Review: Manhattan Bar Exchange

Review: Manhattan Bar Exchange

Manhattan is a craft brewery & bar exchange on the buzzing Golf Course Road, offering the best of brews, booze, gaming, food & entertainment. They have a total of 13 house brews, which they produce in rotation, the place is absolutely buzzing, with a total of 220 covers, rocking music, sensor gaming screens, delicious food, and a really cool concept of a bar exchange where the prices of drinks increase with increasing demand. The place has club nights every Friday and Saturday, while the other days, the music is more on the retro and rock side.

We started off with tasting shots of four house brews- Belgian, German, Dark Lager, and Blonde Ale. Along with that, we also had a couple of mocktails- the Chili guava with kaffir lime was really spicy and tangy, and the Avalanche, a mix of mint and ginger ale was light and refreshing.manhattan3They then served us an Amuse Bouche- a sweetened hung yogurt shot, served in a container with smoke created with liquid nitrogen.manhattan4Next up, we had more smoke and effects with the Nitro Sev Puri, which was bhel puri, served on papdi and topped with sev, sweet curd, saunth, and mint sauce. The masala was nitro-chilled live on the table, and sprinkled over the sev puri, resulting in a cold, delicious chaat.

Next, we had a lovely innovation, the Butter Chicken Bao, which consisted of soft, spongy, home-made bao, stuffed with flavorful and juicy butter chicken, served with green chili mayo. The combination really worked well, making for a great dish which should be tried.

Another must-have here are the Lamb Boti Sliders. We were served two different types of slider buns- beetroot and spinach, which had a melt-in-the-mouth, spicy mutton galouti kebab, and some juicy and flavorful mutton boti, separated by a slice of onion. The boti and the galouti were both delicious, and this combination was just amazing.manhattan5We then had Cheese Soya Tacos, which had crispy corn tacos filled with juicy, cheesy soya keema, coriander, pickled onions, and sour cream.

Drums of Heaven, which had chicken drumsticks fried and tossed in garlic chili sauce, and was quite tasty.manhattan6The Forest Creamy Mushroom, one of their signature dishes, consisting of earthy gucchi and button mushrooms served in a creamy, cheesy sauce with black pepper and coriander leaves, topped with shavings of parmesan- a delight for mushroom-lovers.

Fish ‘N’ Chips was a classic made well. It consisted of crisp batter-fried sole fish fillet marinated in mustard sauce and fried to a crisp, served with potato wedges and tartar sauce.manhattan7Next up, we had the Non-veg Tandoori Kebab Platter, which had Ajwaini Fish Tikka, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Tikka, and Mutton Seekh Kebab. All the kebabs were cooked well, and flavored nicely.

The Chicken Tikka Pizza was a small, rectangular thin-crust pizza, topped generously with juicy chicken tikka pieces, onions, and coriander.manhattan8For main course, we went with the Chicken Tikka Makhani Combo, which consisted of a bowl of butter chicken, a bowl of dal makhani (thick and creamy), served with your choice of bread.manhattan9We also had Grilled Pepper Chicken which had a grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic jus, served with pepper sauce atop creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes, a crisp garlic bread smothered with zingy pesto, and perfectly grilled vegetables. A tasty and filling dish.manhattan10We ended this meal with a wonderfully composed dessert- Choco Oreo Cheesecake, which had creamy Philadelphia cheesecake sandwiched between oreo cookies, served with rabdi, brownie crumble, and gems.manhattan11At the end of the meal, we were served Choco Cigars, which were essentially paan, covered in chocolate, and shaped like a cigar.manhattan12We tremendously enjoyed all the food, and Chef Bharat has really excelled in both, the classic dishes, as well as the innovative ones. And the best part about the innovations, is that though the presentation and combinations are new and different, the flavors are still given utmost importance.

Overall, we had a fantastic time- the food was amazing, the service was spectacular- the dishes were timed well, our plates were changed regularly, and the servers were very courteous, and the ambience of the place was really lively as well. This is a place worth multiple visits!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Global Foyer Mall, First Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 88006 97554

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