Review: Chaayos- New Monsoon Menu

Review: Chaayos- New Monsoon Menu

Chaayos, our beloved tea and snacks place, has just launched a new monsoon menu featuring some delicious chaats to go with the weather.chaayos1The Samosa Matar Chaat was nicely made with crisp samosa crushed along with some soft matar or chickpeas, topped with a tangy imli chutney and raw onions and tomatoes. The Bhelpuri was crisp and tangy, with just the right amount of raw onions and sauces added to it- a light and relatively healthy snack to munch on. And if it’s healthy food that you’re looking for, the Egg White Chaat is the ideal dish for you, with soft boiled egg white topped with chaat masala and served along with raw onions, tomatoes and lemon juice. The Chicken Keema Papdi Chaat had a unique combination of soft and juicy keema served atop crispy crushed papdi. Though we appreciated the innovation, the keema had a bit too much sauce for our liking.chaayos2The Loaded Open Parantha had a thin, crispy Malabar parantha base topped with lots of cheese and a tangy tomato based paneer gravy, and felt like we’re eating an Indian-ized pizza.

The Thepla Tacos Paneer was a great dish! It had tasty mini theplas that were filled with paneer and some sev for crunch, served like a taco. We loved not just the fusion, but also the taste of this dish.chaayos3From the drinks menu, we went with Drinking Chocolate, Desi Filter Coffee, Kulfi Shake and Cake Shake. The drinking chocolate, unlike at most places, was not milky, and was thick and chocolaty. The filter coffee was strong and nicely made, but what we loved were the two shakes. The cake shake actually had blended chocolate cake making for a rich drink, and the kulfi shake was refreshing and not overly sweet.chaayos4We ended with a Moist Chocolate Cake which was a fresh, soft chocolate cupcake with a molten gooey center, and was delicious!chaayos5Overall, we really loved the new monsoon menu at Chaayos, and the food items are not just inventive, but also taste as good as all its drinks.


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Multiple outlets across Delhi NCR

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