Review: Molecule Air Bar

Review: Molecule Air Bar

Molecule is one of the most happening and buzzing places in the Sector 29 market, and rightly so. The place not only offers some really innovative and delicious dishes, but also a nice, vibrant setting to just let loose and enjoy. The place is done up like a World War bunker- a place where the weapons were kept and also scientific experiments were conducted. The place has a rusty iron décor, and elements like guns, masks, swords, daggers and wrenches are used on the walls. The exposed cement ceiling and chunky leather sofas add to the setup. There is a large bar on one side, with tanks behind it, where the fresh beer is brewed. The song playlist is also excellent and really adds to the whole vibe of the place.


We went here on a Saturday afternoon and the place was totally packed.


We started with an amuse bouche of Rooh Afza Lassi Shots with Pistachio Dust. It was a nice use of the specification technique, and the mild sweet taste really worked well to get the palate ready for the meal ahead.

We were then served taster shots of two of their freshly brewed beer- Wheat Beer and Premium Lager, of which we chose the wheat one for its smooth, light flavor.


A cocktail called Khula Pinjara was served in a large glass shaped like a copper bucket, sitting inside a white cage. The bucket was filled with a mix of Bacardi and pomegranate juice, mint, and lemon. The drink is a part of their sharing cocktails range, and we loved the drink as well as the concept.


The LIIT was served in a red colored miniature tanker, and was a really strong and potent mix of Bacardi Rum, Smirnoff Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, and coke.


On the non-alcoholic side of things, the Kala Khatta Mocktail perfectly imitated the taste of the quintessential chuski flavor, and was served in a cocktail shaker which was sitting in a kettle. The kettle had been filled with dry ice, with some water poured on it, so that smoke was coming out of its spout.


The Virgin Mary was served in a mini rickshaw and had a nice tangy flavor of tomato juice mixed with lemon juice, salt, Worcestershire sauce, and tabasco, and had a nice hit from the black pepper.


The Virgin Bengali Mojito was a lovely and refreshing concoction of aam panna, mint, lemon, garam masala, and zeera powder.


Moving on to the food, we tried:

Dragon Smoke Popcorn: A really interesting dish, served in an even more interesting manner, this consisted of popcorn, flavored with maggi masala, served in a copper vessel which was coated with liquid nitrogen, so that there was smoke coming out of it, and the popcorn was really cold.


Molecular Puchka Shot: The gol gappas were served with five different flavors of water- cola, orange, pineapple, mint, beetroot, along with syringes of mint chutney and saunth chutney, and some spiced potatoes. The flavored water were all delicious- from the spicy mint, to the sweet beetroot and the tart pineapple, and the golgappas were also really crispy. It was a really fun dish, where one can make their own flavor combinations and get a different taste with each bite.


Air Bread: A spectacular innovation and a delicious dish, the air bread was crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside. The bread was filled with a creamy four cheese fondue and was topped with a thin slice of achari paneer/chicken. The dish was great not only in terms of its technique, but also as the combination of the cheese and the achari spices worked surprisingly well together. This is a must-have dish at Molecule!


Quattro Formaggi Kulcha: These were mini kulchas stuffed with a gooey, stretchy mix of four types of cheese, and topped with chili flakes and herbs. The kulchas were absolutely delicious, and worked well with the sweet-tangy aam papad chutney served alongside.

Chicken and Slow Roasted Chicken Tikka Kulcha: These mini kulchas were stuffed generously with chicken tikka pieces and was served with a scrumptious makhani gravy. Another great dish!


Veg Biryani Arancini: A nice mix of Indian and Italian, this dish had arancini balls made with veg biryani. They were topped with dehydrated onions and were served with a namkeen lassi sphere, pink peppercorn, and salan crème. The flavors were the same as an authentic biryani with raita and salan, but the presentation was so innovative!


Re De-constructed Tokri Chaat: This was an elaborate presentation of molecular chaat which is prepared at your table by Sous Chef Rana. He started off with putting sweetened curd on the plate, which was topped with fruits like apple, grapes, pomegranates, oranges, etc. coated with curd, saunth, green chutney and chaat masala sauce, which were frozen in liquid nitrogen. This was topped with granules of frozen curd and spiced potatoes, which was then topped with dhokla sponge (cooked in a microwave), and lachcha tokri. The whole spectacle of it being created in front of you was fantastic and the innovation did not in any way take away from the taste of the chaat.




We also tried the Chili Paneer and Chili Chicken Samosas, which were stuffed with vegetables and cubes of paneer/chicken in a Chinese-style sauce. The samosas were crisp and non-oily and were topped with a spicy and tangy schezwan sauce.


Paneer Tikka Two Ways: The paneer was marinated in two different marinades- one with peri peri and the other with a creamy pesto mix and were served with a pipette of the marinade. The flavors of the marinade were well infused into the paneer, which was also soft and fresh.


Slow Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup: The way the soup was plated was really nice- we got a plate with different elements like pesto lavash, mozzarella cheese and basil caviar delicately placed on it, and the soup was served in a bulb-shaped dish. We poured the hot soup on to the plate, and it mixed with the other elements. The robust flavor of the roasted tomatoes came through, and the combination of the soup with the lavaash and the cheese worked very well.


Cajun Crusted Fish Tikka: The dish consisted of delicate, soft basa, flavored deftly and sprinkled with masala coconut dust. The fish was also topped off with lemon honey water bubbles, which gave a nice citrusy taste to the dish.


Ghee Roast Keema Matar: The keema matar was served in a little pot, with mini parathas hanging from hooks. The keema was really juicy and flavorsome and not too spicy, and the paranthas dipped into the delicious keema made for a perfect bite.


Wood Fired Pizza: This was perhaps the only dish, which though quite good, did not blow us away. The pizza base was thin and crispy, and the pizza was topped with chicken tikka, onion, green chili, coriander, mushroom, but we felt they could have been a bit more generous with the chicken on the pizza.


We then tried some of the desserts, which were all really amazing as well:

Rasgulla Tiramisu: A nice fusion of traditional Indian sweets and international desserts, this had a coffee-flavored rasgulla layered with mascarpone cheese, sprinkled with cocoa dust, and finished with a coffee and rum foam. The coffee flavor was strong in the dish, but not overpowering, and for people who do not like their desserts too sweet, this one would be perfect.


Royal Ending: This had a creamy, saffron phirni in a sakora, which was bruleed, along with a scoop of homemade paan ice-cream, served with some gulab jal smoke. The phirni was absolutely delicious and had the perfect texture, and the paan ice-cream had actual betel leaves and mithi supari in it and was really refreshing and well made.


Imitation of Ras Malai: This again is an elaborate dessert which is made live in front of you on a teppanyaki cold plate. Chef Rana first started off with some condensed milk on the plate, which was topped with blueberries, diced mangoes, pistachio dust and rose syrup. Then he placed a rose flavored sponge which was again made using the same microwave cooking technique. Chef then piped ras malai espuma with a siphon, topped it with a touch of wasabi and some vanilla bean and drenched it in liquid nitrogen to freeze it. These were then placed on the sponge. This was then topped with paan flavored candy floss, and finally covered with some condensed milk and rose syrup. It was really interesting to watch this dessert being constructed in front of us, and was even more enjoyable to eat, as with each bite, we got a different texture and flavor.


We finally finished off with a dessert which resembled an ice-cream cone. The crisp waffle cone was filled with some paan flavored cream and was topped with paan candy floss.


Chef Piyush Jain has really created some amazing dishes and he has made sure that the innovation does not dilute or overshadow the innate tastes and flavors of the dishes. The service was also super courteous and overall it was a wonderful dining experience. And the best part is, the restaurant offers all this at prices which are incredibly reasonable. So if you are in Sector 29, you shouldn’t think twice before heading straight to Molecule.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: SCO-53 4th Floor Sector 29, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 88266 77705

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