Review: SaleBhai

Review: SaleBhai

Every corner of our beautiful country has some culinary marvels. And to make these marvels more accessible to other parts of India (and abroad), a new e-commerce portal, Ahmedabad- based, has been launched which is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of delicious consumable items like sweets, namkeen, chocolates, bakery, spices, dry fruits, beverages, and pickles. It sources its products from over 100 cities and 250 select vendors.

The site is easy to navigate, with sections dedicated to the type of products, as well as the region from where they are sourced. While their focus is primarily on food items, they even have some handicrafts, health and body care products, and puja items. What is also great about the site is that each product listed on the platforms comes with a detailed description which includes popularity, benefits, ingredients, place of origin, and usage, as well as complete information about vendors such as their history, lineage, and reputation.

I opted to try some of their sweets, and deliberately ordered the ones from different regions of India- to test their delivery, packaging, and also their claim to be able to source these products from the said vendors.

I ordered the Ganguram Nolen Gurer Jalbhara Sandesh from Kolkatta (sandesh with a liquid gur filling); Sukhadia Garbaddas Babuji Bombay Halwa (a special halwa, also known as ice halwa or golden halwa, made with corn flour, sugar, ghee, and lemon, garnished with pistachio, almonds, kesar syrup, cardamom, which is shaped like thin sheets) from Gujarat; Sri Siva Reddy Ajmeri Kalakand from Hyderabad (a delicious, rich kalakand); Bhogali Food Products Til Pitha from Assam (Assamese pancakes made with soaked and ground sticky rice and a sweet sesame filling); and Halwa Kadai Tirunelveli from Tamil Nadu.salebhai1And I have to say- the deliveries arrived on time, they were all packaged really well, and there was no damage to the products despite the huge distances they had traveled. Each pack of sweets came in their original packing, sealed properly in bubble wrap, and kept in a cardboard box.salebhai2So if you want to gift some of these items or you want to treat yourself with some regional delicacies, SaleBhai is the place for you!

Check out their website here:


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