Review: The Brookie Box

Review: The Brookie Box

The Brookie Box is a new brand which has dedicated itself to creating unique and interesting cookie flavors. I recently visited their base kitchen to see what they’re all about and was really happy with what I saw and tasted. They pay a lot of importance to freshness (that’s why each item is made-to-order) and hygiene. And the owner’s excitement and drive to do something innovative was palpable.

They have created some wonderful and wacky flavors in their cookies, and there are quite a few different types of cookies available as well. They have cookie pies (which are essentially cookies with liquid fillings inside), sandwich cookies (with flavored creams in between two cookies), cookie cups (with liquid filling on top), and cookie sticks.


I tried quite a few of their cookies such as Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie, Cornflakes Cookie (made with actual crunchy cornflakes), Double Choco Jumbo Cookie, Orange Crunch Cookie (which tasted exactly like the orange candy we used to have), Red Velvet Gulkand Pie (a really innovative combination- it had red velvet cookie filled with chocolate and gulkand ganache), Brownie Fudge Cookie (chocolate cookie filled with gooey chocolate fudge), Blueberry Cup, Caramel Cup, Red Velvet Sandwich Pie (whipped cream sandwiched between two red velvet cookies), Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Pie (hazelnut spread sandwiched between two chocolate cookies), and Rabdi Kulfi Stick (a crunchy cookie stick which actually tasted like kulfi). From these, my favorites were the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie, Red Velvet Gulkand Pie, Red Velvet Sandwich Pie, and the Rabdi Kulfi Stick. While the others were also nice, I felt the texture of the Blueberry Cup and Caramel Cup suffered a bit as it was refrigerated to be ready for the tasting, which made the cookie very moist and crumbly, and the Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Pie could have done with more of the hazelnut spread.

Another great item on their menu is the Brookie- a combination of cookie and brownies, which also led to the name of the brand. It had a cookie dough based tart shell, filled with chocolate brownie, and the two were baked together, and the combination really worked.

Apart from all these cookies (and many more, as they keep experimenting with new flavors and are also open to creating custom flavors), they also have on their menu cake balls, cake jars, brownies, and different flavors of lavaash (which they will soon be launching with different dips as well). I tried the Multigrain, Oregano, Oats, and Cheese Lavaash, which were all thin and crisp, but my favorites were the oregano and spicy cheese ones.

From their cake jar selection, I tried the Tiramisu Cake Jar (which needed its coffee flavor to be amped up), and the Red Velvet Cheesecake Jar (which was simply amazing). What’s really unique about the red velvet cheesecake jar is the way it is constructed- normally with these jars, you have a layer of frosting to begin with, and then the cake layer and so on, so the first bite you get has no cake. So to solve for that, the first layer in their jar is actually a mixture of the frosting and cake (so they actually mix up a jar of this cake separately and top each cake jar with a layer of that mixture). This way, the starting bite has a bit of both- cake and frosting.


They have also laid immense focus on the packaging- a lot of their sales are for gifting purposes, and they have really worked on their branding and the concept of “DIY” gift boxes, where you get to pick and choose the combinations of cookies, sticks, cake jars, etc. that you want to put in your box. They also help you customize the box by putting on cute and witty gift tags on the boxes and jars.

For their innovative flavors and beautiful packaging, The Brookie Box warrants a try!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 98991 13014

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