Review: The Flying Saucer Café

Review: The Flying Saucer Café

The Flying Saucer Café at Epicuria mall has recently got an upgrade and has launched their menu avatar- The Flying Saucer Café Version 2.0. Everything from the branding to the menu has changed, so gone are the bright yellow and white signboards, giving way to the new color theme of black and red, with cute little slogans pasted across the windows. The open air seating is also quite charming, with bright red cushions on the wooden furniture, and mist fans providing relief from the hot weather.


The place is famous for its Sufi nights, and also has nice music and some exquisite sheesha flavors.

Coming to the food, the new menu has a nice variety.

We tried the Kachoris, which were nice and crisp, and had been fried at the right temperature, so the oil hadn’t soaked in. The dal mixture inside was quite tasty, though the kachoris could have done with a bit more of the filling. The Onion Rings were really nicely coated in panko crumbs and fried to a crisp. The onions were adequately soft, while still retaining a bite to them, and the tandoori masala spiked mayonnaise served alongside was really tasty. The Achari Paneer Tacos were another successful dish, with flaky mini parathas topped with cottage cheese cubes marinated in a tangy spice mix and topped with some fresh onions and coriander. The Crispy Ginger Thai Chicken was not as successful. Though the covering was extremely crispy and the flavor of lemongrass did come through in the chicken, since the ratio of chicken to covering was a bit off, the overall mouth-feel of the dish was rather dry. The Chicken Poppers were quite nice, as they had a thin, crispy coating and were filed with a gooey, cheesy chicken mixture which was flavored nicely with herbs and spices.

For the main course, we tried the Ratatouille and Grilled Chicken Breast. The Ratatouille was an Indianized version of the same, and it was actually a cross between Karahi Paneer and a traditional Ratatouille. The dish had paneer, and lots of veggies like bell peppers and zucchini. The base was a typical north-Indian one with tomatoes, onions and spices. Overall, a really tasty dish. The chicken dish was quite scrumptious too- it consisted of two well-cooked, moist chicken breasts, rubbed with herbs and spices and stuffed with diced and sautéed mushrooms. The accompaniments (cream sauce, spinach mashed potatoes and grilled veggies) were all nicely done as well.


The restaurant is known for its exotic drinks as well. Though we stuck to the non-alcoholic ones, these were no less either. The Adam’s Punch, a green apple and vanilla sugar smoothie was aptly sweetened and had a nice freshness from the green apples. The Red Lemonade, which was a mix of grated beetroot and ginger, topped with lemonade was a very different and delicious drink, perfect for the season!


Overall, though a few dishes do require some tweaks, the new menu does show promise. A nice place to hang out!

Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Location: Ground Floor, Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: 9560088341/ 9560088342

Review: Lord of the Drinks Forum

Review: Lord of the Drinks Forum

After a successful stint at CP, Lord of the Drinks opened the doors of its second outlet at Epicuria Mall at Nehru Place. The décor is rustic and minimalistic with exposed brick walls, plush leather sofas, bulbs hanging from the ceilings and a huge bar. The place also has a large al fresco area with a beautiful view of the Lotus Temple.

Coming to the food, the place has quite a few interesting things on offer.

Waffle Bruschetta: This dish used a waffle instead of a toast as its base, which was topped with a creamy mix of roasted veggies, goat cheese and micro herbs. The waffle was crunchy and the veggies were cooked well.

Paneer Tikka Sampler: The sampler had achari paneer tikka and basil marinated paneer. The paneer itself was very soft, and the flavour of both of them was great. The basil marinated one was fresh and zingy, and the achari paneer had a pungent flavour of mustard and was lip-smacking.


Thai Ginger Fiery Chicken Balls: This dish had chicken pieces marinated in red Thai curry, wrapped in shredded filo sheets. The chicken was moist and the covering made it really crispy, but the ratio of chicken to filo covering was a bit off, as there was just one tiny piece of chicken in each ball. The mustard peanut dipping sauce served alongside though was really tasty.

Pulled Chicken Mini Crostini: This had a toasted bread topped with pulled chicken in a cream sauce, and some paprika mayonnaise. This dish was a bit bland for our taste, and could have done with a little hint of spice.


Herb Infused Fish: This dish had succulent chunks of fish, marinated in ginger, chili, and oregano, drizzled with balsamic reduction, and served on nachos. This was a great dish and should be tried.

Crispy Congee Mushroom: The mushrooms were really crispy and were coated with a really tasty sauce, but it just had a tad too much salt. But with this change, this would make for a great dish.


Corn and Mushroom Tart Shell: A nice little bite, consisting of corn and mushrooms tossed in cream sauce, served up in a mini tart shell. This dish looked cute and tasted nice.

Tandoori Broccoli: This had big florets of broccoli marinated in a cream sauce and grilled. The broccoli was cooked perfectly, so it retained its texture and the sauce made it creamy.


Dahi ki Tikki: These were deep fried tikkis made of hung curd, and stuffed with a little bit of aam papad for some tanginess. The tikkis were crispy from outside and soft inside and had a delicate taste. These were served with a thick yogurt sauce which had some shredded cucumber in it, which was nice and fresh.

Keema Pao Chicken Shorties: These were sliders stuffed with spiced minced chicken with pickled onions. The keema was juicy and flavorful and the buns were soft as well. A really nice dish!


Coming to the mains, we went with:

Fettuccini Pesto Cream Sauce: The pasta was cooked well and was coated with a lovely fresh pesto sauce, which had just a touch of cream in it, and was thankfully not over-sauced. The sauce just coated the pasta, which is how it should be. It was topped with some grated parmesan and was served with toasted bread which had a smear of the same fresh and zingy pesto sauce.


I Meatball To You: A perfect combination of Indian and Italian, this dish consisted of spaghetti and meatballs in an Indian-style sauce. The meatballs were juicy and flavoursome and the sauce had been seasoned with Indian spices. Another great dish.


Chili Mustard Thyme Grilled Chicken: A hearty dish, comprising two grilled chicken breasts, served with some grilled vegetables, sweet beetroot mash, and a mushroom jus. Though the chicken could have done with just another minute on the grill, the mushroom jus was thick and robust and the mash was light and fluffy.


We ended our meal with a dessert platter, which had Chocolate Brownie, Waffles with Chocolate Sauce and Banoffee Cigar Rolls. The brownies were soft and fudgy, topped with chocolate sauce. The waffle was crunchy and along with the chocolate sauce, it tasted simply amazing. The rolls were really crisp, stuffed with bananas, and served with condensed milk. All three desserts were great and made for a nice end to the lavish meal.


The service was also really good, and they were able to handle a pretty full restaurant quite well. Overall, Lord of the Drinks is bound to be a rocking party place, with some great music, tasty food and awesome drinks!


Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: Lower Basement, Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 11 3310 5723

Review: Café Oh My God

Review: Café Oh My God

Cafe Oh My God is a new addition to the restaurant scene at CP, and also to the Big Fish Ventures portfolio. A nice change from the cookie-cutter restaurants, all offering nearly identical dishes, this place brings forth some unique dishes. The decor of the restaurant is in line with the ‘heaven’ theme derived from its name, all in hues of gold, with harps on the corners and paintings of halos, angels and doves on the walls.

What’s nice is that they have a pretty diverse menu. What’s even better is that variety doesn’t supersede taste and they do all the dishes well.

We went there for a tasting and tried the following items:

Paneer Shashlik Tiranga: A really great dish where they had paneer with different marinations- the white one was malai (which was creamy and subtle), the red one was chipotle (which was pungent and spicy) while the green one had an herb marination and was zesty.

Kacchi Ambi Chicken Tikka: The chicken was really juicy and well-cooked and the sour and tangy flavour from the raw mangoes made it taste absolutely sublime.


Mini Falafel Disks: Another interesting dish, this had mini falafels, on small breads, each with a different sauce- hummus, beetroot, coriander, and basil. The falafel itself was quite flavorful and with the sauces, it didn’t face the problem of feeling dry on the palate. The dish was served with some pickled vegetables, which were also quite nice.

Soya Chaap: Their soya chaps are rather different from the ones we normally see, in that they are stuffed with vegetables and fried, to achieve a nice crispy outer layer, and topped with some fresh coriander, chilies and onions.

Veg Phyllo Spring Rolls: This was perhaps the only dish that didn’t appeal to us as the filling in the spring rolls wasn’t flavorful enough, and all we could taste was cabbage (no spices). However, the peanut sauce served with the rolls was very tasty.


Moving on to the mains, we tried:

Sliced Chicken with Smoked Chili Sauce: The smoked chili sauce on this dish is what took it to another level. The sauce had nice layers of flavors, and was garlicky and mildly spicy. The gravy also had lots bell peppers, bok choy, and spring onions which made it vibrant. The chicken was served with egg fried rice which was nicely done as well.


Nalli Gosht: One of the star dishes of the evening, this was served in a covered dome with smoke in it, and this was not just all for show, but we could actually taste the smoky flavour in the gravy, which was spiced adeptly and had just the right consistency. The meat was really juicy and cooked perfectly. This dish was served with some crisp and thin garlic naans.


Sundried Tomato Pesto Chicken with Caprese Salad and Hash Brown: This dish consisted of two chicken breasts, slathered with a wonderful sundried tomato pesto sauce, which was abosultely lip-smacking. Along with that, the plate also had a fresh caprese salad (tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella, with some cracked pepper on top), which gave the dish a nice balance. But even overtaking the chicken, the hash brown is what surprisingly emerged as the hero of the dish. Perhaps one of the best ones we’ve had, these hash browns were thin, crisp and perfectly seasoned. We would certainly go back for this dish.


After that heavy meal, we were served a Mojito Sorbet as a palate cleanser, which was so tasty and refreshing, that it can actually double-up as a dessert as well. After happily digging into the sorbet, we moved to the dessert:

Melon Kheer: A beautiful dessert for the season, this kheer had fresh grated muskmelon in it and was smooth, creamy, yet not too heavy. It was served in sakoras, which we feel always enhances the taste of any dessert.

Mango Mascarpone Rabri Tart: This was another stellar dish, and a perfect marriage of Indian and Western desserts. It had a short-crust pastry tart, studded with chopped pistachios, filled with a creamy and delectable mix of rabri and mascarpone cheese, blended to achieve a rich and airy mixture, and topped with some fresh mango cubes, served with some halwa. This dish was absolutely scrumptious and left us licking our fingers.


Oh My God does a great job not only when it comes to the food, but also in the domain of drinks, with some really interesting ones like Betel Nut Madira (which had a pan flavoured frozen ice ball topped with paan leaf and lemonade) and Adam’s Apple (a vodka and white rum based drink with some green apples and a flavored sugar ball).


The place also has on offer some nice sheesha options, out of which we tried their signature Magicissioner Sheesha, which was a mix of the famous Brain freezer flavour, spring water and blueberry.


Overall, we had a wonderful experience at the restaurant and would surely be back very soon!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 14-15, 2nd Floor, Block F, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: 080106 99999

Review: Dezertfox

Review: Dezertfox


I totally agree with the saying- desserts don’t go to the stomach, they go to the heart. For all those who feel the same way, Dezertfox is here to provide the most satisfying desserts that look just as good as they taste.

Dezertfox is a boutique patisserie with a unique concept of plated desserts- just like the ones you get at five-star restaurants, but at prices that are extremely reasonable. Crafted by chefs trained at Oberoi and Marriott, the range of desserts on offer are all created with the choicest of ingredients, and everything is completely fresh and natural- from the high quality dairy cream to the finest Belgian chocolate, and even the colors used in their products are all natural, such as beetroot juice, etc.


What’s even better is that not only do they have two cute little outlets (one at GK-1 and the other at Amar Colony), but they also deliver across Delhi, and their plated desserts are delivered on the platter, looking just as pretty.


I visited the GK-1 outlet, which is done up in a very simple and classy manner, and is manned by one of the chefs, who can talk you through each dessert in detail. I tried:

Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Chili Chocolate Mousse: This dessert had a dense Belgian dark chocolate fudge brownie, layered with a rich and creamy chocolate mousse, with a slight hint of chili. Since they had used 58.7% cocoa chocolate, the brownie was slightly on the bitter side, and for all dark chocolate lovers out there, this is surely a treat! The dessert was decorated with some chocolate coins, sugar hearts, edible flowers and chocolate sauce. A rich, decadent dessert!


Macaron Lemon Tart: This was one of the prettiest desserts I’ve ever seen. It had a nicely made tart crust, filled with fresh and zingy lemon curd, topped off with light and airy dairy cream, decorated with lemon macarons, edible flowers and berries. The lemon curd had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors, the lemon sauce served alongside was really tart and the whipped cream offset the tanginess perfectly. The macarons were made very well, were light as air, and simply melted in the mouth. This dessert should not be missed!


Chocolate Sin: Another stellar dessert, this had a chocolate crepe stuffed with a pastry cream filling, and it looked amazing. The crepe was really thin and even, and was dusted with cocoa powder and folded. The pastry cream was brilliantly executed- it was creamy and just adequately sweet, and even had some chopped chocolate in it. The flavour of the pastry cream really shone, because they don’t use vanilla essence, but only pure vanilla pods for their pastry cream. This dish was served with some dark chocolate shavings, and a tempered chocolate shard dusted with edible gold.


Grizzilious: This had a tower of choux pastry, a small one stacked on top of a large one, with a tempered chocolate disc at the base. The choux pastry, which was nicely made but could have been a touch more flaky and crispy, was filled with a mix of pastry cream, fresh cream, and hazelnut paste. The hazelnut flavour came through really well, as they use the really stuff, and not flavorings or extracts.


Overall, Dezertfox is heaven for all dessert-lovers! For five-star quality desserts that look pretty as a picture, taste divine and are easy on the pocket, Dezertfox is a must-visit!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: R-45, Greater Kailash (GK) 1 and D-18, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi
Phone No.: 8454943200 / 888419500

Review: The Jugaad Café/Bar

Review: The Jugaad Café/Bar

The word ‘Jugaad’ has become pretty much synonymous with our country. While the jury is still out on how we feel about that, we do really like The Jugaad Café at Def Col!

The concept behind the place is to showcase Indian food, with a bit of a twist. The menu is large and there is plenty to choose from, ranging from street food, bar snacks, north Indian, Chinese, and even some pastas and pizzas. The look and feel of the place also goes with its theme- the interiors are designed of everyday waste, with tyres with bulbs attached to make chandeliers; nuts, bolts and levers on the walls, number plates on the tables, etc. The color theme is largely blacks and greys, with a few pops of color thrown in, and the food is served on granite slabs.

We were here for a tasting, and got to sample some great dishes that the place has to offer:

Chana Jor Golgappa Shots: These were golgappas filled with spicy chana jor garam mixture and chutneys, and were served with shots of slightly sweetened curd. While the golgappas were really tasty, the curd shots didn’t really add much to it.

Crispy Chili Chana: This was a nice little bar snack- crispy fried chickpeas tossed in a sweet chili sauce. Though the sauce that coated the chana was really tasty, on the inside, the chana was still a touch bland.


Baba ki Potli: A lovely way of getting the ‘fusion’ into the food, this dish consisted of a fried dumpling, with a filling of minced mutton, flavored with onions and Indian spices, served with a tamarind sauce. The dumplings were thin, crispy and not too oily, and the filling was really tasty as well. One of the stand-out dishes of the evening.

Poori Snacker: Another stellar dish, and a combination that we had never tried before, this had a poori, topped with chicken tossed in Indian spices, served in a sakora. The chicken, which tasted like a great rendition of chicken lababdar, had lots of onions and tomatoes, was juicy, well-seasoned and absolutely scrumptious. A must-try dish here.


Chicken Chermoula: This again was a well-executed dish, comprising juicy chunks of chicken, with a flavorful marinade of green herbs. The chicken was so delectable, that we were literally fighting over who gets the last piece.


We also tasted a few of the items from the tandoori section (Murgh Malai Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Mutton Seekh Kebabs), and we were really impressed with all of them. The malai kebab was so soft that it was just melting in the mouth, and it was very delicately flavored, and topped off with some lemon juice for that citrusy note. The chicken tikka had that nice smoky flavor, was marinated well, and was sprinkled with some coriander for that freshness. The mutton seekh was also brilliantly executed, and one of the best we’ve had- not only was the mutton minced properly and seasoned nicely, incorporating the spices and herbs well in the mince, the kebabs were also coated with this thick, saucy tomato-onion marinade, with made it even more moist. It was after a really long time that we tasted such good kebabs in a café.


Moving on to the mains, we tried:

Chicken Steak in Pepper Sauce: This was a hearty dish consisting of chicken breast coated with chicken mince with lots of garlic and a black pepper sauce, served with some mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The portion size was huge, and the chicken was moist. The only suggestion here would be to cut down a bit on the amount of lemon juice added to the sauce, as it was just a tad too sour.


Dal Makhani: The dal was slow-cooked and had a nice, creamy texture and was flavored with lots of ginger and garlic, just the way we like it.


We rounded off our meal with some desserts:

Jugaadu Parle Ji: This had Parle G biscuits, layered with some warm sweet besan pudding, and topped with rabri and gems. The combination of biscuits with these Indian desserts is not our personal favorite, but it was a decent dessert nonetheless.

Litchi Rabri Shots: Thick and creamy rabri, with some litchi pulp. The richness of the rabri was offset by the tangy-sweet litchi to make for a rather nice dessert.


Along with our meal, we also had a Virgin Mojito (which was nicely done) and a wonderful mocktail called Imli Flame, which was made of tamarind paste and a dash of red chili. The drink was spicy, tangy, and delicious- certainly worth trying.


Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the restaurant and some dishes like Baba ki Potli, Poori Snacker, Chicken Chermoula and the kebabs really stood out. Jugaad Café is a happening place, with nice music, swift service and delicious food, making it a must-visit!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 10, Defence Colony Main Market, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 95702 61207

Review: E Yum

Review: E Yum

E Yum is a delivery service which provides nutritious and hygienic food at our doorsteps, with offerings ranging from Italian to Mexican, a nice change from the regular fare we get at other places.

They ensure that they only use fresh ingredients and fresh vegetables bought daily, and their ingredients undergo strict quality checks at various stages of procurement & cooking. Moreover, they also try to make the food in a healthier manner, and use 30-40 percent less cooking oil than normal. Delivering from 11am up till 5am, this place also takes care of all our late-night cravings.


I was sent a couple of their items for tasting, and was not disappointed. I had asked for the food to be delivered at 1pm, and it arrived at 12:45pm. The food was packed neatly in boxes and they had also provided plastic cutlery and paper napkins. I tried:

Chicken Lasagne: The lasagne had lots of layers of pasta sheets and herbed chicken in a tomato and cheese sauce, topped with loads of melted cheese (which is always a good thing). The chicken was really creamy, juicy and very very flavorful, the pasta sheets were cooked properly and each bite had a nice balance of pasta, chicken and cheese. Also, the quantity was huge. A really great dish which can certainly be tried.

Pasta Aglio Olio: The spaghetti was cooked well, but it lacked flavour. It only had some pepper in it, and I could hardly taste any garlic or parsley. So they need to improve a bit on this dish. It was served with toasted garlic bread, which was quite nice.

Overall, this place can be tried for its different menu, and certainly for its delicious lasagne.

Overall Rating: 3.25/5

Location: Plot H-16/6, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 124 494 9599

Review: Boom Food

Review: Boom Food

Boom Food, a bespoke catering and home delivery service, recently started operations from their kitchen unit at Shahpur Jat. The team has a collective experience of over 12 years in the hospitality industry, and guarantees high-quality, delicious food. They also vow to provide easy ordering through their website, app or over the phone and seamless delivery.

Their menu is well-organized, not excessively long, and still provides abundant options to choose from. The focus is on pan-Asian & pan-Indian cuisine, and while the menu is meat-dominant, vegetarians should not fret, as there are quite a few delicious and unique dishes that Boom Food has to offer.

I recently visited their office, and was blown away, not just by their food, but with the high standard of cleanliness, organization and attention to detail that they give to the production of food. Their kitchen is massive, with separate sections for Indian and Asian, and for veg and non-veg items. What also struck me about their unit, is that from the time the raw material is received till the time the final product is ready, everything is planned and laid out perfectly, and even small details (such as washing and storing the vegetables and meats separately), are given due attention. They even have a terrace garden where they grow their own herbs and even some vegetables, so this is truly as fresh as it gets.


Coming to the food, I tried:

Spinach, Corn and Cheese Dumpling, Juicy Chicken with Spicy Tobanjan Chilly Dim Sum and Spicy Lamb and Scallion Dim Sim: Dim Sums require a high degree of skill to perfect. The covering should be thin, the filling should be adequate, they should be sealed properly, and of course, the flavoring of the stuffing should be done correctly. Boom Food, I must say, has perfected the art of making great dim sums. Each dim sum was pleated and shaped beautifully, and they were so thin that one could actually see the filling through them. They were all cooked perfectly and were not oily at all. The veggie one had been stuffed with a delicate mixture of corn, cheese and spinach, where the corn was still crunchy, the spinach was creamy and not overcooked and the cheese just adequate to make everything blend well, and still not overpower the taste of the other ingredients. The lamb and scallion dim sum had minced lamb, flavored deftly with some herbs and scallions, but my favourite was the chicken one, juicy (as the name suggests) and spiked with tobanjan chilly. The dip served with these dim sums was also fresh and toothsome.


Oriental Baby Aubergine with Sweet Spices: A dish that I was almost sure would not appeal to me, this had baby aubergine sautéed with garlic and spices. But one bite of this dish and I was forced to question my dislike for aubergines. The aubergines were steamed which removed its bitterness, and gave it a velvety smooth texture, but the magic was done with the mix of spices and sauces, which gave it a sweet, tangy flavour. Even people who hate aubergines are bound to have a change of heart after trying this.


Japanese-style Braised Pork Belly: The pork was cooked so perfectly that it just glided off the bone in one swift motion. The pork belly had the right ratio of fat to meat, and was coated with their house-made barbeque sauce, which was surely one of the best I’ve had- sticky, sweet, and spicy, and for a change, did not taste of ketchup, like it does at most placed. The meat was also covered with a special spice-mix which enhanced the flavour of the dish and some spring onions, to provide a nice freshness. Not trying this dish at Boom would be a crime!


Bulgogi: A traditional Korean dish, this was a stunner! The meat was tenderized evenly, and brined to give it a nice, saline kick, and was cooked to perfection. The mix of spices and sauces was well-balanced in terms of the sweet, salty and spicy notes, making the dish taste heavenly. The sprinkling of sesame seeds on top provided a nice crunch and just rounded off the dish beautifully.


Each dish clearly showcased the kind of care that is put into producing these dishes, using the very best of ingredients, and for the price-point, these dishes are a steal! Also, apart from their regular menu, they keep running specials so that we can taste more of their delicious food.

Going by the impeccable food I tasted, and the spotless, well-organized kitchens that I saw, Boom Food is here with a bang (or a boom, if I may say so) and is surely here to stay!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 193 Shahpurjat, New Delhi
Phone No.: +91 99998 00753
To find out more about Boom Food, check out their website here:
You can also find them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@boomhospitality).