Review: Bombaykery – Cyber Hub

Review: Bombaykery – Cyber Hub

Why this place continues to be my favorite bakery in town, 2 years and running……

My first tryst with Bombaykery was in 2015, shortly after they had started, and it was the food equivalent of love at first sight (or love at first bite, in this case). And it’s been over a year and a half, and my love affair with them continues. So there was no limit to my happiness when I realized they are opening their outlet right near my office (cue the extra hours at the gym).

Bombaykery has managed to keep up their standards across all these months, with this brand new outlet as another feather in their cap. It is a cute little hexagon-shaped shop, and the moment you enter, all you see is desserts from wall to wall, and of course, the smiling faces of the staff, always eager to pack you the very best of goodies. Though they are restricted in terms of space, they have used it well, and the process of browsing through the items, making a pick, and placing the order is super smooth. And when I thought Mitali (the chef behind this venture) was skilled at just divine desserts, she upped her game and has started off a savory menu as well- and no, it does not disappoint in the least. And these savories also carry forward their philosophy of bite-sized goods, so that you get more variety, with lesser guilt.

This time around, I got myself packed a bunch of their stuff- some that I had tried before, and some that I hadn’t.

Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bar: I think I was so busy devouring their desserts all this time that I never thought of trying their chocolate bars. And now that I have, it feels as if I’ve been missing out on something so great for so long. The chocolate bar was simply amazing. The chocolate had been tempered perfectly, had a nice sheen and snap to it, and was filled generously with delicious salted caramel. The chocolate was just the right amount of bitter and the caramel had a wonderful balance of sweet and salty.

Brookie: A mix of brownie and cookie, this had a base of fudgy brownie, topped with a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough. The chunky chocolate on the cookie layer was nice, but the brownie could have been a bit more gooey.bombaykery8Biscotti: Probably the best I’ve had- finally one that got the sweetness right. Biscotti needs to be just faintly sweet, and that’s exactly how this one was. Also, it was really toasty and crunchy, and would be a perfect accompaniment to tea/coffee.bombaykery9Cupcakes: I tried my all-time favorite Nutella Cupcake- it has Nutella filling and is topped with Nutella icing- so how can you go wrong with that? A new one I tried was the Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcake which was wonderful- from the light and buttery texture of the cupcake to the delightful salted caramel flavor of the cream cheese frosting- everything was perfect.

Choux: I tried the Chocolate and the Salted Caramel variants here. The choux pastry was light and airy, and was filled generously with the respective sauces- thick and luscious chocolate ganache and creamy salted caramel sauce.bombaykery7Satin: They also have mini versions of some of their signature desserts, and each one looks like a piece of art. I tried Satin which had Belgian white chocolate mousse, enveloping soft almond sponge layered with passion fruit and coconut caramel, and Valrhona Dulcey cream, and all of this was placed on a thin and crunchy lime and milk chocolate crunchy base. The mousse was moulded perfectly and was coated with chocolate spray, which was really thin. The mousse itself had a pannacotta-like texture to it, and the entire dessert, despite having white chocolate, was not overly sweet, and it was nicely balanced with the acidity from the passion fruit and the lime.

Banoffee Dessert Jar: They have dessert jars in single as well as sharing variants. The banoffee had been perfectly constructed with even layers of crumb, banana toffee sauce, and whipped cream, and everything was perfectly balance.bombaykery10Marble Tea Cake: The chocolate and vanilla marble tea cake was moist and fresh and very mildly sweet, which is just the way these dry cakes should be.bombaykery12Granola: The granola was really nice- it was crunchy, and had just the right amount of honey. It was loaded with dried cranberries and blueberries, hazelnuts, and other goodies along with rolled oats. A nice snack to have as it is, or mixed with some yogurt for a healthy and wholesome breakfast.

Chex Mix: This was really good as well- a nice sweet-salty snack which is quite addictive.bombaykery11Coming to the savory side, what blew me away were the Croissants. The texture was simply perfect, and dare I say they were the best croissants I’ve had in the city. The pastry was light, crispy, and flaky and the inside was buttery. They have quite a few variants ranging from cottage cheese to thai chicken and tukey ham and cheese, and I went with the Bombay Masala and Cheese, and the combination was so unique and delicious. The gooey cheese, blended with the slight hit of spice was like magic on the palate.

Pao Bombs: This is a really cool new concept they have come up with- these are essentially mini buns which have different types of fillings- ranging from vada pao, choley, to spicy chicken keema and mutton boti. I tried all but the chicken one and was very happy with them. The vada pao one had a nice spiced potato mixture spiked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and ghati masala (the magic red spice that brings vada paos to life). The choley one had nicely cooked choley with a lovely ginger flavor, and the mutton boti was really flavorful and delicately spiced, and the mutton chunks were quite juicy. It is amazing how they have managed to get the bread so light and hollow on the inside, fill it generously, and yet not let it go mushy.

Pattice: The filo on the pattice was very flaky and crisp, and the fillings generous. I tried all four variants- Thai vegetables (nicely minced veggies flavored with Thai spices), Mushroom (finely diced mushroom coated in a creamy sauce seasoned with pepper), White Chicken (minced chicken in a delicately flavored creamy sauce), and Pepper Chicken (nice flavor from the curry leaves, but could have had a bit more peppery kick to it).

Each item not only tastes good, but is also very polished in terms of its presentation. That, added to their cute branding, makes their items a perfect option for gifting. Of course, if you don’t end up polishing off the box yourselves.

I am also amazed to see how they have built a huge brand name and following, have continued to keep their standards while expanding their menu, and have now taken up the onerous task of running an outlet, but they are still as hungry for feedback as they were when they started off. Rather than praises and laurels, they are happy to get constructive criticism so that they can keep improving.

Overall, Bombaykery has me hooked, and I totally recommend the place for all your sweet (and now even savory) cravings!

You can also place your order online at:

Overall Rating: 4.75/5

Location: K 12, DLF Cyber Hub, Phase-2, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 +91 8010708708

Review: GoGourmet

Review: GoGourmet

GoGourmet, a brand that offers healthy food, has set up multiple outlets across the city, offering both dine-in and delivery options. They have on their menu a variety of options to choose from- salads, wraps, burritos, meal bowls, salads and fruit bowls, with ranging from exotic whole grain, edamame beans, shiitake mushrooms and black rice. And each item on the menu also denotes the calorie-content, so you can decide which option would be best for you. They even have a selection of beverages, some with almond milk as well, for the lactose-intolerant.


I recently ordered some grub from them for home delivery. The food arrived right on time and neatly packed.

The Watermelon Feta Mini Salad was really tasty, but had become a tad watery during the transit.

The Lemon Chicken Sandwich was huge and could well comprise a complete meal. The brown bread was grilled nicely and filled with lots of smoked chicken and basil leaves dressed in lemon juice. The taste was on-point but this again, was delivered quite cold.

The Honey Berry Parfait is great for someone who does want to eat the meal on a sweet note, yet is trying to keep things healthy. The parfait had at its base, a sweet and tart berry compote, topped with yogurt sweetened mildly with honey, covered with crunchy oats. This was certainly the best dish of the lot.

Overall, the food is quite good, and the prices are also pretty reasonable. This place can certainly be tried for your next healthy meal!

Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Location: Multiple Outlets in Delhi-NCR
Phone No.: +91 90691 13383

Review: SaleBhai

Review: SaleBhai

Every corner of our beautiful country has some culinary marvels. And to make these marvels more accessible to other parts of India (and abroad), a new e-commerce portal, Ahmedabad- based, has been launched which is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of delicious consumable items like sweets, namkeen, chocolates, bakery, spices, dry fruits, beverages, and pickles. It sources its products from over 100 cities and 250 select vendors.

The site is easy to navigate, with sections dedicated to the type of products, as well as the region from where they are sourced. While their focus is primarily on food items, they even have some handicrafts, health and body care products, and puja items. What is also great about the site is that each product listed on the platforms comes with a detailed description which includes popularity, benefits, ingredients, place of origin, and usage, as well as complete information about vendors such as their history, lineage, and reputation.

I opted to try some of their sweets, and deliberately ordered the ones from different regions of India- to test their delivery, packaging, and also their claim to be able to source these products from the said vendors.

I ordered the Ganguram Nolen Gurer Jalbhara Sandesh from Kolkatta (sandesh with a liquid gur filling); Sukhadia Garbaddas Babuji Bombay Halwa (a special halwa, also known as ice halwa or golden halwa, made with corn flour, sugar, ghee, and lemon, garnished with pistachio, almonds, kesar syrup, cardamom, which is shaped like thin sheets) from Gujarat; Sri Siva Reddy Ajmeri Kalakand from Hyderabad (a delicious, rich kalakand); Bhogali Food Products Til Pitha from Assam (Assamese pancakes made with soaked and ground sticky rice and a sweet sesame filling); and Halwa Kadai Tirunelveli from Tamil Nadu.salebhai1And I have to say- the deliveries arrived on time, they were all packaged really well, and there was no damage to the products despite the huge distances they had traveled. Each pack of sweets came in their original packing, sealed properly in bubble wrap, and kept in a cardboard box.salebhai2So if you want to gift some of these items or you want to treat yourself with some regional delicacies, SaleBhai is the place for you!

Check out their website here:


Review: The Brookie Box

Review: The Brookie Box

The Brookie Box is a new brand which has dedicated itself to creating unique and interesting cookie flavors. I recently visited their base kitchen to see what they’re all about and was really happy with what I saw and tasted. They pay a lot of importance to freshness (that’s why each item is made-to-order) and hygiene. And the owner’s excitement and drive to do something innovative was palpable.

They have created some wonderful and wacky flavors in their cookies, and there are quite a few different types of cookies available as well. They have cookie pies (which are essentially cookies with liquid fillings inside), sandwich cookies (with flavored creams in between two cookies), cookie cups (with liquid filling on top), and cookie sticks.


I tried quite a few of their cookies such as Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie, Cornflakes Cookie (made with actual crunchy cornflakes), Double Choco Jumbo Cookie, Orange Crunch Cookie (which tasted exactly like the orange candy we used to have), Red Velvet Gulkand Pie (a really innovative combination- it had red velvet cookie filled with chocolate and gulkand ganache), Brownie Fudge Cookie (chocolate cookie filled with gooey chocolate fudge), Blueberry Cup, Caramel Cup, Red Velvet Sandwich Pie (whipped cream sandwiched between two red velvet cookies), Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Pie (hazelnut spread sandwiched between two chocolate cookies), and Rabdi Kulfi Stick (a crunchy cookie stick which actually tasted like kulfi). From these, my favorites were the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie, Red Velvet Gulkand Pie, Red Velvet Sandwich Pie, and the Rabdi Kulfi Stick. While the others were also nice, I felt the texture of the Blueberry Cup and Caramel Cup suffered a bit as it was refrigerated to be ready for the tasting, which made the cookie very moist and crumbly, and the Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Pie could have done with more of the hazelnut spread.

Another great item on their menu is the Brookie- a combination of cookie and brownies, which also led to the name of the brand. It had a cookie dough based tart shell, filled with chocolate brownie, and the two were baked together, and the combination really worked.

Apart from all these cookies (and many more, as they keep experimenting with new flavors and are also open to creating custom flavors), they also have on their menu cake balls, cake jars, brownies, and different flavors of lavaash (which they will soon be launching with different dips as well). I tried the Multigrain, Oregano, Oats, and Cheese Lavaash, which were all thin and crisp, but my favorites were the oregano and spicy cheese ones.

From their cake jar selection, I tried the Tiramisu Cake Jar (which needed its coffee flavor to be amped up), and the Red Velvet Cheesecake Jar (which was simply amazing). What’s really unique about the red velvet cheesecake jar is the way it is constructed- normally with these jars, you have a layer of frosting to begin with, and then the cake layer and so on, so the first bite you get has no cake. So to solve for that, the first layer in their jar is actually a mixture of the frosting and cake (so they actually mix up a jar of this cake separately and top each cake jar with a layer of that mixture). This way, the starting bite has a bit of both- cake and frosting.


They have also laid immense focus on the packaging- a lot of their sales are for gifting purposes, and they have really worked on their branding and the concept of “DIY” gift boxes, where you get to pick and choose the combinations of cookies, sticks, cake jars, etc. that you want to put in your box. They also help you customize the box by putting on cute and witty gift tags on the boxes and jars.

For their innovative flavors and beautiful packaging, The Brookie Box warrants a try!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 98991 13014

Review: Manhattan Bar Exchange

Review: Manhattan Bar Exchange

Manhattan is a craft brewery & bar exchange on the buzzing Golf Course Road, offering the best of brews, booze, gaming, food & entertainment. They have a total of 13 house brews, which they produce in rotation, the place is absolutely buzzing, with a total of 220 covers, rocking music, sensor gaming screens, delicious food, and a really cool concept of a bar exchange where the prices of drinks increase with increasing demand. The place has club nights every Friday and Saturday, while the other days, the music is more on the retro and rock side.

We started off with tasting shots of four house brews- Belgian, German, Dark Lager, and Blonde Ale. Along with that, we also had a couple of mocktails- the Chili guava with kaffir lime was really spicy and tangy, and the Avalanche, a mix of mint and ginger ale was light and refreshing.manhattan3They then served us an Amuse Bouche- a sweetened hung yogurt shot, served in a container with smoke created with liquid nitrogen.manhattan4Next up, we had more smoke and effects with the Nitro Sev Puri, which was bhel puri, served on papdi and topped with sev, sweet curd, saunth, and mint sauce. The masala was nitro-chilled live on the table, and sprinkled over the sev puri, resulting in a cold, delicious chaat.

Next, we had a lovely innovation, the Butter Chicken Bao, which consisted of soft, spongy, home-made bao, stuffed with flavorful and juicy butter chicken, served with green chili mayo. The combination really worked well, making for a great dish which should be tried.

Another must-have here are the Lamb Boti Sliders. We were served two different types of slider buns- beetroot and spinach, which had a melt-in-the-mouth, spicy mutton galouti kebab, and some juicy and flavorful mutton boti, separated by a slice of onion. The boti and the galouti were both delicious, and this combination was just amazing.manhattan5We then had Cheese Soya Tacos, which had crispy corn tacos filled with juicy, cheesy soya keema, coriander, pickled onions, and sour cream.

Drums of Heaven, which had chicken drumsticks fried and tossed in garlic chili sauce, and was quite tasty.manhattan6The Forest Creamy Mushroom, one of their signature dishes, consisting of earthy gucchi and button mushrooms served in a creamy, cheesy sauce with black pepper and coriander leaves, topped with shavings of parmesan- a delight for mushroom-lovers.

Fish ‘N’ Chips was a classic made well. It consisted of crisp batter-fried sole fish fillet marinated in mustard sauce and fried to a crisp, served with potato wedges and tartar sauce.manhattan7Next up, we had the Non-veg Tandoori Kebab Platter, which had Ajwaini Fish Tikka, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Tikka, and Mutton Seekh Kebab. All the kebabs were cooked well, and flavored nicely.

The Chicken Tikka Pizza was a small, rectangular thin-crust pizza, topped generously with juicy chicken tikka pieces, onions, and coriander.manhattan8For main course, we went with the Chicken Tikka Makhani Combo, which consisted of a bowl of butter chicken, a bowl of dal makhani (thick and creamy), served with your choice of bread.manhattan9We also had Grilled Pepper Chicken which had a grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic jus, served with pepper sauce atop creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes, a crisp garlic bread smothered with zingy pesto, and perfectly grilled vegetables. A tasty and filling dish.manhattan10We ended this meal with a wonderfully composed dessert- Choco Oreo Cheesecake, which had creamy Philadelphia cheesecake sandwiched between oreo cookies, served with rabdi, brownie crumble, and gems.manhattan11At the end of the meal, we were served Choco Cigars, which were essentially paan, covered in chocolate, and shaped like a cigar.manhattan12We tremendously enjoyed all the food, and Chef Bharat has really excelled in both, the classic dishes, as well as the innovative ones. And the best part about the innovations, is that though the presentation and combinations are new and different, the flavors are still given utmost importance.

Overall, we had a fantastic time- the food was amazing, the service was spectacular- the dishes were timed well, our plates were changed regularly, and the servers were very courteous, and the ambience of the place was really lively as well. This is a place worth multiple visits!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Global Foyer Mall, First Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 88006 97554

Review: Barbeque Nation – Royal Rajasthan Festival

Review: Barbeque Nation – Royal Rajasthan Festival

Barbeque Nation tries to keep its menu fresh, and they regularly have food festivals based on different themes. The latest one was the Royal Rajasthan Festival, which runs from 30 May to 11 June, and apart from their signature dishes, the restaurant is serving some dishes from Jodhpur, Jaipur, Mewad and more. We went for this festival and were pleased to see the décor done up in the same theme, with even the servers dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire.

We started with welcome drinks, which had a choice between Thandai and Aam ka Raab, both of which were tasty and refreshing.

For starters, the vegetarian section had Tulsi Chatri Tikka (mushroom tikka marinated with tulsi), Jodhpuri Paneer Tikka, Palak Papad ke Kebab, Ananas Anjeer ke Soole, Sangri ke Shaami, and Gola Kachori, apart from signature dishes like Cajun Spicy Potato and Crispy Corn. The dishes we relished most were the Palak Papad ke Kebab, which had a nice mix of spinach and crunchy papad bits moulded into a tikki and shallow fried, the Ananas Anjeer ke Soole, where the figs combined with their sweet-spicy marinade worked really well, and the Sangri ke Shaami, which were shaamis made with a traditional Rajasthani vegetable, mixed with spices, and had a very unique flavor.bbqrr3The non-veg starters had a selection of Shikari Tangri (chicken tangdi kebab), Charkha Murg (chicken chunks marinated in an herby green paste), Rajpootana Seekh (soft, succulent mutton seekh kebabs), Raamgarhiya Macchi, Lehsooni Jheenga, and Wings Chatkari Masala. Our favorites were the Charkha Murg and the chicken wings which were coated in the most delicious sauce made with red chilies.bbqrr4They also had live counters serving up different types of chila (paneer, vegetable, shahi dry fruit), and a counter for the famous dish- Dal, Baati, Churma, which was nicely done, though the baati could have been a tad softer.bbqrr5Though we were quite full already, we made our way to the main course section, which had two soups- Makai ka Raab, Pudina Murg ka Shorba. The chicken shorba had delicate flavors and was super-tasty.

The vegetarian section had Laal Mirch Paneer, Jaipuri Palak Chole, Hing Jeera Chatpata Aloo, Mangodi Kadhi, and Sev Tamatar ka Pulao, apart from the regular mixed veg and Dhaba Dal. The paneer had a nice red color and beautiful flavor from the deghi mirch, and the Mangodi Kadhi was really well-made, with a thick, tart kadhi. But the potatoes didn’t have much taste.bbqrr6The non-veg section had Laal Maas, Junglee Kukkad, Mewadi Macchi, Safed Maas, and Kacche Aam aur Murg Biryani. The biryani was nice, but the laal maas could have been spicier to reflect the original recipe. But the Junglee Kukkad was really flavorful.bbqrr7Making our way to the dessert section, we tried the Gulab ki Kheer, Gond ka Halwa, Mawa Dry Cake, and Mango Shreekhand, apart from the regulars like Gulab Jamun, Phirni, Chocolate Pastry, and ice-cream. And of course, no visit to Barbeque Nation is completed without hitting the kulfi station, where we tried the mango and the malai kulfi.bbqrr8Overall, it was a pretty good experience, and the service was, as always, prompt and courteous.

Location: In Barbeque Nation’s 11 outlets in Delhi-NCR region (Connaught Place, Jangpura, Saket, Vasant Kunj, Pitampura, Janakpuri, Vivek Vihar, Noida, Faridabad, Sohna Road and Sushant Lok)

30 May to 11 June

Review: Haveli Dharampura – Lakhori

Review: Haveli Dharampura – Lakhori

Located in the heart of the city, juxtaposed with the bustling, narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, lies the grand, majestic Haveli Dharampura. The narrow alley, with residences and small shops on both sides, which leads to the Haveli creates a cozy and “away-from-it-all” atmosphere. The Haveli dates back to 1887 AD and its stunning design reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Mughal period. It took a total of seven years for Rajya Sabha MP, Mr Vijay Goel along with Heritage India, to restore the Haveli using traditional style of construction for preservation of antiquity and aesthetics. And the result is simply magnificent. The Haveli currently has 14 rooms, a courtyard, a restaurant on the ground floor (Lakhori) and a roof-top restaurant. They even have Kathak performances on the weekend evenings, and activities like Kabootarbazi and Patangbazi.

lakhori3While Haveli Dharampura is truly mesmerizing, the best part about the Haveli for foodies is their restaurant Lakhori. Names after the traditional red bricks which are used in abundance in the Chandni Chowk area, and also in the restaurant, Lakhori brings traditional Chandni Chowk delicacies and the rich Mughlai cuisine to the restaurant table.lakhori4On our recent visit to Lakhori, we went for the chef’s special tasting menu, which started with the welcome drink of Kanji, which had a lovely sour and spicy taste and was really refreshing in the Delhi heat.

We also had a few of their mocktails. Gali Khazanchi was a spicy and tangy mix of guava juice, chaat masala, and soda, while Jahan Ara had khus syrup and green chili, topped with sprite. The Banarasi Paan actually tasted like a sweet paan, made with a mix of gulkand, meethi supari, betel leaves, topped with soda.lakhori5We enjoyed these drinks with a lovely snack to munch on- Kadak Roomali Masala. It was a really innovative dish- a large, crispy roomali roti sprinkled with Western Frontier masala, onions, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, and coriander. The dish was a nice take on masala papad, and we really enjoyed it.lakhori7We were then served Palak Patta Chaat and Dahi Puri. The spinach leaves were lightly battered, not oily at all, and really crispy. They were topped with yogurt and sauth sauce, sprinkled with sev and pomegranate seeds. The dahi puri had crisp gol gappas filled with yogurt, mint, and sauth sauce, served with two types of water- spicy, and sweet-spicy, both of which were absolutely on-point in terms of flavor.

We then went on to try some delicious appetizers, starting with Kachche Kele ki Galouti, which had a very unique flavor, had a melt-in-the-mouth texture inside with a very thin, crisp crust. The Shahi Zeera Mutter Kebab was a lovely, light kebab with peas and peanut, flavored with caraway seeds and shallow fried. The Lahsuni Namkeen Kebab was very interesting- it had the base of a nice, mild-flavored veg kebab, topped with a thin wafer and tomato garlic chutney, and a slice of lemon gel, to brighten up the flavors. The Tandoori Bharwan Aloo were coated with semolina to get a lovely crunch on them, and were stuffed with cottage cheese mixed with spices. The smoky flavor of the potatoes was simply amazing.lakhori8But the one kebab which was the most innovative, and something that we had never even heard of before- the Egg White Kebab. The chef explained that this is his own creation, and me makes it by poaching eggs, separating out the egg whites and removing the moisture from them, and mixing them with roasted chana for binding. The kebab had a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture, was spiced deftly, and was served with a spicy apple sauce, which made for a very unique combination, which worked together beautifully.

On the non-veg side of things, we tried the Murg ke Parchey, juicy chicken tikka marinated in yellow chili marinade, served with cheese fondue and methi dust. It was as delicious as it sounds, and we just couldn’t get enough of it. We also had the Mutton Galouti Kebab, which were served with mini disks of ulte tawe ka parantha. The kebabs were delicate, juicy, and velvety, with a nice sear on top.lakhori9These were without doubt some of the best kebabs we’ve ever had, and what made them so amazing was the fact that they were made with simple, humble ingredients, had clean, delicate flavors which complemented each other well, without anything being overpowering, and most of them were kebabs that you don’t normally see elsewhere. These are for sure, must-haves.

After the kebabs, we were served Chote Bhutte Ka Shorba in veg, and Murg Makai Shorba in non-veg. These were thick soups made with ground corn, were served in cappuccino cups, and had a thick froth on top, and were really flavorful.lakhori10For main course, we had Purani Delhi ki Paneer Tokri, which had tangy karahi paneer, served in a crispy katori made with rumali roti. The Aloo Katliyan Achaari had thin slices of potatoes, coated with pickle spice, and were nice and tangy. The Dharampura Special Dal was thick and had a robust flavor, one which can only be achieved through slow cooking, and for a change, we could actually taste the dal, and not just the butter and cream. Another great dish which looked as great as it tasted was the Kinari Bazaar Kofta Dogla. It consisted of soft koftas made with paneer, covered in blanched spinach leaves, with two different types of gravies, tomato-based, and cashew nut-based. Both the gravies were really creamy and rich, and this dish in its entirety was brilliantly put together.lakhori11The non-veg dishes, Chicken Qorma and Mutton Ishtu were both out of this world, and had us licking our fingers. The chicken was braised in brown onion and yogurt gravy, which was spiced well and scented with rose and vetiver extract for fragrance, and the mutton was made in a thick, whitish yogurt-based gravy. Both the dishes were super flavorful and the meats were cooked perfectly.

These main course dishes were served with some accompaniments like assorted breads, Achaari Subz Biryani, Burani Raita, and Potato Anaar Chaat- each dish wonderful on its own and adding a lot to the meal.

We finished off this meal with a Mango Kulfi Falooda, where even the falooda was mango-flavored.lakhori14Throughout our meal, the service was superlative- the dishes were timed well, the server was knowledgeable about the menu, and we really felt like royalty, having this divine meal in the luxurious surroundings.

Overall, though this place is certainly on the expensive side, a meal here is worth every rupee spent, and you are sure to return from Haveli with overfilled bellies and satisfied souls, craving to go back super soon!

Overall Rating: 4.75/5

Location: Haveli Dharampura, 2293, Gali Guliyan, Near Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 2326 1000