Review: Dimcha

Review: Dimcha

Dimcha is a tiny little outlet located at Epicuria in Nehru Place, but it dishes out some really flavor-packed food. The place offers more than forty varieties of Dimsums (Dim) and serves as an Asian tea room too (Cha), hence the name Dimcha.



We were here for a tasting, and the moment we entered the restaurant, we were greeted warmly and guided to our table. Though the seats aren’t the most comfortable, that is soon forgotten when you get immersed into the delicious food.

We started off with some refreshing drinks that were served along with masala peanuts. The peanuts were tossed in a lovely spice mix, which had a nice balance of chili, salt and sugar. The Kiwi Mint Cooler was a lovely mix of mint leaves, kiwi chunks, lime juice, sugar syrup, crushed ice, sparkling water and lemonade and was really tasty and extremely refreshing. The Virgin Kaffir Lime was equally nice, with fresh kaffir lime leaves infused into a mix of mint syrup, lime juice and gingerale.


Coming to the food, we started with a Baa Mee Tom Soup which was a Thai noodle soup with lots of chicken, spring onions, coriander, in a soy-flavored clear broth. It was packed with flavor and was really well balanced.

French Bean and Tofu Salad: The salad looked vibrant and tasted delicious. We are not fans of French beans or tofu, but we still relished the salad. The beans were really crisp and fresh, and the tofu was soft and creamy, so the textural contrasts were really interesting. The roasted peanuts, caramelized onions and the fried garlic provided additional texture and flavor notes to the dish. For all salad-lovers out there, this dish should not be missed.

Minced Chicken Salad: This salad was also nicely made- the minced chicken was juicy and the red chili flakes and mint leaves that were added to the mince made it taste really vibrant.


Kenya Bean Dumpling: These dumplings had a bright green covering and were filled with beans and veggies and were quite tasty.

Vegetable Bao: The bao was really fluffy and soft, and was stuffed with a spinach mixture, and topped with a sauce which imparted a nice sweet-sour flavor to the bao.


Hoisin Chicken Dumpling: The dumplings had a really thin, transparent covering and were stuffed with a hoisin sauce-flavored chicken mince, served in a thick hoisin sauce, which imparted a nice sweet-savory flavor.

Spicy Chicken Dumpling: This dumpling also had the same thin covering and was stuffed with a spicy chicken filling, topped with some black sesame seeds and micro-coriander for added flavor.

Black Pepper Duck Dumpling: While both the chicken dumplings were really delicious, the duck dumpling really stole our hearts. The duck was beautifully cooked and nicely flavored and was served in a pungent broth.

Chicken and Chive Pot-stickers: The pot-stickers had a lovely char on their base, which gave them a nice crunch. The filling was a mildly-seasoned chicken and chive mince, which was quite tasty.


Hakka Style French Bean: The beans were lightly sautéed and cooked al dente and were tossed with dry black bean which gave them a really nice savory note.


Spicy Chicken with Crispy Spinach: The chicken was juicy and moist, and was tossed in a spicy sauce. The crispy spinach tossed with white sesame seeds was simply amazing, and gave a subtle bitterness to the dish which was wonderful.

Cumin Lamb: The lamb was so soft and tender and was tossed with cumin and spring onions. A really different and tasty dish.

Green Chili Lamb: This was another delectable dish, consisting of hollowed-out green chilies, stuffed with minced lamb and black bean, and steamed in soy sauce. The minced lamb had been spiced well and had acquired a lovely flavor from the sauce as well. This dish also is a must-try!


Pan Fried Noodles in Ginger Chili Sauce: The noodles were really thin and were crisp at the bottom of the bowl (the part of the noodle stack that was pan fried) and the top portion of the noodles were soft. The noodles were topped with chicken and vegetables in a ginger chili sauce, but the spice level on this dish could really have been kicked up a notch.

Chicken in Holy Basil Sauce: This was a wonderful dish consisting of chicken chunks in an extremely flavorful sauce which had fresh red chilies and fresh basil leaves in it, with lots of garlic. The chicken was juicy and the flavors were really well balanced.


Chrysanthemum Tea: After the lovely meal, we were served some light and mild tea which was infused with Chrysanthemum flowers. Not only did the tea cleanse and soothe our palates, but it also has many medicinal benefits, apart from aiding the digestion of the food.


We then rounded off our meal with a moist, decadent Chocolate Cake. The cake was soft and spongy and was layered with thick, creamy, dark chocolate ganache frosting.


Overall, Dimcha is a wonderful restaurant to go to for some Asian fare at reasonable rates. The sheer variety on the menu, with each dish being deftly balanced despite having intense flavors, is what sets this place apart. Dimcha should definitely be tried!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: Upper Ground Floor, Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, New Delhi
Phone No.: 099996 93638

Review: The Coffee Shop

Review: The Coffee Shop

While there is no dearth of restaurants in the city, there is a serious lack of good coffee shops, where one can go for a lazy Sunday brunch, to catch up with friends in the evenings over a light snack, or just to hang out while sipping on some good coffee. To fill in that gap comes The Coffee Shop, in the PVR Anupam Complex at Saket. A cute little place, done up in wooden interiors to kind of give the hill-station coffee shop feel, this place makes you feel instantly at home.

Famous for Himalayan Breakfast, which is a unique offering in Delhi, and also for its delicious Italian-inspired gourmet food and a nice variety of coffee, shakes and smoothies, the place would also start serving wine very soon.

We went here on a weekday evening, and the place was buzzing with people. As soon as we were seated, we were handed elaborate, colourful menu, which had beautiful pictures of the dishes on offer.

We started off with Arancini, which were fried to a perfect golden-brown colour and crispy texture on the outside, and had well-spiced risotto inside, topped with some pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese shavings and served with some caramelized balsamic onions. The tomato salsa served alongside had been made with roasted tomatoes and was really fresh and tasty.


We also tasted White Wine Chicken, which was a spectacular dish! It consisted of juicy chicken chunks, tossed in an extremely flavourful mix of garlic, chili, green and black olives, cherry tomatoes and olive oil. The dish was served with a toast which was generously slathered with a garlic-herb butter. This is a must-try dish here!


We then tried out two of their pastas:

The Classic Penne Pesto: The penne was cooked perfectly and was coated with a thick and creamy (yet not too heavy) pesto sauce which had a dash of cream in it. The pesto was so vibrant, and it imparted a wonderful flavour to the pasta.

The Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti was tossed in a really rich cream sauce and there were generous quantities of both chicken and mushrooms in the pasta, and was seasoned perfectly. The portion size was huge- good enough to feed two people.


We had these delicious dishes with some equally delicious drinks. The Frappe had the perfect consistency, had a really nice kick of coffee and was not over-sweetened. But what stole our hearts was the Blueberry Smoothie- their most popular drink, and rightly so. The smoothie was thick, tangy and sweet- and perfectly balanced. We could actually feel the blueberry pieces in the drink and were just blown away by the flavours. One can go here just for this smoothie.


For dessert, we tasted the Red Velvet Cake, which was nicely layered with sharp cream-cheese frosting. The cake tasted nice, but was a bit too dry and hard.


Overall, this quaint little coffee shop is dishing out some really good food at reasonable rates and is a much-welcome change from the loud music playing, dimly-lit garish places, and is well-suited for an intimate, pleasant meal and good conversations!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 8 Community Centre, PVR Anupam Complex, New Delhi
Phone No.: 087440 70888

Review: Bella Italia

Review: Bella Italia

Bella Italia, a famous chain with over 90 outlets in the UK, has opened up its first outlet in the country, and it is housed at Holiday Inn, Aerocity. Bella Italia brings to us the true taste of Italy, and the chain works closely with family run businesses in Italy to source authentic ingredients, and to serve us dishes just the way they are made in Italian homes. Their pastas are sourced from the Agnesi family, the oldest pasta makers in Italy, and the cured meats from two family run charcuteries in Italy, and the Greci pizza sauce is made using tomatoes grown by local cooperative farmers and pressed in the heart of Italian summer. That’s not all; the chef at this outlet had also been sent to the UK to get special training for the menu, to ensure consistency in the taste of dishes across all outlets.



Moving away from the formal ambience one typically sees at a fine-dining establishment, this place is fun and quirky, going hand-in-hand with the motto of the Holiday Inn brand, which encourages its visitors to be themselves and be free. The restaurant is colourful, bright and charming, with colourful murals on the walls, ample use of white and natural light, and light-coloured wooden furniture. The restaurant also has a small balcony section which is perfect for small gatherings and parties.


Their menu is well thought-out and very detailed, mentioning not just the ingredients that go into each dish, but also pictorially representing whether the dish contains pork, dairy, alcohol, nuts or is gluten-free- something we haven’t seen at most other restaurants.

We started off with a few drinks to cool off. The Double Berry Cooler had a beautiful presentation- there was a mountain of berry-flavored crushed ice, on top of which we were to pour ginger ale, and the ice melted and flavored with drink. A refreshing drink, perfect for this weather. The Cioccolatissimo, which was a shake made of rich and dark chocolate gelato with chocolate sauce and fresh cream was thick and luscious.

As soon as we were seated, we were served with Oregano Bread and Olive Tapenade. The bread was fresh, soft and buttery and the tapenade was pungent and packed with flavor. The restaurant offers up a different bread and dip combination every day.


The salads at Bella Italia are so tasty that even people who don’t normally have salads would go for seconds. We tried the Caesar Pollo Salad and Misticanza. The Caesar salad had grilled chicken strips and crisp romaine lettuce leaves tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing with some garlic ciabatta croutons for crunch, and of course, some Grana Padano cheese shavings for that saline kick. The Misticanza had a mix of Romaine lettuce, rocket leaves, and frisee lettuce with cherry tomatoes in a tangy balsamic dressing which just tantalized our taste buds. The addition of the crumbled feta for sharpness and walnuts for texture took the salad to another level. Whether you’re a salad-lover or not, this is a must-try!


The Arancini Funghi (mushroom risotto balls) had a thin crispy covering with creamy rice inside, with lots of cheesy goodness and a mild flavour of mushrooms. Along with the fresh Pomodoro sauce, the arancini tasted excellent.

If it’s cheese you love, then Funghi Arrosto is the dish for you. It had baked mushrooms in a creamy mascarpone, garlic and spinach sauce, topped with mozzarella. The mushrooms were soft and spongy and the sauce was so cheesy and delightful, and had been flavored very well with garlic.


Polenta Alla Griglia: The dish consisted of grilled polenta with vegetable and mushroom ragout. The polenta was soft and creamy, but still retained its texture, and was slathered with a mild and creamy ragout. A different and excellently executed dish!

For non-vegetarians, Polpette is a great starter- baked chicken meatballs which were juicy and deftly spiced, in a rich and tangy tomato sauce, topped with melting mozzarella. Simple and delicious.


It is impossible to not fall in love with the pastas at Bella Italia. They have a huge variety on offer, out of which we tasted a few. The Pasta Capra, which was a fusilli with roasted yellow peppers and onions, tossed in a Pomodoro and basil sauce. The pasta was cooked perfectly, with the sauce just coating it, and was topped with some fresh rocket leaves and crushed goat cheese. Next, we tried the Cannelloni Ricotta, which had cannelloni filled with the classic combination of fresh spinach and creamy ricotta. The spinach had been cooked perfectly, so it still retained its freshness and blended with the ricotta cheese to make for a really creamy filling. The pasta was rolled thin, so one could clearly see the filling through the sheets, just the way it should be. The pasta was topped with tomato and cream sauce to give it a rich flavor. But our favourite pasta here was certainly the Pollo Pesto Gnocchi. Finally we found a place that knows the technique to pull off a great gnocchi. It is certainly a difficult dish to create as the potato gnocchi dumplings should be fresh, smooth and as pillow-like in their texture. And this gnocchi was all that and more. The gnocchi was tossed with roasted onions, bell peppers, and slices of roast chicken in a basil pesto sauce. The pesto sauce was really zingy and herbaceous and the burst of flavour from the sun-dried tomatoes gave the dish a wonderful added flavour, and of course, we can’t forget the Grana Padano shavings on top.


Coming to the pizza section, there is a lot of choice there as well, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Their pizzas are made in a traditional wood-fired oven and have just the right thickness. The pizza bases are all crispy and tasty and there are generous topping on all. The Margherita Pizza, which was a simple tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil had a tangy sauce and was simple and tasty. The Quattro Formaggi, which had the goodness of mozzarella, goat cheese, bocconcini and blue cheese was simply divine. The best part was that we could taste the flavors of each individual cheese and they all went together beautifully. Also, thought there was a lot of cheese on the pizza, the selection of cheese was so good, with the sharpness of the goat cheese cutting the richness of the mozzarella, that the pizza didn’t feel heavy at all. The Pollo Pesto Pizza had slices of roast chicken and mushrooms on a basil pesto base, topped with mozzarella and Grana Padano shavings. We’re simply in love with their bright pesto, which gave a nice flavour to this pizza. The Barbeque Chicken Pizza had chicken pieces tossed in a house-made sweet and spicy barbeque sauce topped with mozzarella while the Pepperoni Piccante had spicy Italian pepperoni on it, which was sliced thin and tasted divine. But our favourite would have to be the Pizza Cotto, which had delicious smoked speck ham, garlic, mushrooms and mozzarella as toppings. The speck ham was of premium quality and that came across in its taste.


We then tasted the Pollo Milanese, which is a traditional Italian meal staple, consisting of chicken breast baked in lemon breadcrumbs. The chicken was very lightly breaded and seasoned with just salt and pepper but the citrus flavour made it really vibrant. The chicken was served with green beans and spaghetti Pomodoro to make for a complete meal.


With our stomachs full to the hilt, we had to awaken that second stomach that we have, exclusively for desserts, as Bella Italia has some amazing dessert options as well.

They have a gelato cart right at the center of the restaurant, which has some really interesting options- ranging from the traditional Belgian chocolate and berry yogurt, to some Indian-influenced ones like paan, gulkand, etc. One can either take a simple scoop of the gelato in a waffle cone, or can customize it by adding their choice of toppings and syrups, or better still, go all out and create a sundae.

We tried the paan, gulkand, and strawberry gelatos, which were all very creamy and tasted wonderful. The strawberry one was just adequately sweet and also had some tangy notes, the paan one had a nice, refreshing taste and the gulkand, which had a lovely rose flavour and a very unique taste, was perhaps the best one out of the three.


Any good Italian restaurant has to have a killer Tiramisu, and the Tiramisu at Bella Italia is everything one can hope for. The soft sponge was soaked in Amaretto (an almond-flavored liqueur) and Kahlua (a coffee liqueur) and was layered with a cloud-like mixture of mascarpone, egg and sugar, with a finishing touch of a light cocoa dusting. This dessert was satisfying and decadent, yet light on the stomach, and is a perfect close to a heavenly meal at this restaurant.


But if you’re too full for a full-fledged dessert but still would like a sweet something, Bella Italia also has the option of Shot Desserts- miniature versions of the restaurant’s tempting desserts. We tried the Amaretto Chocolate Pot, Banoffee Pie and Mini Pannacotta. The banoffee had a base of biscuit crumbs, topped with a banana mousse and a thick caramel, with some whipped cream on top. The banana mousse was thick and creamy and was not overly sweet, and the whipped cream lightened up the dish. But the chocolate pot was a stellar dessert, consisting off a warm, thick gooey, rich chocolate ganache topped with crushed Amaretti biscuits. This again should not be missed.


Not only does Bella Italia provide authentic Italian fare in a vibrant, cheerful ambience, with service which was par excellence, it does so at pocket-friendly prices. The dishes are very reasonably priced and they also have some set menu (three and four course menus) which start at a price as low as Rs. 499. So whether it’s a romantic meal for two, a family gathering or a fun time with friends- Bella Italia is the place to be.

And right now would be the perfect time to head to Bella Italia as they have some smashing offers going on, where you get a 3-course lunch from Monday to Friday at Rs499 per person, or a 3-course dinner with 2 drinks, all days at Rs999 per person, or a 25% discount if you go for the a la carte menu. These offers last till just 30 June, so make the most of them and have a delightful meal at Bella Italia at really nominal rates!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Holiday Inn, Asset Area 12, Hospitality District, Aero City, IGI Airport, New Delhi
Phone No.:  0 95-60-462779

Review: Dirty Apron Chef’s Table

Review: Dirty Apron Chef’s Table

The market opposite Deer Park in Safdarjung Enclave is really coming up in a big way- with some really interesting dining options. The shiny bright star among them is certainly the Piano Man building, which houses the hidden treasure of the Piano Man Jazz Club (a European-style jazz café with daily live performances) on the ground floor, a bakery (Cake Away) on the first floor, and the gastronomic delight- Dirty Apron on the second floor and terrace.

With Chef Manoj at the helm, whipping up some unique and delightful Eurasian food (fusion of European and Asian), this place is slowly but surely becoming a food-lovers destination!

I was here for a special Chef’s table for their newly-launched summer menu, and it was absolutely sublime!

I started off with the cold soups, which are perfect for the summers. The Detox Tomato Broth had a robust flavour of roasted tomatoes, crunchy corn and apple cider vinegar, mildly seasoned with some fresh herbs. But it was the Green Apple and Vermouth Cold Soup which took my breath away. It had the sharpness and freshness of green apple, accentuated by the vermouth. The bowl was beautifully decorated with parmesan shavings, rocket leaves, baby spinach, carrots and balsamic caviar, over which the soup was poured, so that with each bite, you get a different taste and texture. The soup itself was immensely flavourful, something for which I could go back again and again to the restaurant. This soup should not be missed!


The salads here are also something else. The Beetroot Feta and Orange Salad had a quenelle of beetroot and feta, topped with orange segments, atop some lettuce leaves. The feta lent it a creamy texture and sharp taste, while the beetroot (which was diced finely) gave it a crunch and a sweet flavour. This was a delicious salad. The Som Tam Salad was also brilliantly executed. It had shredded raw papaya and raw mango in it, dressed in a perfectly-balanced dressing, which was fresh, zingy and just adequately spicy. But my favourite of the lot was the Grilled Peach, Blueberry, Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad. This was one of the most perfectly balanced salads I’ve ever had. The peaches were slightly charred, giving them a nice caramelization, and the dressing, which had a mix of blueberry and goat cheese, was pure bliss. For salad-lovers (and even salad-haters), this is a must-try dish. I’m not at all a salad person, and I can go to the restaurant just for the salads, and that’s a big thing, coming from me!


Moving on to the starters, I tasted Stuffed Mushrooms in Nonya Sauce and Grilled Jerk Chicken. The mushrooms were stuffed with cheese and thinly battered and fried to create a really crisp covering. They were slathered in a sweet-spicy-sticky Japanese Nonya sauce and were really delicious. The grilled chicken was well-marinated in Jamaican jerk spices and the sauce on top was robust and pungent- absolutely lip-smacking.


I also tasted their famous wood-fired oven thin crust pizzas. Verdure was topped with loads of vegetables like zucchini, baby corn, olives and red and yellow bell peppers and fresh basil leaves. It tasted really fresh and vibrant, and the vegetables still retained a nice crunch to them. The Southern Fried Chicken pizza was topped with crispy, charred chicken pieces and was quite tasty as well. The Oinker, which had different cuts of pork on it, was really delectable. All the pizzas had a paper-thin crust and were really crisp and well-cooked.



After these dishes, I was served a palate cleanser- Paan Smoothie Shot which really refreshed my palate and got me ready for the dishes to come.


For mains, I tried:

Coconut Rice with Okra Sambal: This dish is the perfect example of how the simplest of dishes are often the best. The dish consisted of perfectly-cooked al dente okra, tossed in sambal spice mix and topped with some caramelized onions, on a bed of creamy mild coconut rice. The contrasting textures of the crispy okra and the creamy rice were pure bliss on the palate. A beautiful dish.

Thai Curry Ravioli: The house-made ravioli had thin sheets of pasta, stuffed with a mix of nutty gorgonzola cheese and pumpkin puree, and tossed in a Thai curry sauce. The curry was flavoured mildly so as to not overpower the delicate flavours of the ravioli. A perfect mix of European and Asian cuisines.


Wild Mushroom Risotto: The risotto was really well-made. The rice was cooked nicely and was really creamy, and yet not too mushy. There was an abundance of exotic mushrooms in the risotto which imparted a lovely earthy flavour to it, and the oregano in the risotto really amped up the taste.

Chicken Laksa Risotto: Another innovative way of blending European and Asian flavours was showcased in the laksa risotto. The sauce, which had a coconut base, was mildly spiced and had a tangy flavour, and the risotto was topped with some bacon pieces, which can only make a dish better.


Seabass Sambal with Wasabi Mash Potato: The fish was flaky and moist and was topped with a sweet-spicy sambal sauce. The fish was served on a bed of wasabi-flavoured mashed potatoes, and what was great was that the potatoes did get the flavour of the wasabi, but still weren’t very sharp of pungent.

Chicken Shish Touk: The platter had chunks of chicken, rubbed with spices and skewered on sticks along with bell peppers, served alongside tzatziki, hummus and pita bread. The tzatziki was fresh, light and zingy and the hummus was smooth and had a nice undertone of garlic.


I then moved on to the desserts, which is perhaps the only area where Dirty Apron still needs improvement. Though they were quite nice, but the spectacular meal that I had tasted had set my expectations quite high, and unfortunately, these high expectations were only partly met.

The Kaffir Lime Scented Crème Brulee was simply fabulous. The custard was smooth and creamy, and I could see the vanilla bean flecks in it, and could really taste the perfumed notes of kaffir lime in it. It was bruleed perfectly and I could hear that lovely crack when I dug into it.


However, the Nutella Brownie Cupcake was a bit over-baked, rendering it rather dry. The Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie had a fudgy dark chocolate brownie as its base and was topped with a cheesecake. The flavours were really nice, but maybe if it had some sauce or something like a berry coulis alongside, it would have had a better mouth-feel.



Talking about the ambience, the décor is minimalistic and classy, done up in tones of whites and greys, so as to provide an innate calmness and relaxation. The mellow music that plays gently in the background adds a lot to the whole dining experience, making it all the more pleasant and comforting.


So overall, I have bookmarked the restaurant as a place worth multiple visits. Dirty Apron should definitely be your next stop to kickback and unwind over some outstanding food in a beautiful setting.


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: B6-7/22, Safdarjung Enclave market, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 4131 5181

Review: Sugar Rush by Saiba

Review: Sugar Rush by Saiba

Chocolate brownies are sinful, indulgent treats that we all crave every now and then. So for the next time that craving kicks in, keep Sugar Rush by Saiba on speed-dial.

The venture, which Saiba runs out of her home, was born out of a pure love for chocolate and many many months of mixing, stirring, baking and sampling to finally perfect the recipe for gooey, fudgy, decadent brownies.

These brownies are available in a bunch of different flavours- from Sinful Chocolate, Twix, Snickers, Walnut and Chocolate Overload, to naughty ones (with some alcohol), such as Old Monk, Baileys, Amarula and Kahlua.

I got myself a box of the Chocolate Overload Brownies and they were really delicious. The brownies were soft and fudgy in the middle and had a lovely, thin crust on top and were loaded with chocolate flakes and chocolate chips. Just a few seconds in the microwave and these brownies turned into dark, warm, rich chocolatey goodness that one just cannot resist.


Not only are these brownies a treat that you can get for yourself, but they are also great gifting options. They come beautifully packaged in white boxes with a cute pink ribbon and look every bit as delectable as they taste.

While brownies are their pièce de résistance, they also do tea time cakes, energy bars and fluffy marshmallows.

So for all your brownie cravings, Sugar Rush by Saiba is definitely recommended!
Phone No.: 099710 00111

To find out more about Sugar Rush by Saiba, check out their Facebook page here.


Review: Establishment Patisserie

Review: Establishment Patisserie


Bread-making is an art, and is not the easiest one to master. But one person who has done that really well is Seerat, the super-talented baker and chef behind Establishment Patisserie. Located in the posh Meherchand Market, the place offers up some delightful Italian food, fresh cakes, desserts and breads for takeaway and delivery.

I recently had the opportunity to try some of their breads, and was very impressed. I tried the Ham and Cheese Pleated Bread, Farmer Country Bread, Sour Dough and Masala Focaccia. Each bread had the perfect texture and a lovely flavour, and was absolutely fresh and spongy. The pleated bread was soft and buttery, and was stuffed with cheese and loaded with ham slices- a perfect snacking bread! The farmer bread had a dark crackly, hard crust and was really chewy inside- a lovely breakfast bread which goes well with some dip, or even if you slap a slice of cheese on it. The sour dough, is one of my favorite breads, due to its crispy crust, and spongy interior. This bread works very well in sandwiches, as it lends a beautiful mildly tangy taste and a unique texture. The masala focaccia was simply heavenly as well. It had a soft and buttery texture and I could see the oregano flecks running through the bread. It was topped with loads of cheese, caramelized onions and peppers, and was quite ‘chatpata’. The bread was so flavorful that it could be had on its own, sans any accompaniments.

From what I tasted, Establishment Patisserie is absolutely worth trying, and what’s great is that they deliver these freshly-baked artisan breads right to the comfort of your homes. So place your orders right now!

Location: 96, Meherchand market, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Phone No.: 9999516755, 9899569687

Review: China Garden

Review: China Garden

China Garden, led by Masterchef Nelson Wang, needs no introduction. The restaurant has won many accolades and has consistently provided us with delicious Chinese food over the years. What they have excelled in, is keeping the flavor profile authentic, while still appealing to the Indian palate.

We were invited here for an exclusive tasting menu that has been specially curated by Mr Henry Wang, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

We started off with Virgin Mojito and an Italian Smooth Lemon mocktail, both of which were nicely made and well-balanced.


For starters, we tasted:

Gin Chicken: The chicken was cooked in gin and had been covered with a crispy batter and shaped into a ball. The chicken inside was really juicy and moist, and the coriander sauce served alongside was zingy and delicious!

Smoked Chilly Chicken: The dish looked extremely spicy, but when we tasted it, we realized the spice is nicely balanced. The chicken chunks were crispy and flavorful and had a lovely smoky taste to them, and were sprinkled with some white sesame seeds for added texture.


Dim Sum Fish: The fish was so moist and flaky, and had been flavored beautifully with a well-balanced marinade. The fish also had some glass noodles which had taken up the flavor of the fish. The red chili sauce served along with the fish was absolutely delightful!


Moving on to the mains, we had:

Soya Chilly Wine Fish: The dish was served on a plate shaped like a fish, which was a cute touch. The fish had been flavored with soy sauce and wine and topped with some caramelized onions, and was really soft and tasty.

Sliced Chicken Hunan Pepper: Nice juicy chunks of chicken, tossed in pepper, with loads of onions, this was a nice dish as well.


Chicken Yellow Bean Sauce: This was a gravy dish, served with Fortune Rice with Black Mushrooms. The chicken was moist and the gravy was thick and flavorful, but a touch more garlic in the gravy would have definitely taken the flavor up a notch. The rice, however, was beautifully cooked, had been delicately flavored with star anise and had an abundance of flavor-packed mushrooms.


Kung Pao Potato and Okra: The only vegetarian dish of the evening, this was spectacular! The potatoes and okra were both cooked perfectly, with the potatoes soft, and the okra still retaining a bite to it. They were tossed in a punchy kung pao spice mix and spring onions for freshness. For all vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, this is a must-try dish.

Veg Szechwan Noodles: The noodles were really thin, loaded with veggies and were really nicely spiced. They were tasty enough to be had on their own without any gravy.


We rounded off our meal with Caramel Custard. The custard was smooth, creamy and not eggy at all, and was topped with a beautiful dark caramel.


The ambience of the restaurant is simple and classic, with many Buddha statues around. The service was prompt and efficient as well.


Overall, over the decades, China Garden has maintained its standards and provided us with some great food, and with this delicious new menu, it definitely has us craving to go back for more!

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: M-73, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 2922 3456