Review: UCH Rewind, Nehru Place

Review: UCH Rewind, Nehru Place

UCH Rewind has spread across NCR, from Cyber Hub to Noida, and now in the heart of the city at Nehru Place. The chic café version of the iconic United Coffee House, CP has a vast menu that retains some of the classic and signature dishes and also introduces some new innovative dishes. The Nehru Place outlet has a huge bar at the center with nice cushy sofa seating all around it.
We started our meal with a couple of nice mocktails- the Saunth Papad Panna had a nice blend of sweet and sour flavors infused with dry ginger and tangy aam papad pulp topped with boondi dust for crunch. The Jamunrita had a flash frozen black jamun extract spiked with red chili and was served with clove smoke coming out from under the glass.
The Herbed Tomato Basil Soup was thick and creamy and had a nice basil flavor. The soup was served with a cheese toastie that had nicely grilled bread filled with melted, gooey cheese. They even served a fresh and zingy pesto dip along with the toastie to cut through the richness, and that worked really well with the other flavors.
The Pao Bhaji Fondue was a fun dish consisting of a flavorful bhaji topped with lots of butter, and served with masala bread croutons to dip into the bhaji.
The Philadelphia Wontons had a crispy covering with gooey, melting cream cheese inside and were served with soy sauce with a green onion infusion.
Calcutta Chili Chicken was served on a sizzling skillet, and had juicy chicken pieces coated in a sauce that had slightly sweet, spicy and tangy flavors all balanced well, and tossed with bell peppers, green chili, shallots and spring onions. This dish is a must-try here.
The Cafreal Chicken Tikka had really juicy chicken pieces coated in a herby marinade, but the marinade could have done with a bit more green chili, as it had a slightly sweetish taste which wasn’t working very well.
However, one of our favorite dishes at the place, Darjeeling Roast Chili Pork was nicely done as always. The dish consisted of double cooked pork that was soft on the inside with a thin crisp covering and was tossed in a spicy mix of red chili, charred shallots, and chili bay leaf tadka. Another must-try dish!
For mains, we went with a couple of sizzlers. The Cordon Bleu Sizzler had an exotic vegetable patty, sautéed in French white wine, and topped with a creamy and flavorsome Mornay cheese sauce. Served alongside were some grilled vegetables and fries to make for a complete meal. A little extra Mornay cheese sauce on the side would have been just perfect, simply because it was so tasty.
The Chicken Pepper Steak Sizzler had a flavorful, classic chicken steak in a robust brown pepper sauce with generous quantities of sliced mushrooms. This sizzler was also served with grilled vegetables and fries.
We ended our meal with a Tiramisu in a jar, which was a slight disappointment as there was way too much whipped cream and not enough coffee flavor.
The service was really attentive and swift throughout our meal. UCH Rewind is a good place to go to, when you don’t really know what you want to eat, and want to have the luxury of scanning through a vast menu with a ton of variety.
Overall Rating: 4/5
Location: R 03, Upper Ground Floor, Epicuria, Nehru Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 88603 32200

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