Review: Curry Haus

Review: Curry Haus

Curry Haus is a one of its kind app-based food delivery service, currently operating in Gurgaon and South Delhi. The app has a very easy to navigate interface, and each dish is accompanied with a picture and a description. The menu offers good variety and the food is all freshly prepared at their base kitchen in Gurgaon. They have also tied up with the popular brand Bedazzled by Anandna Bhasin for all our sweet cravings.


One very interesting feature in their menu is that you can customize your curry items by choosing the type of gravy you want to go with, such as makhani, saag, chettinad, etc., and then select your choice of protein for paneer, soya, chicken, mutton, etc.

We decided to try out the place recently to see what all the buzz was about. The food arrived hot and on time and was impeccably packed in containers and properly labelled for veg and non veg. Though they were missing cutlery, they did send wet wipes along with the food.

The Pudina Soya Kebab had chunks of soya, which could have been softer, but were nicely chargrilled, and marinated in a flavorful mix of mint and spices.


The Kandhari Murg Tikka was one of the stars of the evening, with its juicy and perfectly cooked chicken chunks in a delicious cumin marinade which was spicy, tangy and robust.

They also provide the option of converting any of the kebabs into a meal by adding 80 rupees. We went for the Shikhampuri Kebab Combo, which had kebabs which were not really shikhampuri (they were actually mutton seekh kebabs), but tasty nonetheless, with dal makhani and lachcha parantha.


The Heeng Dhaniya Pudina Aloo was a nice and different dish consisting of baby potatoes coated in a zingy mint coriander asafoetida sauce, topped with ginger juliennes.

For mains, we had Murg Saag, Murg Tak a Tak, Mutton Korma, and Khatti Dal Tadka.

The murg saag had a thick and creamy spinach gravy, which was mildly flavored with fenugreek. The delicate flavor of the saag and the juicy chicken made for a pretty good dish. On the other hand, the murg tak a tak was spicy and robust, and the chicken was smoked and tossed with spices, onion, and coriander. While the two dishes were very different from each other, they were both amazing, but our favorite would have to be the murg tak a tak.

The Mutton Korma had a creamy, almond-based gravy with a touch of saffron, and the mutton was of good quality and was perfectly cooked. Though the dish was really tasty, the spice level could be amped up a bit.


The Khatti Dal Tadka was a home-style dish made with yellow lentils and a touch of raw mango for sourness, and tempered red chili, cumin, garlic, and herbs.

We had these dishes with Missi Roti, Pudina Parantha, and Mirchi Parantha, all of which were thin and nicely made.


For dessert, we had the Kesari Phirni, Toffee Caramel Cake, and Chocolate Fudge Cake. The phirni had a lovely saffron flavor, was light on sugar, and perfectly made. Also, it was set in a clay pot, which adds a nice earthy flavor to the dish. The Toffee Caramel Cake consisted of a moist vanilla flavored tea cake, layered and topped with rich caramel sauce, finished with white chocolate chips and a drizzle of white chocolate sauce. We were a bit concerned about how sweet it may be, but actually it was really well balanced in flavor. The Chocolate Fudge Cake was rich and decadent- the chocolate cake was layered with a thick and gooey chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate shavings. All the desserts were really great, and made for a nice end to this delicious meal.


Overall, we were really impressed with the ordering process through the app, the delivery, packaging, as well as the quality of the food, and will definitely be ordering from Curry Haus again, especially the Kandhari Chicken Tikka, Murg Tak a Tak, and the Khatti Dal tadka.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5
Phone No.: +91-9990080028; 9818345550

Review: Poshtick

Review: Poshtick

With hectic schedules and long work hours, we find ourselves giving into cravings more often, and that bag chips wins over the salad. In the age old battle between taste and health, taste ALWAYS wins, and that is where Poshtick comes in. Poshtick, with the aim of building a community of healthy, happy people, has got together with nutrition experts to develop healthy, and still very tasty snacks for all those times when we feel like munching, sitting at our desks at office. You can purchase their range of products online by either choosing products individually, or subscribing to their weekly or monthly “Finge Boxes”.


I ordered some items from their diverse and interesting range, to see if they can truly deliver on the “taste” promise, and boy, did they come through.

The items came neatly sealed in boxes, all packed in a cardboard box. Each item had a card describing the item, its ingredients, and its nutritional value. This is something that I really appreciated as I’d like to know exactly what I’m eating, especially if something is labelled as being healthy.

The Onion Garlic Crackers with the tasty dip served alongside were packed full of flavor, and were a great alternative to that nachos and cheese dip that we all are guilty of binging on. The Fruitolicious Forest Trail Mix was a tasty mix of dehydrated fruits such as Wild Berries, Blackcurrant, and Cherries, with the crunch of melon seeds and pumpkin seeds. The Cracked Whole Wheat and Nuts is a nice snack to munch on- made of roasted whole wheat, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts. The Cajun Makhanas were super tasty as well, and so were the Choco Wheat Puffs- light, crunchy, and delicious.


But my favorites would have to be the granola bars- the Almond Mocha Bar (a mix of almonds, oats, cocoa, coffee powder, and all bran flour) and the Blueberry Almond Quinoa Flapjack (made of cornflakes, almonds, oats and blueberries). Both of them were adequately sweet (sweetened with honey and jiggery), fudgy, and absolutely delicious, and also really filling.


They also provide healthier options for our sweet cravings. The Sinful Confection, which was a cookie made of oats, ragi, cocoa powder, choco chips and milk, failed to hit the mark. But the Whole Wheat Brownie was gooey, decadent, and delicious.


Not only this, the box also had some cards with “Finge Mantras” or tips to lead a healthier life.

So, all those of you who are looking for healthier options to meet your munching needs in between meals, Poshtick provides the perfect solution at prices which are not too high.

Their products can be ordered online on their website:

Location:  Sector 93B, Noida
Phone No.: 180030028155

Review: Andrea’s Eatery

Review: Andrea’s Eatery

Andrea’s Eatery, a cute little café located in Select Citywalk mall, is inspired by Chef Andrea’s travels across the globe. He has handpicked dishes he loved while travelling to these cities, and all the recipes are true to the original cuisine and recipe. The place, though small, has a nice vibe and charm to it. They have an open kitchen, with wooden shelves at the top, stacked with cans and bottles of ingredients.


We started off with Andrea’s House Salad, which was one of the best salads we’ve ever had! Made of young rocket, pine nuts, goat cheese, and orange segments in a wonderful agrodolce dressing, this salad was simply packed with flavor. The bitterness of the rocket, creaminess of the goat cheese, brightness of the orange and the crunch of the pine nuts worked together beautifully. But what took the salad over the edge was the sharp, tangy and perfectly balanced dressing. This is a must-have dish here.



And talking of must-haves, the Patatas Bravas with a Twist is another such dish. Made with roasted sweet potatoes, tomato passata, and homemade saffron aioli, the dish was simply brilliant! The earthiness of the potatoes was complemented well by the creamy aioli, which had a lovely hint of saffron. The dish was served with a zingy house salad, making the overall dish spectacular.


The Shish Taouk was a Lebanese dish made with skewered chicken rubbed with a five-spice mix and oven roasted. The chicken was served with a creamy garlic aioli and herb-tahina dip and grilled bell peppers. A nice dish with delicate flavors, brought to life by the flavorful dips.

From the Meals in a Bowl section, we tried the Chicken Krapaw and the Tofu and Mushroom Krapaw. The dishes consisted of stir-fried chicken for non-veg, or wok-fried silken tofu and exotic mushrooms for veg, on a bed of sticky Jasmine rice with Thai basil, bird’s eye chili, and Asian greens. Both dishes were really nice, but the sauce served with the veg dish was extremely flavorful.


For mains, we went with the Vegetable Tian and the Grilled Cajun Chicken.

The Creole-style Cajun rubbed organic chicken was grilled perfectly, and the spice-rub on it was wonderful. It was served with sautéed vegetables which were cooked al dente and flavored nicely with garlic, pickled cucumber, Cajun fries and labneh dip. The fries were really well-made, and the labneh dip was wonderful as well. Overall, this was a great plate of food.


The Veg Tian consisted of grilled vegetables in homemade pesto sauce, gremolata and cheese. The veggies were cooked perfectly and the sauce was so flavorful- a nice, healthy, light dish.


Along with our meal, we also had a couple of drinks- the Spicy Bloody Guava, a blend of guava juice and homemade spice mix with mint leaves was spicy and tangy, while the Blueberry Cherry Smoothie, made with real fruit and not preserves, was really great.


We ended the meal with a couple of desserts. The Pancakes with Gelato had three mini pancakes, topped with a scoop each of Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, and Strawberry Gelato. The pancakes were made well and the gelatos were really tasty, especially the strawberry one, but the dish needed a sauce of something to tie the two elements together, as they felt a bit disjointed.

However, the Gianduia Chocolate Cake, which was a fudgy, gooey chocolate cake, topped with a hazelnut mousse. The rich chocolate cake made for a fantastic end to the meal.


The service was also prompt and courteous, and the entire dining experience was great! Though the prices are on the high side, this place certainly warrants a visit, especially for Andrea’s House Salad, Patatas Bravas, and the Grilled Cajun Chicken.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: First Floor, Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 8588823873; 011 41041465

Review: Instapizza

Review: Instapizza

Instapizza offers customizable pizzas, delivered fresh and hot to your doorstep. And they also offer pastas, interesting side dishes, and even desserts.

We recently ordered a few things from their menu, and were quite happy with the food, packaging, and the delivery.

The Galleria Special pizza had a thin and crisp crust, topped with fresh garlic, zingy jalapenos, and sundried tomatoes. The pizza was so full of flavor- from the robust flavor of the sundried tomatoes to the spicy and tangy flavor of the jalapenos- the amount and combination of toppings was just right.

The non-veg pizza, Pigging Out, was topped with pork pepperoni, pork chorizo, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. While the amount of toppings was good, the chorizo just wasn’t juicy or flavorful enough.

The Classic Garlic Twist, which consists of knots of dough filled with garlic butter and cheese, was a nice take on the regular garlic bread- it was soft, cheesy, and tasty, and the southwest chipotle dip served alongside went really well with it.

The Bagel Bombs, a nice and different dish, consisting of dough balls, stuffed with parmesan, mozzarella, cream cheese mushroom, garlic, jalapenos, and zucchini. The cheese was oozing out of them, and the stuffing was creamy and delicious.

The Crispy Fried Chicken Fingers (panko-crumbed chicken tenders) were a bit disappointing as the chicken was quite dry and required more seasoning.

For dessert, we went with the Brownie and Butterscotch Cup, which was nicely layered and packed in a small glass. The brownie was gooey and luscious, and was drenched in a flavorful sauce, layered with a creamy and light mousse, topped with crumbs. This should definitely be ordered along with your pizzas for a nice sweet fix at the end of the meal.

Overall, the place offers value for money as all of the above dishes totaled to a bill of around 950. And their pizzas can be customized to suit your needs, starting from the base (they even have the option of a ragi base) to the toppings. So Instapizza can definitely be tried the next time you’re craving pizzas.



Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Location: DLF Galleria, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 011 33105736

Review: Dudleys

Review: Dudleys

Dudleys, a gourmet delivery joint, is serving up huge, delish burgers delivered to your doorstep from 7 pm to 4am.

We ordered three of their burgers and a shake, and were very impressed with all the products, as well as the packaging. The burgers came neatly packed in boxes, each with a side of thin, crispy, and spicy paprika fries.


The Tenderloin Steak Burger had strips of juicy tenderloin marinated overnight in their special in-house honey steak sauce, and topped with fried egg, veggies, and caramelized onions. The honey steak sauce gave the burger a nice sweet-spicy taste. The burger was served with roasted garlic and mayo dip and another sweet-spicy sauce, which were both delicious.


The Smokey Duck Burger had slow-roasted duck topped with crispy bacon and house-made plum sauce and French brie cheese. The burger was juicy and delicious, but the bacon overpowered the duck, so they should think about reworking the quantities of both meats on the burger.


And our favorite burger of the lot was the Pulled Pork Slider. The burger was so full of flavor- the pork chunks were marinated with honey mustard and were slow roasted for 5 hours with homemade ranch dressing and caramelized Granny Smith apples. The juicy pork chunks imparted so much flavor to the burger- this one is a must-try!


All the burgers had soft, fresh buns which justified the flavorsome toppings.

The Chef’s Special Tiramisu Shake was thick, creamy and delicious, but could have done with a bit more coffee kick.

They had also sent a portion of Beer Battered Paprika Onion Rings for feedback, and this dish was absolutely smashing. The batter on the onion rings was super crispy and the paprika made them really spicy. The roasted garlic mayo dip served alongside was the perfect accompaniment to this dish. These onion rings should simply not be missed!


So next time you’re in the mood for some gigantic, scrumptious, gourmet burgers, do order from Dudleys.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 9069142933

Review: TukTuk

Review: TukTuk

TukTuk is a new Pan Asian delivery outlet in South Delhi serving up Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Burmese dishes. They have made sure the food tastes good, and the packaging retains the flavor and texture of the food.

The food came vacuum sealed in boxes, each properly labelled as veg or non-veg, with the name of the dish written on each box. And all these boxes were placed in a cute and colorful cardboard box.


Spring rolls are one thing which never survive deliveries, and always become soggy. But the Soi 66 Veg Rolls came perfectly crunchy, and were not oily at all. The flavor of the stuffing was very different, as it had hints of lemongrass, making it taste really vibrant and fresh. And the sweet chili dip served with it complemented it well.

The Veg Som Tam Salad was the only cold item and was hence packed separately so that it doesn’t go limp. So it was great to see this attention to detail in the packaging. The salad was spicy and lemony, with the wonderful mix of raw papaya, birds eye chili, lime juice, tomatoes, cucumber, and roasted peanuts to provide extra crunch. Also, they had put in coriander stalks which gave the salad additional flavor.


On the non-veg side of things, the Tuk Tuk Satay had chicken skewers which were juicy and nicely grilled, with a tangy homemade peanut sauce- a nice little appetizer. And even Mr. Chu’s Special, which had shredded crispy lamb, oyster sauce, and sesame seeds was really crispy, though it could have done with a touch more sauce.


For the mains, we had the Gaeng Gai Bama, which was a robust Burmese curry with tomato, shallots, and coconut milk. The veggies were nicely cooked, and the gravy was well-balanced.

A dish we absolutely loved owing to its subtlety was the Shenzhen Chinese Greens which consisted of wok tossed broccoli, Chinese cabbage, pok choy, snow peas and asparagus with fried garlic chips. The vegetables were all cooked al-dente to retain their texture and the flavoring was mild, and this was a healthy yet tasty dish.


The Holy Basil Chicken was another favorite. It had really juicy minced chicken and crunchy beans with fresh red chili, and heaps of Thai holy basil. Each bite of this dish was just packed with flavor.

The Szechuan Chicken, though, was slightly disappointing. It was a bit wishy-washy in terms of flavor, and the black pepper was too overwhelming in the dish.

The Jakarta Garing Fish had flaky and soft fish chunks in an Indonesian sour paste, and the lemongrass flavor here too was just apt.


The Beijing Cart Fried Rice had baby pok choy, spring onions, and fried garlic wok tossed rice, though it could have done with a touch more seasoning.

Another dish we would really recommend is the Jakarta Night Noodles. It was an Indonesian style mee goreng with julienned pok choy and colored peppers, topped with lots of brown shallots. The noodles were thin, well cooked and non-oily and the dish had tons of flavor and could be had without any gravy as well.


Overall, the place provides tasty food, good variety, excellent packing, and is definitely worth a try!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: South Extension 2, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 33107935

Review: Punjab Grill – Navratra Delights

Review: Punjab Grill – Navratra Delights

We’ve always loved the food at Punjab Grill, and this time around, we tried out their special Navratra Thali. And this thali was not about fasting, but all about feasting.

The thali was served in a royal manner- with all the cutlery, plates and bowls all plated with gold. And the spread was just amazing.


It started with Vrat Wali Lassi, which was thick, creamy and delicious, and was just adequately sweet.


Then, we received the huge thali laden with some delicious food- all made without onion and garlic, and with only those specific ingredients which are allowed during Navratra fasts, but still full on flavor.

The thali had an assortment of papads, Kacche Kele ki Tikki (slightly sweet and a bit tangy, and crispy on the outside), Sukhi Arbi (the arbi was cooked perfectly and was very soft, and was coated with a spicy, tangy mixture), Aloo Singhara Dahi Vada (the vada was soft, and the yogurt was mixed with saunth and spices in the right proportions), Khoya Paneer (the paneer was soft and the gravy was thick and creamy, and very delicately spiced), Dahi Wale Aloo (this was perhaps the best dish of the lot- the aloo were coated in a tangy yogurt gravy, which was super flavorful), and Khatta Meetha Kaddu (a robust, well-spiced dish, with a tangy, spicy, and slightly sweet gravy). These dishes were served with Samak rice and crispy Rajgira ki Puri.



After devouring this delicious thali, we were also served a couple of desserts- Makhane ki Kheer and Kesar Rasmalai, both of which were divine. The kheer was creamy and rich, and the rasmalai was light as a cloud and the saffron flavor really shone through.


The thali was really delicious, and what we loved most was that almost all the dishes were very different from what you normally get at other places for Navratras. And of course, what made the dining experience even better was the way it was served- royal and majestic. And the price of this thali wasn’t high- at 525++, this was certainly worth it.

The only qualm we had was that the thali took nearly half an hour to be served.

Those of us who were not fasting, even tried some of their regular kebabs.

From the non-veg section, we had Bhatti ka Murgh (nicely charred chicken legs marinated with a spicy paste), Murgh Malai Tikka (the chicken was really juicy and was marinated in a delicate mix of yogurt, cheese, and cashew paste), Fish Amritsari (River Sole which was battered with ajwain flavored gram flour and fried to a crisp), and Raan-E-Sikanderi (the meat was falling off the bone, and was flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, and bay leaves).

While all the non-veg kebabs were really tasty, what surprised us was that the veg ones were even better. We had Tandoori Broccoli (broccoli florets coated with cheese, though the quantity of cheese could have been slightly more), Paneer Tikka Multani (the paneer tikka was delicious- the paneer chunks had been slit from the middle and infused with a fresh, herby paste), Lahori Seekh (normally veg seekh kebabs are quite flavorless and dry- but this one was full of flavor and was really moist), Dahi ke Kebab (we have always been fans of this kebab from the Punjab Grill brand, as they make it perfectly- it was smooth and creamy inside, with the tanginess of the hung curd, flavored with cardamom and coriander, and had a thin, crisp covering), and Bhutteyan De Kebab (this kebab was amazing as well- consisting of steamed corn kernels, blended with fennel and green chilies, and fried to get a crisp covering).


Along with these kebabs, we had a Dhaniya Patta Virgin Mojito, which was one of the best drinks we’ve had in a long time. The flavor of lime and coriander was perfectly balanced, the cumin seeds imparted a nice taste as well as crunch, and since they had used both coriander leaves as well as coriander stems, the flavor of the drink was simply spot-on!

We ended our meal at the restaurant with a Paan Shot.

Overall, the food and the service were both great, and Punjab Grill is certainly a place to visit- during Navratas, and otherwise!

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 2nd Floor, Food Court, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 41572977 ; +91 8130595498