Review: The Sugar Therapy

Review: The Sugar Therapy

The Sugar Therapy offers made-to-order chocolates, cakes, cupcakes, and desserts, all of which are handcrafted using the best ingredients. The venture has at its helm Divya, who though not professionally trained at a culinary school, always had a passion for food and cooking. The idea for The Sugar Therapy was borne out of Divya’s desire to make her own chocolates to send out with wedding invites back in 2014. And though she had never worked with chocolates or desserts before, she learnt to do so over the phone, with guidance from her cousin and his team (who are all chefs).

And that same passion is clearly visible in the desserts created by her. I recently tried a few items from The Sugar Therapy and was blown away with how someone with little to no culinary training can pull off such stellar desserts.


Mini Blueberry Cheesecake: The cheesecake was nicely constructed, with a good balance of the biscuit base crust, cheesecake, and blueberry compote. The cheesecake was mild in sweetness, and the blueberry compote was really vibrant and flavorful.

Mini Plum Cake: The traditional plum cake in a muffin form- this had a lovely earthy flavor and nice punches of flavor from the dried fruits.

Fresh Fruit Tart: The fruit tarts were a beautiful, light dessert, with a crumbly tart, filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Perfect for those who like their desserts mild, light and delicate.


The packaging was also really neat and elegant, and the little touches of personalization, like the tag attached to the box, really add a lot to the overall experience.

All three desserts were delicious, and since her journey started with chocolates, those are her signature items, so they would certainly be brilliant as well.

The Sugar Therapy delivers across Delhi NCR. Delivery up to 5 kms is free for orders above 1000/-, and for orders under 1000/-, delivery charges are 50/-. Beyond 5 kms, delivery charges are applicable based on distance.
Phone No.: +91 98109 92179

Review: Owl is Well

Review: Owl is Well

Quite a few late-night delivery chains have recently emerged in the city, but unfortunately, a lot of them are counting on the fact that since the options are limited at that hour, the taste wouldn’t matter much. But a new place which is surely going to give them a run for their money is Owl is Well, which delivers some delicious food to your homes, with a lot of variety to choose from.

Their menu boasts of a range of gourmet pizzas, burgers, a list of pasta options that is more diverse than what is available at most good restaurants, hot dogs, and a range of other dishes.


Porkchy: The wood-fired oven pizza had a thin crust which was cooked perfectly and was quite crisp. It was topped generously with black forest parma ham, german chili sausages, cured peach marmalade, Parmigiano-Reggiano shavings, apple cider reduction, pizza sauce, cheddar and mozzarella. The combination of pork with something sweet always works, as it did here. The pizza tasted great and at less than 500 bucks, it was quite large as well.

Hangover Cure Burger: This burger was massive- more than sufficient to satiate a starving belly- so it definitely gives you a bang for your buck. The burger buns had in between them, two juicy pieces of bbq chicken, slathered with pit master special sauce, along with coffee glazed bacon strips, battered and fried onion rings, jalapenos, all topped with a fried egg. A humungous, delicious burger.


One of my pet-peeves with delivery joints is that they never get the pastas right. Almost always, the pastas are over-cooked and way too saucy. But the team at Owl is Well has definitely gotten their pastas bang-on.

The Zafferano Pasta, which was a mild saffron-flavored creamy pasta with veggies and herbs, was simple and delightful- something you’d expect to eat at a fine dining restaurant. The mild hint of saffron which we got in every bite was amazing.


Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite comfort foods, and their rendition of a Spicy Mac & Cheese, which had macaroni finished in a gooey cheesy sauce with a spicy kick from chili flakes, topped with breadcrumbs and cheese and baked, was comfort food at its best.


The Birds Bucket, which consisted of Chicken Goujons, Crispy Wings, Chicken Tenders, Fries, and Nachos, was perhaps the only slight disappointment of the evening. All variants of chicken had the same flavor, and there was no variation, and some pieces of goujons were even a tad dry.


The Triple Berry Shake came in a jar and was simply perfect- it was adequately sweet, thick, creamy, and had chunks of fruit in it, and the flavor was superb!

The Oreo Cheesecake Jar was a nice way to round off such a lovely meal!

Also, the food was delivered right on time, and everything was neatly packed in boxes and labelled properly.

Overall, for the next time you crave delicious food at odd hours, look no further than Owl is Well.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Delivery Timings: 6 pm to 4:30 am
Phone No.: +91 88822 88871; 011- 33106005

Review: The Masala Trail

Review: The Masala Trail

The Masala Trail, rather true to its name, takes you on a street food trail around the country. The menu, curated by Chef Osama Jalali is divided into North, South, East, and West India, and brings vegetarian regional street food from these areas under one roof. Chef Jalali feels that at a time when everyone is moving forward and embracing modern cooking techniques and progressive food, he wants to go back and explore the rich culinary heritage of our country, and there is no better way to experience that diversity, than through the street foods.


The restaurant also benefits from its prime location, and the décor is basic, but rather interesting, with saree material used in the murals on the walls.


We tried food from all regions, and were delighted by all.

We started off with some chaat- Tower Chaat and Calcutta Puchka. The Tower Chaat was served in a cylindrical dish, and had a mélange of dahi bhalla, aloo tikki, papdi, all slathered in yogurt, green chutney and tamarind chutney, so that each bite had something different, and was rather interesting. The puchkas were served in both aata and sooji variants, filled with spiced potatoes, and served with two types of water- spicy and sweet.


The Banarasi Tamatar Chaat, a Banarasi specialty, which is made with succulent tomatoes and roasted spices topped with homemade crispy sev and chopped cashews, and served warm. It was tangy and delicious, and it was served the traditional way- in a mitti ka sakora.

The Banarasi Kachori Sabzi was equally delicious- the fried fritters had a crispy covering and were stuffed with a delicious spice mix. The kachoris were served with a tasty and robust kale chane ki sabzi, topped with fresh coriander and ginger juliennes.


The Kanpuria Gadbad Chaat had a bit of everything- fried potato tikki, potato sabzi, yogurt, and an amalgamation of chutneys. It was spicy, crunchy, and super tasty.

Chinese Bhel, which is always a hit with many people, was done really well. It had crispy fried noodles, coated in a sweet and tangy sauce, tossed with finely diced onion, tomato and capsicum.


Their Dilli ke Chole Bhature are not to be missed- fluffy, crispy bhaturas, which were deftly laced with spice, and were not oily at all, and the chole had a robust, earthy flavor, without being too spicy. And we loved how this dish was presented as well. We relished these chole bhature with some amazing house-made pickles.



This season calls for Punjab ka Sarson ka Saag & Makki ki Roti, and we loved their rendition of this dish. The saag was made dhaba-style, with shredded and perfectly cooked mustard leaves with freshly ground maize roti, served with a chunk of jaggery.


The Chalukya Dosa is also something that should not be missed here. This dosa was really crisp and had a layer of Kannadiga red chutney, along with some spicy masala, and we couldn’t help ourselves from polishing it off. The dosa was served with a delicious sambhar which was perfectly balanced in flavor, and the chutneys were really fresh and tasty.


Panki, a Gujarati dish, was really tasty and something that we had for the first time. It was made with fermented rice flour batter, which was cooked between banana leaves. Since the dish is steamed, it is really light and healthy, and the spicy green chutney served alongside was the perfect accompaniment to it.


For dessert, we went with Moong Dal Halwa and Haji Ali Fruit Cream, which were really nicely made as well.


Along with our meal, we had a couple of drinks- Jigar Thanda and Modi Nagar ki Shikanji. While the jigar thanda, made with gond, ice cream and roohafza, was really yummy, the shikanji lacked the right balance between sweet and spicy, and could be worked on.


The service, though fast, still needs to be a bit more professional, but since this restaurant is extremely new, we’re sure these are just teething problems.

The Masala Trail is a lovely restaurant that has something for everyone, and then some more, thus warranting multiple visits. And all dishes are priced extremely reasonably. An amazing place to savor diverse cuisines under one roof, The Masala Trail is a must-visit!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 52 Janpath, New Delhi
Phone No.: 01143593000; 8882300300

Review: Spice Art

Review: Spice Art


Spice Art is a luxurious dining destination at Crowne Plaza, Rohini. They recently hosted a Mewari food festival, offering an enticing glimpse of the region’s delicious culinary fare. The restaurant was decorated with kulhads, flowers, puppets, and swords to add to the regional feel, and the servers were wearing traditional Rajasthani attire.



We were seated at a table which had three condiments kept on it- Ker Sangri ka Achaar, Lehsun Tamater ki Chutney, and Kheere ki Launji, each of which had spectacular flavors.


We started off the meal with an amuse bouche of Jodhpuri Paneer Mircha, which had a battered and fried green chili stuffed with cottage cheese, and slathered with green chutney, which was a flavorful mouthful to start with.

Next, we were served a kebab platter which had Nagori Murgh, Macchi ke Sooley, and Jodhpuri Tukra Salala. The chicken was coated with a flavorful green marinade and was cooked nicely, but the mutton was really chewy and undercooked. The best of the three was certainly the perfectly-cooked flaky fish, which was deftly seasoned.



In the veg platter, we were served Paneer ka Sula, Tawa Pitod Masala, Subz Anjeer ke Kebab, and Kale Channe ki Tikki. The cottage cheese was extremely flavorful and quite soft, and the tawa pitod had a spongy texture on the inside, and a nice crust on the outside, and was a bit tangy and spicy- an extremely nice dish! The anjeer kebab had a nice sweet-tangy taste and was a very different and delightful dish, and the kale chane ki tikki, which was stuffed with paneer was tasty as well. The veg kebabs definitely outshone the non-veg ones.


For main course, we had a plethora of dishes, ranging from Murgh ka Mokul, to Lal Maas, Shahi Govind Gatte, Rajwade Aloo, Papad Mangodi ki Sabzi, Marwadi Chenna Kadhi, and Panchkutti Dal Batti Churma. The chicken had a delicate, creamy gravy, topped with almond slivers, and the lal maas, though nice, could certainly have been more robust in flavor. Here again, it was the vegetarian lot of dishes which stood out. The gatta curry has soft and crumbly gattas, stuffed with a flavorful spice mix, in a spicy gravy which was not too heavy- perhaps the best gatta curry we’ve had. The paneer dish wasn’t too great as it was overpowered by the flavor of capsicum, but the rajwade aloo, which was a dry aloo dish, tempered with curry leaves, sesame seeds and mustard seeds, was quite different and tasty, and even the papad mangodi ki sabzi was delightful. The dal baati churma was also nicely made, but the dish that was our favorite from the lot was the chenna kadi. The dish had a thin, tangy, yogurt-based curry, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves, and had small balls of fresh, soft chenna in it- it was simple, and exquisite!




We had these dishes with Jaipuri Mewa Pulao, Mooli Makai ki Roti and Bikaneri Parantha. The pulao had saffron-flavored rice, laced with dry fruits and pieces of spicy gatta. The breads were also a showstopper! The mooli makai roti had spices and coriander in it, and was really tasty, and the thin bikaneri parantha was coated with a red spice-mix and was lip-smacking!

Along with our meal, we also had a couple of drinks- Kokum Granita (a mix of kokum, coriander powder, and lemonade), and Chatpati Imli (tamarind juice and orange juice with rock salt). While we expected the kokum one to be sour, it was actually very sweet, which didn’t quite appeal to us. The chatpati imli was quite nice though.


We ended the lavish meal with a dessert platter which had Malai Ghewar, Mewa Bati, and Balushahi. The malai ghewar was excellent- the ghewar itself was really fresh and it was coated with a thick and tasty layer of radbi. The mewa batti was very soft and squishy, but was just a tad too sweet for our liking, but the balushahi was dry and just ordinary to taste.


Overall, it was a pleasant experience, where the vegetarian food was exceptional, and some dishes such as Tawa Pitod Masala, Subz Anjeer ke Kebab, and Chenna Kadhi were out of the world. This place can certainly be tried for delicious Indian food!


Overall Rating: 4/5
Location: Crowne Plaza, Twin District Centre, Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 4488 4460

Review: Woodchuck

Review: Woodchuck

Woodchuck is a brand new restaurant at HKV, offering up some delicious gourmet sandwiches. They bake their breads and prepare the sauces in-house, and the open kitchen reflects the hygiene with which they work. The outlet is small and cute, and what’s really interesting is their concept of serving the sandwiches in boxes which convert into plates.



The menu is short and crisp, but still provides sufficient amount of variety. They have sandwiches from eight regions around the world, each with a different type of bread, and each category has a veg and non-veg option.


We started off with the Elementary Pork Banh Mi, which was served in a Vietnamese style baguette, filled with crispy, smoky pork with raw papaya salad and fermented vegetables. The crispy, spicy pork worked beautifully with the sharpness of the fermented vegetables to make for a delightful sandwich.


The Chermoula Cottage Cheese Moroccan Flatbread was served in a spongy Khobz bread, which had seeds and spices baked into in and had a delicate flavor. It was slathered with slightly sweet beetroot sauce on one side and red pepper hummus on the other, and had slices of fresh cottage cheese marinated in an herby and vibrant chermoula paste. The flavor combinations all worked really well together to make for a rather interesting mouthful.


Mexican Chicken Chunks Torta had juicy Mexican style fried chicken topped with salsa verde, cilantro mayo, finely diced vegetables, and rocket leaves, stuffed in a soft Bolillo bread. Though the filling of the sandwich had fresh and vivid flavors, the bread could have had a bit more character to it.


Next, we had the Spinach and Mushroom Affair Reuben Sandwich, which was our favorite of the lot. It had a contrasting play of extremely crisp spinach with squishy sautéed mushrooms in a classic thousand island dressing packed with cheese and sauerkraut in slices of earthy Rye bread which had perfect grill marks on it. Each time we bit into the sandwich, we could hear the crunch of the spinach, and the taste was brilliant as well. For hardcore meat-eaters like us, the fact that a vegetarian sandwich emerged as a favorite with pork, chicken, and lamb around, speaks volumes for how good it was.


The Crispy Falafel Gyro had a pita bread filled with falafel, on a bed of baba ganoush, pickled vegetables, and caramelized onions. The falafel was crispy on the outside, without being dry on the inside, and the sweetness of the onions counteracted well with the pickled vegetables.


Another favorite of the day was the Classic Pork and Ham Cubano, which was simply bursting with flavors of mustard, gherkins, and cheese in Cuban bread, loaded with diced pork and ham slices. The sandwich was loaded with flavorful pork, and was extremely tasty.


Along with the sandwiches, they also have on offer some sides and shakes.

We tried the Blueberry Shake and the Banana Caramel Shake, both of which were made with fresh fruit, rather than syrups, and the taste clearly reflected that. The shakes were both creamy and thick, without being too heavy.


For the sides, we went with Baby Corn Sticks and Chickpea Sticks. Baby Corn Sticks were actually baby corn that was battered and fried to resemble fries, and were served with peri peri mayo. Though the idea is great, but the sticks were way too oily, and also a bit bland. The Chickpea Sticks, however, were simply brilliant- the mashed chickpeas had been beautifully flavored with spices and herbs, and then cut in the shape french fries, and fried to perfection. These were totally addictive, and they went brilliantly with the cilantro mayo dip served alongside.



Woodchuck also has a dessert menu which carried forward the same sandwich theme, which options like Apple Pie Panini, Shortbread Ice-cream Sandwich, and Choco Pomegranate Sandwich.

The ice-cream sandwich had perfectly executed shortbread cookies, slathered with chocolate sauce, which had vanilla ice-cream and chocolate chips sandwiches between them. Though there is no un-messy or elegant way to eat this, it was rather tasty.


The Apple Pie Panini was also amazing- somewhat like a cross between a pie and a cinnabon. The bread had been flavored with raisin and cinnamon, and was stuffed with cooked green apple slices, cream, and some cinnamon, and was truly lip-smacking, and a great dessert for this weather.


The service was also on-point throughout, and the prices are extremely reasonable for the huge quantities and the fabulous taste of these sandwiches. Woodchuck is a must-try!


Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 26, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 6464 9440

Review: Noshi – Yum Asian Delivery

Review: Noshi – Yum Asian Delivery

Noshi, the delivery branch of the beloved Asian restaurant chain Yum Yum Cha, is another feather in the brand’s cap. Noshi serves up fresh, flavorsome Pan Asian food, packed extremely neatly, delivered to the comfort of your home. The menu ranges from delectable dim sums to scrumptious sushi rolls, hearty soups to yummy curries, mouthwatering rice and noodles to wholesome wok dishes, decadent desserts to refreshing Bev Bottles.


Noshi in Japanese means gifts that express good wishes, and that is exactly how the dishes are packed- like tiny little, beautiful gifts. The delivery came right on time, and Noshi certainly has one of the best packaging across all delivery outlets in the city.


The dim sum and the sushi can be ordered in either single, triple, or hexa boxes. I went for the triple box for both.


The Dim Sum Triple Box had three small boxes having 4 pieces of each dim sum, with all three boxes kept a large rectangular box. The three dim sum I went with were Crystal Duck, Chicken & Chili Oil, and Spicy Jade. The spicy jade was stuffed with snow peas, beans, broccoli, and bok choy, and had a delicate broth surrounding it. The dim sum was extremely juicy and had a nice, fresh flavor to it. The chicken dim sum was coated with a spicy oil and topped with micro herbs, and had a nice flavor of garlic. But the one that simply blew me away was the duck dim sum, which was stuffed with toothsome peking duck, hoisin, with a slight sweetness of cherries. The dim sum had a paper thin rice flour coating, and the spicy sauce that it came with was heavenly. The dim sum came with three types of dips- a spicy dip, a garlic dip and a hot & sweet dip, which were neatly packed in a bright red jute sack.


The Sushi Triple Box had three small boxes with sushi in them, which were packed in a large rectangular box, much like a present. The sushi were all brilliantly constructed and came with pickled ginger, wasabi, and tiny bottles of soy sauce. This just goes to show that they have thought through every little detail to make the delivery experience flawless. The sushi I went for were the Cucumber Blossom (which had cucumber, ponzu, sesame, and edible flowers), Hanna (salmon, spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado), and New Delhi (spicy tuna, coriander, tabasco). While all of them tasted delicious, the cucumber blossom was one of the best veg sushis I’ve ever had, and the New Delhi one was packed with flavor. Hanna was just a tad bland for my liking though. Another great thing was that the sushi box came with ice-packs at the bottom, so that the sushi stays cold and fresh, which was a great touch.


From the Curry Stack section, I ordered the Green Chicken Curry, which was served with sticky rice. The chicken curry had a fragrant, vibrant, herbaceous broth, which was not heavy or overpowered by the coconut milk. Rather, the coconut was a wonderful background note. A lovely dish!


From the Noodle Bowl section, I went for the three pepper noodles, with add-ons of chicken, mushrooms, corn, water chestnut, peppers, and peanuts. The noodle bowl was simply spectacular- extremely flavorful, robust, and loaded with chicken and veggies. This is a must-have dish from Noshi!


Along with these dishes, I also ordered Orangutan, a refreshing dish made with fresh oranges and kaffir lime leaves, which came in a swanky glass bottle.


For dessert, I went with Blueberry Cheesecake, which again came on an ice-pack, and was different about this cheesecake, was that rather than having a blueberry compote on the top, it had a blueberry filling right between the biscuit and the cream cheese layers. The biscuit base was crisp and crumbly, and the cheesecake itself was extremely light and fluffy.


Noshi is an excellent option for ordering in some delicious Asian food, packed in the most beautiful and convenient way possible. Highly recommended!


Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Location: B-133 Zamrudpur, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 98100 23349

Review: Khaaja Chowk

Review: Khaaja Chowk

Khaaja Chowk has been synonymous for years with traditional, hearty North Indian and Mughlai food, and in their new and updated version 2.0, wherein they have positioned themselves as an Indian Café, the place has become all the more appealing.


They have revamped the interiors of the place, making them a bit trendier, and of course, how can one forget Khaaja Chowk’s trademark autorikshaw-shaped seats. They have also added some exciting new dishes to their menu, showcasing some traditional techniques such as claypot and dum cooking.


We started off with some drinks- Masala Shikanji, Ganne ka Ras, and Adrak ke Panje. While the shikanji was just about ok, the ganne ka ras, which they freshly squeeze on-order and mix with some lemon juice, mint and salt, was really delicious. But our favorite drink was the mocktail. It has ginger juice blended with brown sugar and fresh lemon chunks topped with coke, and was really refreshing.


We started our meal with some “Chakhna”, which were really tasty little snacks, which would go perfectly with a round of drinks.

The Chicken 65, a typical Hyderabadi dish, had morsels of chicken deep-fried and dipped in curd and whole spices, with crunchy curry leaves, and was really tasty. But what really blew us away was the Nawabi Murgh Seekh Masala, which had juicy chicken seekh surrounded with onions, tomatoes, and spices and served on a buttery kalonji mini-naan. This was a heavenly dish, and surely a must-try!



On the vegetarian side of things, we tried Sabudana Wada, which were fritters made of sago, peanuts, and potatoes, deep fried to perfection and served with mint chutney. The fritters were really crunchy and tasty, but the sabudana had a bit of a sticky texture, so it could have been soaked for longer to get rid of that stickiness. The Khurmi Naan was a delightful dish- a desi version of a pizza. It consisted of thin, crispy leavened bread topped with tomato ketchup and cheese.



We then had a dish from the chaat section- Jadavpoore Puchka Chaat, which was presented very nicely on a mini thela, with shot glasses filled with curd, topped with ried puffs, filled with a mix of chutneys, kala chana and sev, and some delicious, tangy and spicy golgappa water on the side.


Next, we ordered veg and non-veg kebab platters. The veg platter consisted of Paneer Tikka, Bharwan Aloo, Dahi ke Kebab and Hara Bhara Kebab. While the dahi kebab was a bit too heavily spiced, the bharwan aloo was excellent- they were stuffed with a mix of spices and nuts. But what we relished most were the hara bhara kebabs. They were made with spinach, and were stuffed with cheese, ground figs and green chilies, so they were moist and delicious.


The non-veg platter had Kalmi Kebab (a juicy stuffed chicken leg), Banno Kebab (tangy and spicy), Kastoori Kebab (delicate and vibrant), and Mutton Seekh (which had a nice bite to them and were well-seasoned).


For mains, we ordered their pièce de résistance- the Flaming Claypot Nalli Boti ki Bihaari. The dish was cooked in a clay vessel in the shape of a surahi, for a long time, and the presentation of the dish is very dramatic. It arrives at the tableside sealed and in flames, and the neck of the surahi is cracked open to reveal the juicy contents, which are then poured into a plate. The mutton was literally falling off the bone and was really succulent, and the flavors were spot-on. The dish was served with accompaniments like ginger, green chilies, chopped coriander and lemon wedges, which enhanced the flavor of the dish.



The other dish we went for was the Dum Gobhi Mussallam. Dum is a style of cooking wherein the food is cooked in a sealed vessel on a slow, gentle flame for a long time. The cauliflower floret looked extremely beautiful and it sat in a tangy, yogurt-based gravy which was extremely flavorsome.


Along with these dishes, we also ordered Chicken Lababdar and Dal Makhani. The chicken had been spiced nicely, but there was just a bit too much capsicum in the dish, but the dal was really creamy and had a robust flavor to it.


We devoured these dishes with Garlic Naan and Pudina Parantha. The pudina parantha was excellent- crisp and generously topped with mint powder, but the naan could have done with a bit more garlic.


We ended the lavish meal with some amazing desserts. The paan ice-cream had pieces of gulkand and candied fruits in it, and was quite nice. The Gol Matol Shaahi Tukda had crisp circular pieces of bread, slathered with mouth-watering rabdi. This dessert should not be missed here. We also tried the Beetroot Halwa, which was balanced in terms of sweetness, and was served with vanilla ice-cream, which made for a nice combination.



The service was also pretty prompt, despite it being a busy night. For a lovely Indian meal with family, Khaaja Chowk is a place worth visiting!

Overall Rating: 4/5
Location: 3rd Floor, Plaza Mall, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 124 4019112/13; 8130371861