Review: Carnatic Café

Review: Carnatic Café

Carnatic Cafe has been our favorite place for South Indian food ever since it opened its first outlet at New Friends Colony a few years back. Over time, it branched out to GK and now it has recently opened up its third outlet at Gurgaon. Located in the upcoming complex at 32 Milestone, this outlet is bigger, but still has the charm of a humble, simple place with similar cane and hand painted decor.cc1We started with Majjige to cool off, which is their refreshing masala buttermilk with mint.

The Dahi Vada has soft, fluffy vada soaked in thick, creamy curd with some crispy boondi served on the side to add crunch to the dish. The thick curd was delicious and made this one of the best renditions of the dish we’ve had.

Next, we had Workshop Thatte Idli which was a huge, fluffy idli, made and served in a copper plate topped with a delicious chutney and some butter, and was filling and tasty.cc2Paddu, or shallow fried balls made with lentils and rava, were really crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and had been flavored nicely with onions, coriander, and green chilies. They were served with their signature coconut chutneys- plain, mint, and tomato. Their coconut chutneys are simply out of the world- thick and fresh, unlike the bland, watery ones we get elsewhere.

A recent addition to their menu is the Angai Dosa. This was a set dosa, which was slathered with podi and topped with coconut and carrot shavings, coriander, potato mixture and coconut chutney. Though it looked really small, but was quite heavy, and really flavorsome.

But our favorite dosa out here will always be the Malleshwaram 18th Cross Dosa. Again, deceptively small but super heavy, this dosa is thick and fluffy, yet still crispy from the outside and soft inside, and was smeared with a delicious chutney podi and lots of white butter. This house specialty is an absolute must-have.cc3We ended our meal with a couple of their house-made ice creams. They have a range of interesting flavors such as black pepper, jamun jeera, etc. out of which we went with the Mango and Red Chili Sorbet and the Pink Guava ice-cream. The pink guava ice cream was really creamy and soft and had a nice, subtle guava flavor, while the mango sorbet had specks of red chili and had a nice balance of sweetness with that hit of chili.cc4Overall, each item on their menu is made with utmost care to retain the authenticity of the flavors. For a lovely South Indian meal with fast service and reasonable rates, Carnatic Cafe is highly recommended.

Overall Rating: 4.75/5

Location: Sector 15, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 9667180466

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