Review: World Art Dining – Cook House

Review: World Art Dining – Cook House

World Art Dining, located on Club Road, Punjabi Bagh is a 20,000 square feet, four-story building which houses banquet halls on two floors, Brew House on one floor (which is the lounge area) and Cook House on the top floor, offering delicious gourmet delicacies. The Cook House has a lovely open layout, with three live kitchens where an army of chefs can be seen busy preparing Indian, Asian, Mediterranean and Italian dishes. The restaurant has at its helm Chef Sanjay Chowdhury, who has curated the menu and trained all the chefs. His diverse experience of over three decades with some of the world’s finest restaurants (including a three Michelin star restaurant) is clearly demonstrated in the delicious food, intricate presentations and the high quality standards. They have gone the extra mile to ensure freshness of produce- the microgreens used to garnish the dishes are grown on their own farm, and they get the whole animal carcass and butcher it themselves in-house.




The décor is also unique, colorful, yet understated, and it is certainly one of the most well-designed and decorated restaurants in this part of the city. From the bronze cutlery they use, to the napkins branded with their logo, and the use of natural light from the large glass windows, every little detail adds to the charm of the place.



From the drinks section, we went with the Flame of the Forest, which was a spicy concoction of watermelon juice, grenadine syrup, ginger and lots of green chilies, and was really nice. But what stole the show was the Mango Margarita, which was in the form of a mango-flavored sorbet, sprinkled with fried red chili dust, and was one of the best mocktails we’ve ever had. This drink alone is good enough to warrant a second visit to the restaurant.


We started off our meal with some appetizers from the Asian kitchen. The Bunny Prawns Crystal Dumpling had a generous filling of juicy prawns with a thin covering, served with a sweet and spicy sauce. The Chicken and Bamboo Shoot Gyoza had a delicately flavored filling, with the dumpling pan-seared lightly and served with a spicy mayo and a green apple jelly which was absolutely heavenly. The Hawkers Triangle had crispy filo pastry filled with gooey, melted cheese and bell peppers and were served with balsamic caviar. The Spicy Vegetable Bao Fold, a nice creation which had the bao in the shape of a taco, filled with crispy vegetables marinated in a spicy sauce, looked as good as it tasted. The pickled vegetables on top gave a nice cooling effect to the spice from the vegetables and just brightened the whole dish. The Crispy Fish Salt & Pepper had tempura battered fish, which was cooked perfectly, served with a spicy sauce.


From the Indian kitchen, we had the Nizami ki Shammi which were fritters made with lentils and minced meat, mixed with spices and herbs, and unlike most shammis we’ve had at other places, this one wasn’t dry. The Murg Malai Tikka had succulent chunks of chicken, nicely coated in a creamy marinade and cooked to perfection. It was clear that the chicken was fresh and high quality as it was very juicy. We were also extremely delighted with the Kasundi Mirchi ka Fish Tikka, which was certainly one of the best-cooked pieces of fish we’ve had in a long time. It just melted like butter, and the marinade had the flavor of mustard, but it was not overpowering. The Dahi Makhmali Kebab did justice to its name- it was so smooth and creamy on the inside, with subtle flavoring, and a light crispy coating- easily one of the best we’ve had. The Paneer Tikka Pasanda, which had grilled cubes of paneer with a stuffing, was nice as well.



We tried a couple of dishes from the third kitchen as well- the Zigzag Fried Chicken consisted of fried chicken strips, which were crispy on the outside but had juicy chicken inside, and were served with a tangy sauce. The pizza was also well-made, and topped with corn, sundried tomatoes, jalapenos and fresh herbs. The Mezze Platter was also scrumptious. It consisted of grilled pita bread and falafel, served with hummus, garlic aioli and picked veggies. Everything on the plate was skillfully made- the pita was thin and nicely grilled, the falafel had been seasoned nicely, the garlic aioli was tart and zingy, while the hummus was smooth and had a nice acidity to it.


For mains, we had quite a spread as well. The Paneer, Khumb, Mattar was a nice dish, but every vegetarian simply must have Wad’s Dal-e-Frontier. It came in a handi sealed with dough and the dum enhances the smoky flavor of the dal. The dal was creamy, rich and delicious, giving stiff competition to the best in the city. On the non-vegetarian side of things, the Murg Tikka Lababdar was a nice dish with robust flavors- the chicken was succulent and cooked well, and the gravy was thick and deftly spiced. The Gosht Nalli Nihari had meat which was falling off the bone and the gelatinous nature of the gravy was brilliant, though we felt the spice level could be amped up just a tad. The Dum ki Murg Biryani with mix vegetable raita was a nice dish as well, and the breads were also crisp and flaky.




The balance of flavors in each and every dish was absolutely divine, with every ingredient complementing the others, and none overpowering. Not only was each dish masterfully curated, but the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients was clearly evident, and the presentation was simple and elegant. Also, none of the dishes felt oily, or left a trail of grease on the plate (or the palate, for that matter).

We ended the lavish meal with a nice assortment of desserts. World Art Dining prides itself on making almost everything in-house, including the Rasmalai and the Kulfi. The rasmalai was soft and creamy, and the milk it soaked in was thick and adequately sweetened. The Kulfi Falooda was simply brilliant, with creamy and thick kulfi covered with rose flavored falooda and tapioca seeds. The Kahlua Tiramisu had a light and airy mascarpone mix, atop soft cake drenched in kahlua, and all the flavors were in perfect balance. The Caramel Custard with Pineapple was another great dessert, consisting of a jiggly caramel custard sitting atop a pineapple upside down cake. These desserts made for a perfect end to a delightful meal.





The service started off a bit shaky and slow, but gradually improved as the meal progressed. Also, the entry to the place doesn’t justify even one bit, the elegance you will witness inside, and that is something they should certainly work on.

We relished the entire experience, with each cuisine executed brilliantly, the flavors on point, and the setting quite beautiful. This is a must-visit restaurant!


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 1, North West Avenue, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh (W), New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 96438 00786


Review: Baking From My Heart

Review: Baking From My Heart

Baking From My Heart is a pure labor of love, started by Aarti Sarin Jain, when her elder son was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. An avid baker, she then thought of creating some delicious treats that her son could enjoy, and started a certified and exclusive gluten-free kitchen. But her experiments with new forms and varieties of gluten-free food never compromise on taste or quality of the products.

Aarti uses ingredients available locally, and her products are a result of years of research that she has put in. Her products range from breads (which are baked fresh daily using gluten-free flours that she grinds herself) to sweet indulgences like brownies, cakes, and cookies. And all of these are made using alternative, healthy ingredients but the taste is still kept intact.

I tried some of her products and was amazed at how delicious these alternative ingredients could be.


The White Bread was made with a mix of maize, brown rice and jawar and was dotted with flax seeds, while the Brown Bread had ragi instead of maize, while the other ingredients were the same. Both the breads had a beautiful flavor and were made without any sugar, butter or milk.


The Chocolate Muffin was made with buckwheat and brown rice and was still really soft and airy. The Chocolate Chip Cookies, which were again made with brown rice and buckwheat and studded with chocolate chips and had a lovely crunch to them with just a slight gooeyness in the middle, and just the appropriate amount of sweetness.


What completely blew me away were the delicious, gooey Amaranth and Beetroot Brownies, which were covered with watermelon seeds and sesame seeds. In no way did I feel that I was having something which was gluten-free. In its essence, it was a mouth-watering, luscious, decadent brownie.

The Double Chocolate Zucchini Loaf was no less either. Made with jawar, cocoa powder, zucchini and chocolate chips, (and no butter, mind you), the cake loaf was really chocolatey and delicious, and the chocolate glaze on top was sheer perfection.

I also simply loved the Carrot, Apple, Ginger and Cinnamon Cupcakes. Made with buckwheat and brown rice, and some raisins, the cupcakes were light and spongy, and the carrot flavor came through. The delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting on top was finger-licking delicious!


And it is not just desserts that come out of her kitchen, but even pizza bases, pasta, and cheese crackers. So for all those who are struggling to find sweet treats due to their celiac disease, or just want to eat healthier versions of desserts, Baking From My Heart is the place for you!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Phone No.: +91 8527800436

Read more about her products at:

Review: Drama Upside Down Bar

Review: Drama Upside Down Bar

The newest kid on the over-crowded Rajouri Garden block, Drama, brings a novel concept of upside down interiors- from the furniture bolted to the roof, to the books stacked upside down, upside down lanterns of different shapes and sizes, and even a upside down fake fireplace, the place is quirky and colorful. The restaurant is spread across four floors, with dramatic murals on the walls and even some fun “selfie spots”. We sat ourselves down on the 1st floor, where they even had some old-school videogames in one corner, and the furniture was a mix of eclectic pieces.




Drama has an extensive beverage list, out of which we tried quite a few. The Green Dolphin was an aam panna based drink, with some tangy and spicy notes and was really tasty. The Orange Passion was quite nice as well, and a bit on the sweeter side, while Dramebaaz was a bell pepper based drink- different and nicely made. We also had the Brownie Shake, which was thick, creamy and had loads of crumbled brownie bits in it.


We started off with the Grilled Pinwheels, which had bread stuffed with loads of vegetables and Monterey Jack cheese, and then neatly rolled into pinwheels and grilled. The stuffing was quite flavorful, but the French fries served alongside, though thin and crisp, were a tad over-salted.

The Masachos, or masala nachos, were really spicy, and were topped with beans, processed cheese sauce, and jalapenos and were served with fresh salsa and sour cream. A nice little snack to nibble on!


I-Tikka 7s was a very interesting dish consisting of seven different types of tikkis or kebabs- from spinach, to beetroot, cheese and cashew, potato, chana and dal, each having different spices and flavor, and all really delicious. It was served on top of an i-pad, hence the name.


Agni Path Murgi was presented on a mini cargo train, with skewered barbeque-fired chicken served on top of burning coal. The spicy marinade on the chicken was really nice, and we also enjoyed the smoky flavor of the chicken.

The Twitter Tangdi was a really wacky dish, consisting of baby chicken legs slathered with a blue and white marinade, and served on a blue colored dish shaped like a chicken leg. The blue color in the marinade comes from blue curacao, and not coloring, we were told.


Moving on to the main course, we tried Tandoori Matka, Nai Dilli Meat Curry, and Peepa Dal with Green Chilli Parantha, all of which were super tasty. The Meat Curry had perfectly cooked mutton pieces in a delicious, mouth-watering gravy which had the perfect balance of spices. The Tandoori Matka came sealed with dough, and had chicken in a creamy spinach gravy. The gravy was mildly spiced and the freshness of the spinach gave a very unique and delicious taste to the chicken. The dal was no less either, it was thick, creamy and full of flavor. The parantha came in a mock toaster and was thin, crisp and loaded with green chilies. Overall, the main course simply blew us away.



We ended the meal with a couple of desserts- the Bhains Milk Cake was a nice creation, consisting of milk cake warmed in the oven, mixed with dodha and chocolate sauce. The medley of flavors worked surprisingly well together, and the way it was served in a martini glass, looked really nice.


The Tandoori Pan was also quite nice- a warm sweet pan, coated with a creamy sweet sauce, which made for a nice end to a lovely meal.


Chef Jaspal has created a fun menu, which is also high on taste, and the main course, especially, will have us coming back for more. The servers were all really well versed with the menu and were really courteous and swift. Overall, Drama is a must-try restaurant!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: J 2/19 B.K Dutta Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 99537 00443

Review: Viva

Review: Viva

Viva, the all-day dining restaurant at Holiday Inn, offers diners an elaborate menu comprising Indian and International dishes, along with some healthy options as well for those watching their weight. The restaurant is located at the lobby level, and with its open layout, is an extension of the lobby itself. The large windows on two sides of the restaurant drawn in a lot of natural light, making the place look extremely vibrant and lively.



As is standard of the Holiday Inn brand, the menu is very detailed, mentioning not just the ingredients that go into each dish, but also pictorially representing whether the dish contains pork, dairy, alcohol, nuts or is gluten-free- something which is done seen at most other restaurants. Even the dishes that are laid out in the buffet carry the same amount of detail on their labels.

We were there on a Saturday afternoon and the place was bustling with people, and despite the high footfall, the servers were able to manage things well, with a smile throughout.

We started off with a couple of beverages. Si Pang was a refreshing blend of fresh watermelon and mint, muddled with orange and apple juice, while the Double Berry Cooler had a mountain of berry-flavored crushed ice, on top of which we were to pour ginger ale, and the ice melted and flavored with drink.


We started our meal with a couple of soups. The Murg Nariyal Shorba was presented beautifully in a hollowed-out coconut shell. The soup was a nice blend of Indian and Thai flavors- it had a touch of coconut milk, some aromatics like lemon grass to flavor it, and chunks of moist chicken. The Lemongrass Scented Green Peas Soup from their healthy menu was quite a delight as well. It was served warm, as opposed to hot so that the soup doesn’t split, and it was really creamy and smooth despite not having any cream in it. The lemongrass gave it a nice freshness as well.


For appetizers, we had a sampler of veg and non-veg kebabs. The veg ones had Methi Makai ke Seekh, Hara Bhara Kebab and Bharwan Tandoori Khumbh. The seekh was really nicely spiced and the combination of methi and corn worked very well together. The hara bhara kebab was spicy and flavorful, and had just the right proportion of besan and spinach to retain its shape and yet not be too dry. It had been stuffed with gooey cheese, which just made it taste spectacular. We also really enjoyed the mushroom caps which were stuffed with cheese and coated with a tasty spice mix. The non-veg sampler had Tangdi Kebab, Kasondi Macchi Tikka and Mulayam Seekh Kebab. The tangdi kebab had been marinated nicely so as to let the spices seep in, but we just wish the chicken was a tad softer. The fish tikka was cooked to perfection, and covered with a mustard-flavored marinade. But our favorite of the lot was the Mulayam Seekh Kebab. The lamb had been minced thrice to get a smooth texture and had been deftly spiced, and was absolutely lip-smacking.



For mains, we started off with Hoisin Grilled chicken, which had a crispy, charred skin, coated with a perfectly balanced hoisin sauce, and the chicken was really juicy and succulent. It was served with a side of roasted potatoes and beans dressed with a lemon sauce.


Next, we had the Tofu and Asian Vegetable Khow Suey, which was presented beautifully in a waxed paper, atop a burning tea light. The flavor of the galangal and lemon grass came through in the dish and the vegetables were all still crunchy and fresh, and the noodles still had a bite to them, which was great.


We also had two combination meals, wherein a dish is served along with bread, steamed rice and salad- one with Methi Murgh and the other with Paneer Lababdar. The chicken had a lovely methi flavor and was light and tasty, and a welcome change from the regular butter chicken and kadahi chicken. The paneer had a thick, spicy gravy, loaded with onions and tomatoes, and was really flavorful.


Across all dishes, what we really appreciated was that they had asked us our preference for the spice level in the food and had given us exactly what we wanted.

We rounded off the meal with some desserts, starting with a Meethe ke Sampler, which had gulab jamun, rasmalai and sugar-free phirni. All three were well-made and were not too sweet. We also had the Banana Caramel Mousse, which had light and airy whipped cream, caramel sauce and bananas, and was really tasty. And our favorite certainly was the Baked Philadelphia Cheesecake. It was light and fluffy, unlike the dense and heavy cheesecakes you find at most places, and with the blueberry compote, it was sheer perfection. It was decorated with a quenelle of cream, some tempered white chocolate and a sprig of mint.




Overall, it was a great meal, in a lively setting and we would certainly recommend it!

Hours of Operation: 6:00 AM-11:30 PM

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: Holiday Inn, Aerocity, IGI Airport, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 42222000 ; +91 8130496074

Review: Culinary Pitaara

Review: Culinary Pitaara

Culinary Pitaara is a two-week old venture in Defence Colony, with a prime focus on deliveries and takeaways, though they do have dining space for 8-10 covers. The cute little outlet has a large open kitchen, and they use premium microwave-safe packaging to ensure a smooth delivery experience as well. The menu has a nice variety of Indian and Chinese dishes, and they plan on changing their menu every few months to give more options to customers.



We started off with some Chicken Spring Rolls, which were crisp, non-oily, and were filled generously with a mix of finely-diced chicken and vegetables which had been seasoned perfectly. The sauce accompanying the spring rolls was super spicy and packed with flavor. The Dumplings were also large, juicy and flavorful, and the proportion of the filling to the covering was apt.


From the Indian section, we tried the very unqiue Paan Chicken Tikka. We initially thought the paan flavor would be a bit overpowering and wouldn’t work well with the chicken, but in turned out to be a really different, tasty dish. The betel leaves covering the chargrilled chicken lent a nice fresh flavor to the chicken, which was juicy and well-cooked. The Hot Stone Seekh was also soft and flavored well with the herbs infused in the mutton mince.



For main course, we had the Dal Pitaara, which was a nice homely mixed dal, tempered with tomatoes and ginger. The Kashmiri Rogan Josh, though not authentic, still had a robust, delicious, spicy gravy and the meat was falling off the bone. But our favorite was the Murg Makhanwala, which was really creamy, loaded with butter and had the perfect balance of flavors. The gravy had lots of kastoori methi, which for us, is the backbone of a great butter chicken gravy.



Their menu has a lot of interesting options like chipotle chicken tikka, gulabi tikka (beetroot marinade) and even nice options for vegetarians (such as aloo Bukhara and govind gatta curry), apart from the regular shahi paneer, etc.

This is certainly a place worth trying the next time you order in!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: A 177, Ground floor, Sukhdev Market, Opposite Defence Colony, New Delhi
Phone No.: 098113 21555

Review: Wok in the Clouds

Review: Wok in the Clouds

The name of the restaurant always made me believe that it serves Chinese, but when I went there on a family dinner recently, I realized it is a multi-cuisine restaurant, offering Indian, Chinese as well as Continental delicacies. And while most places that try to do too much are often rather unsuccessful, Wok in the Clouds manages to excel in all.


We started off with the Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad which was presented beautifully, with watermelon balls filled in a hollowed-out watermelon, with creamy and sharp feta crumbled to provide a contrast to the sweet watermelon, with the pine nuts providing a nice textural contrast.
We then had a range of Chinese appetizers, our favorite of which was the Spicy Tofu in Basil Sauce. The tofu was soft and creamy, and had been coated in a delicious basil sauce which was zingy, vibrant and packed with flavor. This dish should not be missed here. The Vegetable Triangles were also nice- crisp, flaky pastry filled with vegetables and gooey cheese. The Corn and Pea Salt and Pepper had crunchy corn kernels and peas coated in a tempura batter and fried to perfection, with lots of spring onions. The Double Spicy Fish was perhaps the only dish which didn’t live up to expectations, as the fish was a bit overcooked and dry and wasn’t even as spicy as the name suggested. The Cherry Pepper Chicken was a fiery dish consisting of dried chicken chunks tossed with pimento chili or cherry peppers, peanuts and spring onions.
From the Indian section, we tried the Tandoori Malai Soya Chaap which was soft and really cheesy, with a nice char on it. The Tandoori Bharwan Dum Paneer Kalimirch was a really nice dish as well, consisting of pieces of grilled cottage cheese, sandwiched together and stuffed with a sweet and spicy mix of pepper, cashews and raisins. The paneer was really nicely marinated and generously stuffed, so it wasn’t bland at all, like we find most regular paneer tikkas to be, and had a lovely char on it. The Dahi ke Kebab were one of the best we’ve ever had- they were coated with papad outside to make the covering really crisp, while inside they were creamy and smooth. The flavor was also mild and well-balanced- this should not be missed. The Bhatti ka Murg had been marinated with a nice mix of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, star anise and green cardamom, and was juicy and well-cooked. The Angara Tikka (chicken tikka with a spicy marinade) was equally good. The Chatpata Fish Tikka was another great dish, with the fish cooked well and coated with a zesty mint coriander marinade.
Moving on the main course, we decided to go for Indian here, starting with Paneer Kundan, which had mint chutney stuffed cottage cheese cubes in a garlicky tomato gravy, and tasted superb. The Imli Wale Teekhe Aloo Pyaaz was a nice homely dish with cocktail onions and potato cubes tossed in cumin, tamarind and chili. A really different dish, something we’ve never had before, was the Palak Paneer Bhurjee which had grated lachchas of fresh cottage cheese tossed with fresh chopped spinach, tempered with garlic and cumin. We simply loved the subtle taste that this dish had. Another one of our favorites was the Desi Ghee Chicken Curry, having juicy chicken on the bone, cooked home style in a robust gravy, laced with the goodness of desi ghee. A must-have dish here. The Rogan Josh was also really well made, with succulent mutton pieces in a thick and spicy gravy. We enjoyed the dals as well- while the Dal Makhani was cooked the traditional way- simmered overnight and tempered with white butter and cream to get a creamy consistency, the Tadka Methi Dal had mixed yellow dal with fenugreek leaves, tempered with garlic, cumin and asafetida, and was really light, homely and delicious.
We rounded off the fabulous meal with a Chocolate Brownie Sizzler and a Kulfi Platter. The platter had four flavors of house-made kulfi- mango, rose, coconut, and chocolate. While all of them were really nice, our favorites were the rose and coconut for their mild sweetness and fresh flavors.
Along with our meal, we also enjoyed some tasty drinks- the Grape Virgin Mojito had lots of mint leaves, making it extremely refreshing, and the Oreo Biscotti Shake was thick, creamy and loaded with chocolate sauce. The Minty Melon, which was served in a martini glass, looked as good as it tasted. It had loads of powdered mint thrown into it, which made it taste great.
Throughout the meal, the servers were prompt and courteous and always had a smile on their faces. Wok in the Clouds works on all fronts- variety in the menu, taste and quantity of food, as well as service, and is surely a place worth repeated visits!

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 52, Khan Market, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 9810622084, +91 9999673434

Review: Italiano

Review: Italiano

Italiano, a chain serving authentic Italian food, has been around for nearly 15 years, and is still going strong. And rightly so, as the food here is truly spectacular. The outlet at Cyber City looks like a lively street of Italy, and each item adorned on the walls has been personally picked out by the owner. The live kitchen and the cute blue bar really brings the place to life, and gets you all excited for the food.italiano1

I started my meal with a mocktail called With Love, from Italiano, which was a lovely mix of melon, lemon juice and grape juice.


I went for a non-veg platter which had Panzarotti, Italian Buttons, Crispy Chicken Strips, Pesto Chicken Skewers and Pita and Lavaash bread served with Salsa Verde, Peanut Dip and Garlic Aioli. The Panzarotti were fried half-moon pastry stuffed with chicken and olive filling. The covering was thin and crisp and the stuffing was really flavorful, and along with the pesto, it tasted delicious. The chicken strips were also cooked nicely and were nicely complemented by the spicy peanut dip. The Italian Buttons were simply delicious- perfectly cooked, juicy button mushrooms, generously stuffed with a tasty mix of spinach and cheese, and then covered in breadcrumbs and fried. The Chicken Skewers were coated in a fresh and vibrant pesto, which was super tasty. A really nice platter with some scrumptious dishes.


Next, I had a Penne in Pesto Sauce; the pasta was cooked perfectly, and the vegetables were still crunchy. The portion was really generous, and was loaded with vegetables and chicken chunks, served with a slice of garlic bread. But what made the pasta really shine was the absolutely heavenly pesto sauce. This dish alone makes Italiano a place for repeated visits.


I wanted to end the meal with the classic Tiramisu, but since they were out, I went for the Chocolate Cake instead, and did not regret it one bit. The cake was moist, fluffy and fresh, and had a dark chocolate flavor, and was topped with some thick chocolate sauce, which made it taste even better. The cake was served with a delicious coffee ice-cream, which went brilliantly with the cake.


Whether it is a corporate lunch, or a meal with friends and family, Italiano fits the bill for all occasions, and its delicious food will surely have you coming back for more.


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 109,Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 124 406 1895