Review: Pluck

Review: Pluck

The farm-to-table concept is gaining steam internationally, and leading the way here in Delhi is Pluck, a creative, avant-garde restaurant at Pullman, Aerocity. The restaurant has an in-house herb and vegetable garden, and all the dishes on their Modern European and Contemporary Indian menu are made using this fresh produce. The menu at Pluck is decided by seasonal availability of produce, resulting in a dynamic, frequently-changing menu. Chef Ashish Dhar is the culinary genius behind the restaurant, bringing with him over 15 years of experience at renowned restaurants across the globe, and it is his vision which has been brought to life at Pluck, with the freshest of ingredients (sourced from their in-house 5,000 sq ft garden or from local farms that they have tie-ups with to get those ingredients that are not grown in-house). The restaurant itself has a bright and vibrant setting, with plenty of natural light pouring in.




We chose to start off with a couple of mocktails- Grape Year was bursting with the flavor of apricot, prunes, and grapes, muddled with lemon juice, which gave a sharp tinge to the otherwise sweet drink. Sunrise Kick, on the other hand, had a spicy note from the jalapenos, mixed with orange chunks, apple juice, and crushed ice.


We were first served some fresh Salad Greens with an Olive and Maple Mayonnaise that was packed with flavor. The Amuse Bouche served next was a Tomato Jam with Herb Brioche and Rock Salt, a perfect little spoonful to get the juices flowing.



The Bread Basket had a variety of freshly baked breads, which we relishes with Parsley Dusted and Beetroot Dusted Butter, which we thought were a great idea. The butter was dusted with powdered parsley and beetroot to give a lovely bright red and green color.


The first dish that we went for was the Golgappa Caviar- a wonderful twist to the golgappas we’re used to, this one had a tzatziki dip topped with micro cilantro stuffed in the golgappas. Served on the side was caviar made of tangy golgappa water, and a delicious dried ginger gastrique. The burst of flavors in the mouth was simply amazing.


Next, we had the Sweet Potato, Feta & Pomegranate Basket, which was a stellar dish. The sweet potato and feta was diced into cubes, and coated with delicious tangy and spicy sauces, and placed in a potato laccha basket, served with a pipette of tamarind sauce, and chili mint soil on the side. The way this dish was presented was truly spectacular, but what took it over the edge was the fact that all the flavors were on point, with the sweet potatoes balancing out the sharpness of the feta, and the mint soil adding a bit of spice and freshness to the dish. This is a must-have here!


Next, we went with a couple of salads. The Chicken Caesar Salad came with a juicy corn-fed chicken breast on the side, with some fresh green, dressed beautifully, and topped with shavings of parmesan, with extremely thin slivers of crouton. The vegetarian salad was no less- it had baby lettuce dressed in a sweet and tart raspberry dressing, topped with flavorful sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, parmesan cheese and candied lemon peel for the citrus note.


The soups are also visually mesmerizing (presented in a deconstructed form and arranged right at the table) at the same time being packed with flavor. The Burnt Garlic Soup was thick and creamy, and had rich flavors of parmesan, burnt garlic, with a melba oatmeal streusel roll and various powders to season it. It was rich, luscious, and absolutely delicious. But giving this soup tough competition (and perhaps taking a slight edge) was the Mushroom and Chestnut Soup. It was lighter in texture, but much more robust in its depth of flavor. It had in it some micro greens, mushroom carpaccio and truffle mascarpone, which just uplifted the taste.


After these dishes, we were served a palate cleanser of Nimbu Paani Sorbet with Mint Foam, which was delicious enough to be a stand-alone dish. The sorbet had a sharp flavor, and the mint foam lent it just a slight bit of sweetness.

Moving on to the main course, we went with Quinoa Broccoli Cakes and Five Lentils Crusted Fish. The broccoli cakes had been crusted with quinoa for crunch, and the broccoli was just lightly cooked so as to retain its freshness. The dish was served with a vibrant green avocado puree and a sharp, thick citrus gel, along with some juliennes of yellow zucchini. An extremely healthy, yet tasty dish. The Five Lentils Crusted Fish was lip-smacking too, and we just loved the play on textures and familiar flavors here to create something inventive. South Indian cooking uses a lot of lentils, so drawing inspiration from that, they had coated the fish (which was flaky, moist and perfectly cooked) with a delicious lentil crust. The fish was served with pieces of idli dusted with gunpowder, a sweetish Beetroot Murabba Puree and some creamy Malabari Sauce- a really inventive, well-constructed dish.



And when the meal is so divine, how could the desserts be any lesser.

The Hazelnut Praline was creamy, airy, and absolutely decadent. Chocolate and hazelnut is a match made in heaven and these two flavors worked their magic in this dessert as well. The dessert consisted of a flourless hazelnut cake and gianduja (chocolate hazelnut spread) mousse, and the richness of the mousse was cut by the sharp orange curd served alongside. The mousse was served with a praline ice-cream which was quite tasty as well.


The Greek Custard, Rasmali Parfait was also an extraordinary dessert. The custard was made with salty feta cheese and was stuffed with a sweet rasmalai parfait (to balance the flavors well) and had no added sugar. The custard was served with a divine strawberry sorbet and candied beetroot, and finished with cocoa boondi for textural contrast.


We rounded off the meal with a beautiful rose flavored tea from the Pullman Tea Deli.


Each dish was not only a beautiful play on textures and flavors, but was also presented artistically. The service was also on-point throughout and the dishes were timed perfectly. Overall, Pluck warrants multiple visits for its flavorful, innovative food!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Asset No. 2, Aerocity, GMR Hospitality District, IGI Airport, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 4608 0808

Review: Café Amaretto

Review: Café Amaretto

Café Amaretto is a quaint little café located at South Point Mall, Gurgaon, offering up some delicious Italian food. The restaurant is done up in whites, and is really simple and elegant in its décor, and a perfect place to enjoy a casual candle-light dinner. Along with that, they also have some cool paintings adorning their walls, which are all one sale. Their open kitchen, with a large wood-fired oven in tow, gives this place additional charm.


As soon as we sat down, we were served a basket of soft, fresh focaccia bread, topped with some olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs, which was a pleasant start to the meal.


We enjoyed the bread with some drinks- Ginger Fizz, Tangerine Delight, and Nutella Shake. The Ginger Fizz was zingy and refreshing, and the Tangerine Delight was sweet and citrusy. The shake was quite nice as well, but it could have been a bit thicker.


We started our meal with Assorted Multigrain Bruschetta, which had three types of toppings- smoked roasted yellow bell peppers and poppy seeds; cherry tomato and feta; and caponata, a sweet and sour roasted eggplant topping. While all of them were delicious, the punch of flavor that the caponata packed, made that one our favorite.


The Tempura Fish Fingers, served with tartar sauce, had amazingly soft and flaky basa fish which was covered in a thin tempura batter and fried to perfection. One of the best fish fingers we’ve had.

The Mushroom Cappuccino which we had next was absolutely smashing. The mushroom broth was packed full of flavor, and was served with a lovely parmesan crisp (topped with white sesame seeds). This is a dish we would love to come back for again and again.


The salads were really amazing as well. The Beetroot and Avocado Salad had chopped beetroot topped with guacamole, with mixed greens and some toasted caramelized walnuts for crunch. The combination of the beetroot and avocado worked beautifully and the caramelized walnuts were a great addition to the dish. The Smoked Grill Chicken and Mixed Green Salad was even better. The chicken was really flavorful, and the chicken slices were topped with white poppy seeds, and the greens were tossed in a delicious balsamic dressing- absolutely lip-smacking.


And since we saw the wood-fired oven, we knew we had to try the pizzas. So we went with the Pesto and Pine nuts Pizza and a Half-and-half Non-veg Pizza. Both pizzas had a thin, crispy crust, which was baked to perfection. The veg pizza was topped with fresh and zingy pesto sauce, mozzarella, rocket leaves, and onion rings, and adorned with pine nuts. All the toppings on the pizza worked beautifully together, and made it a spectacular pizza. The non-veg pizza was half Prosciutto and half Smoked Chicken. While the chicken one, which had juicy pieces of smoked chicken and fried basil leaves was quite tasty, the Prosciutto one was a class apart- delicious, premium-quality parma ham, along with pieces of cooked ham and mushrooms, topped with parmesan.


Next up, we had the Wood-fire Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Chestnuts and Parmesan Crisp. The risotto had a very unique mix of ingredients- the soft and sweet pumpkin along with the crunchy water chestnuts provided a nice contrast of flavors and textures to the dish, and the Arborio rice was also cooked well. The dish was also topped with a delicious parmesan crisp.

We then tried the Wood Roasted Chicken with Zucchini Tempura and Black Pepper Mushroom Sauce. The chicken breast was cooked well, and was topped with a flavorsome, robust pepper mushroom sauce. The zucchini was coated in tempura batter and was fried to a crisp, and was a lovely addition to the dish. The mashed potatoes were creamy and fluffy, but could have done with a bit more seasoning.


We ended this delicious, elaborate meal with an equally impressive Dessert Platter which had a Ricotta Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce, Tiramisu, and Salted Caramel Cake. The ricotta cheesecake was really light and fluffy, and was topped with a delicious strawberry compote. The tiramisu was light as a feather, and was just mildly sweet, just like a tiramisu should be, and was so flavorsome. The Salted Caramel Cake was delightful as well- with a perfect balance of salted caramel and chocolate. All three desserts were truly amazing, and we’ll certainly be coming back for more.


Overall, the food served at Café Amaretto is fit for a fine-dining restaurant, and the service is also extremely prompt and courteous, making this place a must-visit!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5
Location: DLF South Point Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Phase-5, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 81305 99121

Review: Caterspoint

Review: Caterspoint

Caterspoint is a delivery service offering delicious, innovative and healthy food. They provide catering services to corporates and one can also place individual orders. With seasoned chefs on board, and a huge base kitchen where they come up with interesting and innovative dishes, this place is sure to break the mold that healthy food cannot be tasty or interesting.

They have a pretty diverse menu and all items are very reasonably priced with regard to the quantity and quality of the food. Also, the dishes were packed very neatly and everything was properly labelled.

Low-fat Dahi Bhalla: This dish came in a glass jar and had lentil balls dipped in low fat yogurt, served with chaat-papdi and green and saunth chutney. The jar was topped with some crunchy namkeen and slivers of beetroot for some textural contrast. The dahi bhalla was light and fluffy, and the way it was served made it really convenient to eat.


Smoky Chicken Sandwich: The sandwich had a fresh, soft multi-grain bread, filled with veggies and smoky chicken strips, which were rubbed with spices and topped with low-fat sauces, and garnished with jalapenos. The sandwich was spicy, tangy and absolutely lip-smacking.


Fruit Lime Exotic Bowl Salad: The salad bowl had a combination of exotic fruits such as sun melon, Washington red apple, kiwi, Californian grapes, Egyptian orange, imported sweet pineapples, pomegranate, blueberry, cherries, and fresh mint leaves, topped with candied walnuts. They had sent a fresh lime & honey dressing along with the salad which provided a nice punch of flavor to the salad.


Mushroom Cheese Penne Grilled Vegetable: Perhaps the only dish which we didn’t find spectacular, this had penne pasta with mushroom, baby corn, bell peppers and olives, prepared in a creamy white mushroom cheese sauce. The flavor was nice but we just felt the pasta was a bit overcooked.

Morning Masala Macaroni: Perfect for a quick snack or for breakfast, the macaroni was lightly tossed with some mustard seeds, onions, and tomatoes and topped with a bit of cheese and coriander.

Wild Blueberry Shake: The shake had a blend of wild blueberries, banana, and low fat sweetened milk, and was just adequately sweet and tasted delicious.


They also have a very nice range of desserts- things that we haven’t seen elsewhere, and we tried two of them are were completely blown-away!

The Cream Cheese Fruit Custard had low-fat custard loaded with fruits and topped with cream cheese. The custard was smooth and creamy and the tang of the cream cheese really uplifted the flavor of the dish.


The Apple Blueberry Porridge was made of wheat porridge mixed with dry fruits, apple slices and blueberries, and flavored with rose syrup- a light and delicious dessert.


Overall, the packaging was excellent, prices reasonable, and the food was absolutely amazing, making Caterspoint one of our favorite delivery places. This place is highly recommended!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: S 27/11, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 9999760890

Review: Zoe

Review: Zoe

A great concept with excellent execution- that’s how I would describe Zoe (Greek for ‘life’)- a nutrition-first foods & beverages delivery brand. All of their products are made using natural ingredients, and are free of preservatives, artificial chemicals and colors. They believe in food that has been minimally processed, thereby maintaining the most nutrients, and hence prepare almost everything in-house to maintain strict quality control.

They currently deliver in Gurgaon (but would soon be spreading to Delhi and Noida) and you can either go for a single order, or for their weekly or monthly subscription plans.

I ordered a few of their items and was thoroughly impressed with their ordering process, superior packaging, and timely delivery.

I went with For The Explorer Smoothie, which came sealed in a nice plastic bottle. It was a mix of strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, bananas and low-fat Greek yogurt, sweetened with a bit of honey, and was really refreshing and delicious.


The Roman Holiday Veg Salad Jar had fusilli pasta in home-made, oil-free Greek yogurt-based dressing, topped with lots of fresh veggies such as mushrooms, red bell peppers, black olives, broccoli, and sweet corn, and topped with almonds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds for crunch. The salad was light and tasty, but I wish they had used a few more herbs to make it more flavorful.


The Mediterranea Sandwich packed a punch of flavor- it had a lovely stuffing made of bell peppers, zucchini, mushroom, and broccoli, flavored with mustard sauce, raw garlic, and black pepper, in a soft and fresh focaccia bread.


But my favorite of the lot, by far, was the Yogurt Parfait in a Jar. I went with the one named ‘Zeal’, which had a mix of banana, honey, Greek yogurt, choco chips, oats, and a dash of Nutella. It was filling, healthy, and most importantly, super delicious! This is one item on the menu which is a must-have!


So for all those who want to keep a check on their calorie consumption, but still want wholesome, flavorful food, Zoe is the place for you!

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Phone No.: +91 92055 34967

Review: Barbeque Nation- Wahrabia Food Fest

Review: Barbeque Nation- Wahrabia Food Fest

Barbeque Nation has a great concept of offer you a plethora of choices at reasonable rates, and they ensure they provide you with a different experience each time you visit, which is why they keep coming up with different food festivals, the latest one being the Wahrabia Food Fest.

The Arabian food Festival at Barbeque Nation brings forth, with an ‘Arabian Nights’ theme, some delicious and flavorful Arabic delicacies.


We went with a few mocktails- Fruit Punch (a thick, fruity drink made with orange, pomegranate and ice cream), Spiced Tango (aamras combined with fresh ginger juice, lime juice, black salt and tabasco), which had the right blend of sweet and spicy notes, and Purple Mary (a concoction of kala khatta, orange and spices.



We started off with some kebabs and grills at the table- the Sheesh Soya Kudra had soft and succulent soya kebabs with bell peppers; the Egyptian Zuben had soft cottage cheese pieces coated with a mild-flavored paste; but the Jalapeno and Lime Seasoned Mushroom could have had more flavor. We were also served their regular dishes like Cajun Potatoes, Crispy Corn (which were spectacular), and Sweet and Smoky Pineapple (a personal favorite). In the non-veg section, we were served Jujeh Kebab which had chunks of chicken marinated in saffron and grilled; Rubyan Meshwi- chargrilled prawns marinated with Lebanese spices; Arabian Kafta Lamb Seekh, which were really juicy and flavorful; Samak Orange Meshwi, a delicate, flaky fish with an orange flavor, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed; and Fried Silver Fish, which were small fried fish, served whole, doused with a tangy masala. Apart from these, we also had their regular dishes like Fiery Bbq Drumstick and Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken Wings.



They also had a live counter, where the chef was cooking up some Falafel, for a pita pocket (the hummus and tzatziki in the pita pocket was tasty, but the falafel itself could have done with a bit more flavor), and some spicy Choliya. There were some yummy dishes for non-vegetarians as well- like the Chicken Shawarma, Kesabi Dejaj (chicken liver cooked on tawa), and Riyash Mashwi- mutton cooked on the bone with Arabic spices.


After devouring these amazing starters, we moved on to the buffet section, which had a selection of salads- like Moroccan Salad, Mohamara Pasta Salad, Kidney Bean Salad, Fattoush and Tabbouleh. The soups were also really different- the veg one was Tomato Coriander and Okra Soup and the non-veg one was Shourabat Dajaj, a chowder-style soup.

For main course, the veg section had Curried Chick Peas, Zucchini Fasigratin (baked zucchini with cheese, which was super-tasty) and Fruit Tawa Masala, which was a very different dish consisting of a mix of fresh fruits in a tangy, spicy paste. They also had some regular dishes like Dal Makhani, Kadhai Paneer and Nargisi Kofta. The non-veg section also had some very interesting dishes like Samak Harrah Al Shara (pomfret baked with crusted garlic and coriander served with pepper sauce), Burani Gosht (which had succulent pieces of meat in a thick, garlic gravy), Chicken Arabian (which had chicken breast pieces in a creamy tomato and onion gravy, and Kapsa Riyash (a traditional lamb biryani), along with some regular dishes like Murg Korma.



The dessert section was no less either- it had a range of exquisite desserts such as Coconut Khajur Barfi, Baklava, Saffron Muhallabieh (an Arabic custard), Arabic Pudding, Dark Chocolate Miste Roll (chocolate roll stuffed with mawa), Date Pan Pastry, and Gooey Dates. We concluded with the amazing Kulfi Station section, where we tried Pan Kulfi and Fig Kulfi, which were delicious as always.




This extravagant meal was made even better with some dancing by the servers, and superior service. From start to finish, the service was very warm, prompt, and the servers made sure to explain each dish they served to us, and also talked us through the concept.


All these things make this food fest a must-try!

This menu will be available across all outlets of Barbeque Nation in Delhi (NCR) from November 9 to 20.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Ground Floor, Opposite Delhi Public School, Sector C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 60600002


Review: Patiala Kkitchen

Review: Patiala Kkitchen

The Patiala Kkitchen is a quaint little restaurant at Noida, offering up the delicious food of Punjab. The restaurant has been decorated with bright colorful chairs, and funny Punjabi quotes on the walls. They even have a dhol wala dressed in traditional Punjabi attire stationed outside the restaurant.




When we sat down, we were served a refreshing welcome shot of Jaljeera, which was a nice touch.

We decided to go for their concept of “Make Your Own Thali”, which gives you two starters, two main courses, one rice dish, two breads and a sweet dish, served with raita and papad and a chaach, at the incredibly reasonable rate of 449++ and 379++ for non-veg and veg, respectively.


The chaach had a lovely flavor of cumin powder, and was really well made. For the veg starts, we were served Paneer Tikka Shashlik and Makkai Di Tikki. The paneer tikka was coated in a tasty marinade of spices and yogurt, along with capsicum, onion and tomato chunks, roasted in the tandoor. The Makkai di Tikki had poached corn, blended with blended with herbs and green chilies, fried in kadhai, and was just decent in taste. Along with these, we also ordered Chittey Dahi Kebab on the side, which were nicely made, and had a lovely flavor of cardamom and coriander.


The thali came with Dhaaba Wali Dal, which was a tempered mix dal (chana and urad dal), with a spoonful of ghee, ginger and coriander. The Paneer Do Pyaaza had large onion and tomato chunks and a thick gravy, and was quite tasty. The breads we went with were Lehsuni Naan and Uff Uff Hari Mirch Parantha, which were both thin and crispy, and really delicious. The Muttar Pulao was nice as well.



In the non-veg thali, we went with the Bhuna Lehsuni Murg Tikka and Mutton Seekh Kebab for the starters. The seekh kebab had a nice coarse texture, and the minced meat was flavored with coriander, tomatoes and mint. The chicken tikka, a house specialty, was marinated with burnt garlic and tandoori spices and was quite nice as well. Apart from these, we also ordered an extra plate of King’s Mutton Chaap, which were pot roasted and slow braised lamb chops in liquor with an infusion of cloves, black cardamom, kasoori methi and basil, grilled in the tandoor. The meat was juicy and tender, and just slid off the bone, and the marination was simply delicious, but could have penetrated a bit more into the meat.


In the thali, we received Kadhai Murg, which had juicy chicken chunks, cooked with bell peppers and tomatoes, accentuated with coriander seeds and freshly ground black peppercorns and draped in a chunky tomato gravy, and Pataila Shahi Kaali Dal, which was creamy, simmered overnight, and had a trace of mustard oil. It was finished with some cream and tempered with ghee, and was really delicious. These dishes came with Jeera Rice, which was again laced with ghee to give it a nice rounded flavor, and Pudina Parantha and Uff Uff Kali Mirch Parantha. They really make excellent rotis, and these were as impressive as the other two.



Both these thalis came with some raita, papad, and fruit cream.

Along with our meal, we had a tasty and refreshing mocktail called Spice of Guava Roots, which had guava juice, black pepper, mint and green chilies.

We rounded off the meal with some Lauki Ka Halwa, which was mild in sweetness, and was a perfect end to the meal.


Service was prompt, but we could hear some bickering from the kitchen, so they should work to ensure that any noise from the kitchen doesn’t come into the dining room. Overall, the place can be visited for a meal with the family if you’re in the area.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: K-1 Block, Dharam Palace, Sector 18, Noida
Phone No.: +91 98111 85999


Review: Pkay

Review: Pkay

P Kay is a Lounge and Bar located at the heart of the corporate IT hub of Sohna Road- Spaze ITech Park. You need to walk through the food hub called Hunger Station, and climb up a flight of stairs, to reach this lounge which is dimly lit, has a huge bar, and they even have live music in the evenings.


They have an extensive beverage menu, out of which we tried quite a few.

The Deal Maker was served in a copper glass, and was a heady concoction of red wine, smoked whiskey, with orange peel, red grapes, blue berry, and cinnamon, served on the rocks. The drink started off really strong, and as the ice melted, it got a smoother flavor, and was really good.

The Cooling Equator had a very interesting presentation- it had a glass of vodka mixed with watermelon juice, lemongrass, and coconut ice cubes, with a lime ice candy dipped in it.


On the non-alcoholic side as well, the drinks were great. The Berry Float was a sweet mix of strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla ice, served in a martini glass. The Caribbean Sea Breeze was a fresh and vibrant mix of pomegranate, mint, pineapple, and ginger. The Messy Brownie Shake was mix of chocolate, butterscotch, and strawberry, served in a skull-shaped glass, and was topped with lots of whipped cream, soft brownie chunks, and chocolate sauce.


Along with the drinks, we were served bowls of Masala Peanuts, which were delicious! The peanuts were mixed with onions, tomatoes, green chili, coriander, and lime juice, and went perfectly with the drinks.


We started off with a vegetarian sampler, which had Rum Infused Dahi Kebab, Paratwala Paneer Tikka, and Spring Rolls. The dahi kebabs were made with ricotta cheese and curd, and were really smooth, creamy, and tangy, and had some chopped onions in the center, which was really unusual and tasty. The paratwala paneer tikka had layers of cottage cheese with a spicy stuffing, marinated in cream cheese and grilled. The spring rolls were nicely made as well, and the sweet chili sauce served along with them really amped up the flavor.


Next, we had the non-vegetarian sampler, which had Thai Chicken Skewers, Mutton Galouti Kebabs, and Pork Meatballs. The chicken skewers had been marinated in Thai spices, and had been char grilled, but they were a tad burnt on one side. The mutton galouti had a smooth texture and was delicately spiced, and they were served on a thin, crisp cracker. The pork meatballs were marinated in a sweet, sticky teriyaki sauce, and were quite tasty as well.


After these, we had Bhatti Murg, which was really flavorful. The chicken was cooked perfectly, was marinated in a spicy, tangy mix with predominated flavors of aniseed and burnt garlic. This is a must-have dish here!


After filling our bellies with these amazing starters, for main course, we settled for the Three Mushroom and Mascarpone Cheese Risotto, which was executed perfectly! The rice was cooked al dente, and the risotto was creamy and was loaded with mushrooms. But what was a show-stopper was the bread served along with the risotto. The bread was cooked in-house, was really soft and fresh, and had gooey melted cheese between its slices, and had been baked to achieve a crispy exterior.


We ended the meal with a Lemon Cheesecake, which though nicely made, was just a tad too sweet for our palate.


Overall, this is a great place to drop by after office, if you’re in the area, to have a couple of drinks and grab a bite to eat over some good music!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: Spaze IT Park, Tower C, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 97111 11530