Review: Lavaash Deli by Saby

Review: Lavaash Deli by Saby

After a successful run of the Bengali-Armenian restaurant Lavaash at Mehrauli, Chef Saby has set up the second outlet in a petit, ‘deli’ version at Gurgaon. Located inside the otherwise not so happening Global Foyer Mall, this is one bright spot in the entire place, and instantly draws one inside with its cute and chic interiors. The place is done up in teal and white, with the Lavaash signature yellow wall with a painting of a peacock perched on a tree, giving it an instant sense of familiarity with the other branch. The place has a large display counter and an open kitchen with three tables on the ground floor, with a narrow staircase leading upstairs, which has seating for another 20 or so covers.



Another attraction of the place are the desserts, which are specially curated by Chef Neha Lakhani. From tarts to mousse to heavenly cakes, the place has it all, making the display counter look all the more inviting.


I visited the place and tried out a few of its gourmet offerings:

Lamb Mince Pie: The pie crust was crispy and flaky and was stuffed generously with deftly spiced lamb mince, and was topped with sharp and crumbly Kalimpong cheese, which worked really well with the lamb. The pie was accompanied by a robust-flavored jus and creamy mashed potatoes. The potatoes were smooth and velvety in texture, had a nice touch of lemon juice in them, and were sprinkled with lavaash spice, which gave them an added dimension of flavor.


Lavaash Chips with Hummus: The lavaash chips were really thin and crispy, and the hummus, which was made of white beans, rather than the regular chickpeas, went really well with the chips. The hummus had a lovely texture and had a nice level of acidity. It had some lavaash spice sprinkled on top of it, which gave it a nice heat. A lovely little snack to munch on.


Coming to the sweet side of things, I tried:

Upside Down Orange Pound Cake: This was surely one of the best pound cakes I’ve ever had- it was light and fluffy, and buttery at the same time. The cake had a lovely orange flavor running through it, and the citrus worked well to balance off the buttery cake. The cake had slices of oranges adorned on top, with a really thin, crumbly crust. It had some dark caramel sauce poured on it, which had been taken just to the edge, to get a slight bitter taste. Along with the cake, they had served a light and mildly sweetened custard cream, which was really delicious as well. This dessert was really well-balanced and is a must-have at Lavaash!



Hazelnut Mousse: The chocolate-hazelnut mousse was filled into a small glass, with a layer of raspberry confit in the center, and topped with some pomegranate seeds and peanut crumble. The mousse was thick, creamy and had an intense chocolate flavor, and the raspberry confit, with its tart flavor, cut across the richness of the mousse. The peanut crumble also went well, and provided a nice textural contrast, but there was just too much of it, according to me.


The all-day dining deli has a range of beverages as well- from ice teas to coffees and shakes that you can sip on while working on your laptop or reading a book. Lavaash Deli has an innate calmness about it, that makes it a perfect place to just sit back, relax and spend a quiet afternoon, catching up with friends, having a quick meeting, or even just hanging out alone. They will soon be launching their full menu, which will include a range of pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. So if you’re in the area, make sure to drop by Lavaash Deli!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 23, Ground Floor, Global Foyer, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

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