Review: Me-Bo (Meal in a Bowl)

Review: Me-Bo (Meal in a Bowl)

When you’re on the go or want to have a full meal while rushing between meetings in office, Me-Bo, or Meal in a Bowl is the way to go. They provide complete meals that are thoughtfully packaged in a bowl, making them very convenient to eat. They offer a range of different bowls- from healthy meals to comfort meals, across cuisines. Be it their Buddha bowls, the salad bowls or the Asian, Indian, Continental or even their smoothie bowls, each one is carefully constructed.mebo1We recently ordered in at office from Me-Bo, and the food got delivered on time, packed impeccably, and the smoothie bowl came on an ice pack to ensure it is delivered cold.

The Quinoa-Balsamic Chicken Buddha Bowl looked pretty as a picture with a mound of quinoa in the center, surrounded by colorful grilled vegetables like zucchini, red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, along with some sunflower seeds for crunch, along with some fresh tomato compote and feta cheese for extra flavor, and of course, some delicious grilled chicken that was coated with a balsamic glaze. And the dish tasted as good as it looked, with different flavor and textural elements.

The Chicken Spicy Garlic Bowl had assorted vegetables and chicken tossed is house-special spicy garlic sauce, with an option of fried rice, sticky rice, or rice noodles, of which, we went for the fried rice. The dish was hearty and filing, and the spice level in the gravy could be adjusted as per one’s liking by adding the extra chili sauce that they had sent alongside.mebo2The Blue Banana Bowl was a smoothie bowl, made by blending blueberries, bananas, and oatmeal and they had sent a box containing finely diced apples, pomegranate seeds, roasted almonds and coconut shavings, which had to be added to the bowl right before consumption so the ingredients retain their crunch. We really liked the flavor of the smoothie, but felt its consistency should have been a tad thicker.

We also tried their Chocolate Fudge Brownie, which was super tasty. The brownie had a thin crust and a gooey, fudgy center, and had a deep chocolate flavor.mebo3Overall, a great place to have delicious and filling meals served in a convenient to use bowl.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Delivers across Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 124 408 6694


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