speak Greasy is a late-night delivery kitchen, serving up delicious burgers, pizzas, pastas and shakes from 6p.m. to 3 a.m. everyday. The food came nicely packed and they use 100% biodegradable packaging, so they’re trying to do their bit for the environment.sg1The Peri Peri Dusted Crinkle Cut French Fries were still crunchy and had not gone soft, and since they were crinkle fries, they were crispier, and the peri peri dusting had nicely coated each piece.

The Chicken Strips consisted of panko fried chicken strips that had a crisp outer covering, and they came a melted cheese dip that went really well with it.

We also tried their Supremist Pizza that had a thin, well-baked base, coated with creamy bechamel sauce, and topped with some interesting ingredients such as sweet leaks, mushrooms, spinach, roasted garlic and torn basil. The toppings gave the pizza a subtle but lovely flavor.

This delivery service can surely be tried for late night cravings.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: Greater Kailash 1, Delhi
Phone No.: +91 9315412552; +91 9315417712

Review: Pushtaini

Review: Pushtaini

Pushtaini, a new delivery service based in Gurgaon, offers delicious Awadhi food made with age old recipes.

We recently ordered a few of their items and were very happy with the quality of the dishes. The food was packed nicely and labeled properly. The Murg Gilafi Seekh Kebab had juicy, succulent chicken mince dotted with finely diced bell peppers, which provided a nice textural contrast and also an interesting flavor profile to the dish. The Pushtaini Tunda Galawati, their house specialty is their take on the famous Tunday kebab from Lucknow. The kebabs had a melt-in-the-mouth texture with finely ground meat that was marinated in a mix of spices, which provided a lot of flavor without overpowering the meat.p1In the main course, we had the Subz Tawa Masala, which consisted of a mix of vegetables cooked on a tawa in a thick, flavorsome gravy. The Dal Makhani was rich and creamy and had a deep flavor from being cooked over a long time. But the stand out dish was their specialty Gosht Nihari, which had tender pieces of mutton on the bone which had been slow cooked to get a lovely juicy texture. The gravy had a nice hit of spices without being too overwhelming, just like a good nihari should be. We relished this dish with their special Gilafi Pushtaini Naan, which was light, flaky and crisp and is a must-try.p2For dessert, we had the Gulab Kesar Phirni, but to be honest, we got no rose petal flavor in the phirni, but it was a well-made saffron phirni.

Overall, the place should be tried, especially for their Pushtaini Tunda Galawati, Gosht Nihari and Gilafi Naan.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Shop 4 & 5, AVA Court, Next to Park Hospital, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 098910 63854

Review: Reve

Review: Reve

The city really needed a restaurant serving classic French cuisine, and to fill that void, we now have Reve, French for dream, located at Worldmark, Aerocity. The place is modeled to resemble a quaint bistro and is simple and homely while still having that air of refinement.reve1Coming to the food, this place provided us one of the best dining experiences we’ve had in a long time. Each dish was spectacular in taste and nicely presented.

We started with the Wild Mushroom Vol Au Vent which had crisp flaky puff pastry, topped with flavorsome mushroom ragout and emmenthal cheese. The ragout was packed full of mushroom flavor and was delicately seasoned to let the mushrooms shine, and the creaminess was right on point. A must-try dish!

The Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites had a crisp panko coating while inside, the balls had chicken, smoked ham, and melted gruyere cheese oozing out of them. The dish was served with a dijon mustard sauce.reve3 (1)The Twice Baked Gruyere Souffle had a light and airy souffle that just melted in the mouth, topped with cheese fondue that had been baked to get that thin crisp crust on top while still being gooey. To cut through the richness on the plate, the souffle had been served with slices of fresh pear which surprisingly worked really well, and candied hazelnut for crunch.

Next, we had the Tarte Flambee, which was a white pizza with a thin, crisp crust, topped with smoked chicken pieces, caramelized onions and olives and had a nice, subtle flavor.reve4 (1)The Poached Pear and Blue Cheese Salad had slices of pear that had been perfectly poached in red wine, to get that light sweetness and wine flavor. The texture was soft but not mushy, and the sweetness of the pear was counterbalanced with the pepperiness of rocket leaves and the sharpness of blue cheese, which had been used in apt quantity to balance out the flavors nicely. The salad was topped with some caramelized walnuts for crunch.

For main course, we went with the fish and pork.

The Fish Meuniere was one of the best fish dishes we’ve had in the city- the sole fish fillet was pan fried to perfection to get a nice crust outside while the fish was flaky and moist. The fish was served with a delicious brown butter sauce where the butter had been taken to the point that it had a nice nutty flavor that went well with the capers, and the touch of lemon juice added to the sauce went really well with the fish. The accompaniments were roasted baby potatoes and sautéed beans which were both done well. This dish should not be missed here!

Pork Normandy had a slow braised Belgian pork belly which had the right amount of fat in it, and was cooked beautifully and was breaking apart easily at the touch of the fork. We also loved the sauce that the pork was served in as it was super flavorful. Pork goes really well with apples, and the apple puree served along with the pork had a nice creamy texture. The pork was served with some sautéed spinach and beans and really creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes. The one tiny thing we could point out in this dish was that the mashed potatoes should have been served warmer.reve5 (1)We ended this fabulous French meal with a classic French dessert- Crème Brulee which had a nice jiggle to the custard and a thin, crisp layer of crystallized sugar on the top.

Along with our meal, we also had Virgin Pomegranate Bellini and Orange Basil Virgin Mojito, both of which were nice and refreshing.reve2 (2)


The service was well-timed and spaced out, and the servers were very knowledgeable about the menu. Overall, we loved our meal at Reve and will surely be going back soon.

Overall Rating: 4.75/5

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Shop No. R – 2, Worldmark 1, Aerocity, Delhi
Phone No.: 011 4039 6708