Review: GoGourmet

Review: GoGourmet

GoGourmet, a brand that offers healthy food, has set up multiple outlets across the city, offering both dine-in and delivery options. They have on their menu a variety of options to choose from- salads, wraps, burritos, meal bowls, salads and fruit bowls, with ranging from exotic whole grain, edamame beans, shiitake mushrooms and black rice. And each item on the menu also denotes the calorie-content, so you can decide which option would be best for you. They even have a selection of beverages, some with almond milk as well, for the lactose-intolerant.


I recently ordered some grub from them for home delivery. The food arrived right on time and neatly packed.

The Watermelon Feta Mini Salad was really tasty, but had become a tad watery during the transit.

The Lemon Chicken Sandwich was huge and could well comprise a complete meal. The brown bread was grilled nicely and filled with lots of smoked chicken and basil leaves dressed in lemon juice. The taste was on-point but this again, was delivered quite cold.

The Honey Berry Parfait is great for someone who does want to eat the meal on a sweet note, yet is trying to keep things healthy. The parfait had at its base, a sweet and tart berry compote, topped with yogurt sweetened mildly with honey, covered with crunchy oats. This was certainly the best dish of the lot.

Overall, the food is quite good, and the prices are also pretty reasonable. This place can certainly be tried for your next healthy meal!

Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Location: Multiple Outlets in Delhi-NCR
Phone No.: +91 90691 13383

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