Review: The Cheese Project

Review: The Cheese Project

The Cheese Project is a new delivery outlet offering American, Italian and Mediterranean- influenced dishes, all built around the core ingredient- cheese.

We ordered a few things from their menu, and the food was delivered on time and was packed nicely in their branded boxes. The Cheese Project Burger had a separate cute little box for the potato chips that came with the burger. The burger itself was massive and had a delicious and juicy minced chicken patty flavored with garlic, onion, celery and leeks, which was stuffed with gooey cheese, served on a bed of garden fresh arugula, ketchup, onions, house pickled cucumber, cocktail mayo and plum tomatoes.

The Wild Mushroom and Caramelized Onions Flatbread had a generous serving of plum tomato sauce, topped with porcini, shitake and black fungus teamed with the subtle sweetness of the caramelized onions. While the flavors of the earthy mushroom and the sweet onions really worked together, we would have preferred smaller pieces of garlic cloves, as such big pieces had an overpowering flavor.

Our favorite dish of the lot was the hearty Silence of the Lambs Philly Cheesesteak. The baguette was toasted nicely and was filled generously with rosemary flavored minced lamb, caramelized onions, tones of bacon rashers, with a coating of gooey provolone and cheddar with Dijon mustard mayo and house pickled cucumber.

We also had the Mixed Berry Shake, which was nice but could have had a stronger berry taste.

Overall, a nice place for some good old hearty comfort food loaded with cheese!TCP1Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 4246 3456

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