Review: Georgia Dakota

Review: Georgia Dakota

Georgia Dakota is an American artisan kitchen serving a range of baked goods- from cakes to cookies, brownies and granola. Set up by Michelle, who grew up on her grandparents’ farm in the US and has always believed in using fresh produce, this bakery is a little piece of heaven here in the city. Michelle has named the place after her grandmother, from whom she gained inspiration to delve into the art of baking. All the products at Georgia Dakota are always wholesome and natural, carefully prepared in small batches and never include any artificial ingredients. Michelle lays a lot of emphasis on local produce, and tries to source as many of her ingredients as possible from local sources. But quality is never compromised, and everything goes through many rounds of tasting.


Though she gets most of her orders online, she has also opened up a cute little outlet in the nondescript Vasant Vihar market. The outlet is simple and charming, and the beautiful aroma of freshly baked cookies is sure to draw you towards it.

I visited the outlet on a sunny afternoon, and was simply blown away by the products.


Granolas: Granolas are a healthy and filling snack, but unfortunately, we don’t get good granolas in the market, and the packaged ones are neither tasty nor healthy. But the granolas at Georgia were fabulous. I tasted the Rocky Mountain Granola (a mix of oats, oat bran, amaranth, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, mixed with coconut oil and honey) and the Cocoa Almond Granola (made with Dutch processed cocoa and whole almonds, mixed with oats, honey and coconut oil and baked). The cocoa granola tasted sinful (due to the cocoa), but actually isn’t sinful when you look at the nutritious ingredients that go into it, and the rocky mountain granola was really crunchy and tasty as well. These granolas can be a nice and nutritious way to start the day, when you don’t have time to make breakfast.


Sometimes we crave a little bite of something, just to uplift our mood. And what could be better than having a sweet bite, without having to worry about the calories. This is exactly what the Mango Sunshine Bites and the Chai Spiced Energy Bites are for. The mango bite had a nice coconut flavour to it, and was sweetened with honey, while the chai spiced bite had been sweetened with dates and was really earthy and flavorful.


Salted Caramel Brownies: The brownies were gooey and fudgy, and had been layered with house-made caramel sauce and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt. The brownies had a perfect balance of sweet and salty notes and were really decadent.


Cookies: The place has a variety of cookies, all of which not only have different flavors, but also different textures. The Flourless Molten Chocolate Cookies had a rich, dark cocoa flavour and had a chewy, fudgy texture as they were made without flour or butter. The Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies had a texture which was somewhere between a cookie and a brownie, so they were crispy on the outside and cakey inside, and had a lovely taste due to the rich Belgian chocolate and Dutch-processed cocoa. The Ginger Molasses Cookies were soft and crumbly, and full of rich, dark imported molasses, spicy ginger, sweet cinnamon and freshly ground cloves. The Eggless and Flourless Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies were traditional, American cookies, made with real 54% dark Belgian chocolate chips, brown rice flour and buckwheat flour. They were crispy on the outside and had melted, gooey chocolate on the inside.


Next, I tried the cake loaves- Orange and Cranberry Cake and Grandma’s Chocolate Zucchini Cake. The orange cake had a citrusy freshness from the orange zest, and bursts of flavour from the sweet-tart North American cranberries. The chocolate zucchini cake, made with whole-wheat flour, zucchini, yoghurt, honey, walnuts, and rich Dutch processed cocoa and dotted with Belgian chocolate chips, tasted amazing, and there was no way of guessing just by tasting it that it was a rather healthy cake.


Last but certainly not the least, I tried two of their signature cakes:

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake: This was one of the most decadent chocolate cakes I’ve had. It was really rich and had a deep, dark chocolate flavour from the luscious Dutch processed cocoa. The moistness of the cake came from the yogurt that was used in the sponge. But the best part about the cake was certainly the thick and creamy Belgian chocolate icing.

Wheat Free Spiced Belgian Chocolate Cake: This cake was really something special. It was a wheat-free dark Belgian chocolate, infused with a touch of rum, cinnamon, cloves, chilli and pepper for pure indulgence. The trick with this cake is to heat it up for just 10 seconds in the microwave, and then it’s just pure bliss.


Overall, Georgia Dakota has some fabulous, indulgent and decadent desserts, all made with lots of love and premium quality ingredients. The pure passion that Michelle has for baking easily comes through in the products. All the delicious products that Georgia Dakota has to offer make this place an absolute must-try!


Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Shop 5, D Block Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Phone No.: 099105 49997

To find out more about Georgia Dakota, check out their website here.

Review: Bun Intended

Review: Bun Intended

Bun Intended is a late night burger delivery service, offering not just gourmet burgers, but also handmade soft steamed baos, authentic American wraps, fresh and healthy salads, and in-house desserts and shakes. Their intention is clear- to change the way we look at burgers- from small, dainty patties without any flavor or moistness, to hunky, meaty (they do have vegetarian items, but let’s just focus on the meat for now) humongous mounds of goodness. And to offer all this at the comfort of our homes, through their efficiently managed delivery system. What’s great is that you can also build your own burger in the BYOB section, from the protein to the dressing to all the other exquisite ingredients their menu has to offer.

I was sent some of their items to taste, and boy, were they delectable. I was sent a message when the food was dispatched, along with the contact number of the delivery person. The food arrived on time, and neatly packed.


The Legend: This burger has been named aptly- it was really legendary! It had tenderloin in JD sauce, blue cheese, red jalapeno, avocado salsa, lettuce with chipotle mayo and was served with an in-house bacon chili relish and some Cajun spiced French fries. The bun was soft and fresh, and the meat patty was large, juicy and so well-seasoned. The JD sauce and the chipotle mayo came together beautifully to impart a delicious flavor to the burger, and the bacon chili relish was good enough to be bottled up and sold separately. Also, there is something to be said about the quality of the meat they had used. It was clearly fresh and premium-grade. This burger is not something any meat-lover should miss.


Crackling Pork Belly Bao: The bao was soft, and spongy, and the pork belly had been cooked well, so it was really juicy inside, and crispy on the outside. The sauce coating the pork was incredibly flavorful as well. The only improvement here would be to increase the ratio of the pork to the bao to ensure eat bite has some porky goodness.


Peanut Butter Nutella Milkshake: The shake was sent in a really nice bottle, and there was no leakage. The milkshake was thick and creamy, and both the ingredients- the peanut butter and the Nutella- could be distinctly tasted. A really good shake.


Salted Caramel Cake: The cake was soft, moist and fresh, and the layering of the cake and the frosting was done very neatly. Also, the cake wasn’t overly sweet, but I did feel there could have been a pinch more salt in the caramel.


Overall, all the items were great, but if there is one thing which will keep me going back for more, it is certainly their burger.

Bun Intended delivers across South Delhi, from 7pm-4am, so for those late-night hunger pangs which can only be satiated with something substantial and sinful, this place should be tried!


Overall Rating: 4.25/5
Location: Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi
Phone No.: 91 9811028175 ;  +91 9811029175

Food Delivery Service Review: Mealdom

Food Delivery Service Review: Mealdom

Mealdom is a food delivery service which is carving out a niche for itself in the mass market by offering tasty & safe Indian measured meals. The meals are packed by weight, so you know exactly how much you will be getting in every portion.


I was recently sent a few samples for tasting, and was rather impressed with their offerings. The food came neatly-labelled and sealed in rectangular food-grade boxes. I tried:

Roasted Paneer: The paneer was soft and marinated well in garlic and traditional Indian spices, and then roasted for a delicate crust, along with some slices of roasted onion and bell pepper. The spices were added deftly so as to impart flavour to the paneer, but not overpower it. The mint and spinach dip sent with it was also nice and fresh.


Dal Makhani: This was not the typical heavy, cream and tomato-puree laden version, but it still had robust flavors. The black lentils and red kidney beans had been simmered well and the tadka of ginger just added a nice touch to it.

Lachcha Parantha: The paranthas were thin, crisp and well-cooked and what is most interesting about these is that you can customize them with your choice of spread- no butter, salted butter, garlic butter, and mint butter. I tried the ones with the garlic and mint butter, and both tasted really nice.


Chicken Biryani: The briyani was made with good-quality long grain Basmati rice and had juicy chicken pieces. The biryani was delicately spiced and had a distinct flavour of mint and coriander. However, I would have liked a fresh raita along with the biryani to make it a complete meal.


Meetha Kebabs: This was a really unique dish, something I had never tasted before. The shammi kebabs were made with sweet potatoes, and had a nice thin crust. The delicate green cardamom flavour also came through and lent a nice taste to the kebabs, which were just adequately sweet.


The portion sizes (500g of each) were much bigger than what is usually served at a lot of places, and at the prices that they have, Mealdom is a great option for small groups. Moreover, everything that I got came with a declaration that it did not contain any trans fats, chemicals, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! Overall, if you want delicious food which is prepared hygienically and delivered to you neatly packed, Mealdom is surely worth trying!

Mealdom delivers across DLF 1-4, Cyber City, Palam Vihar, Sector 21/22/23 & MG Road in Gurgaon. They deliver across Gurgaon and some parts of South & West Delhi for orders exceeding Rs.1500.

They also have a range of meals & snacks, RollMatol & MeriTray, which are priced between Rs.50 and Rs.80 and are daily meal alternatives. Cooked fresh, served hot, and with a rotational homely menu, they are perfect for all of us with busy schedules. For details on Mealdom daily meals, log on to

Restaurant Review: Café Delhi Heights, Cyber City

Restaurant Review: Café Delhi Heights, Cyber City

Café Delhi Heights has various outlets across the city, and most of them are pretty full during evenings. The reason for that is multifold- massive variety on their menu, good food at reasonable rates considering the huge portions, and most of all, the youthful, lively ambience they manage to create.

When I visited the Cyber City outlet on a weekday for dinner, it was totally packed. Though I had a reservation, I still had to wait for 15 minutes, so I feel that could have been handled better. However, once we were seated, things started to look up.cafedelhiheights1

We started off with a couple of mocktails: My Aim To Be Cool, which was a combination of kiwi, apple, cucumber, ginger and mint leaves and Ginger Lemonade, a mix of fresh ginger chunks, ginger squash, lemon, and sparkling water. Both the drinks were really refreshing, but we preferred the kiwi one as it had a nice, minty taste.


We ordered a Mushroom Cappuccino and Exotic Veg Treasure to begin with. The veg platter consisted of falafel, clotted cheese croquettes, mushroom caps and salad greens, with a range of dips. The falafel was crispy and flavored well, but lacked moistness inside. The mushroom caps were juicy, but slightly under-seasoned. However, the star on the plate were the clotted cheese croquettes. They were made of a mixture of hung curd, cottage cheese and jalapenos, and then crumb-fried. The croquettes were crispy on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside. These are a must-try here.


For mains, we had Grilled Chicken Breast with English Mustard Sauce and Double Down Chicken. The chicken breast was cooked well, and the mustard sauce was really pungent and strong. The grilled vegetables served alongside were also made well. The double down chicken was a massive dish, surely more than enough for one. It had two pieces of grilled chicken breast, with mounds of sticky bacon and melted cheese stuffed between them. It was served with a spicy, tomato based sauce, which enhanced the flavours of the dish. This dish was served with a quinoa greek salad, which was really ordinary and bland.

Also, the servers had probably forgotten about the Mushroom Cappuccino that we had ordered, and we had to remind them about it. It came while we were already having the mains, due to which we weren’t able to enjoy it. But, the server did apologise for the slip-up and seeing that we had barely touched the soup, offered us dessert on-the-house. These gestures not only showcase good service, but also a commitment to ensure the diner has a good experience.

For dessert, we had Butterscotch Mascarpone Cheesecake. The cheesecake was smooth and light, but was a bit lacking in terms of flavour. The caramel sauce layer on top was nicely done, though.


Overall, it was a nice experience. The restaurant was really busy and bustling, and apart from the slip-up on the soup, the service was quite good. The food was tasty in general, and value-for-money in terms of the huge portions. So, Café Delhi Heights surely can be tried!


Overall Rating: 3.75/5
Location: Shop 10, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 8470954033

Restaurant Review: Wokstar

Restaurant Review: Wokstar

Wokstar is a restaurant serving Chinese and Thai cuisine, with a touch of ‘Indianization’, with its flagship store in Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place. Their menu offers a host of soups, salads, starters, mains, meal combos, with a highlight on Momos and Asian Rolls as live counters. Their focus is on providing fresh and healthy food at really reasonable rates.

I was sent some of their items to sample, and everything was packed and sealed really well. I also liked that they mentioned on the sauces which dish they were for, as most places forget that part. The food was delivered right on time, and the delivery boy was extremely courteous and he also helped us carry all the items inside. This is a very important aspect of any delivery experience, so Wokstar really shined on this account.


Coming to the food, I think there were a few hits and misses, but in general, the food was nice.

Stuffed Button Mushrooms: The mushrooms were really crisp and even during the transit, they had not gone soggy. They were battered lightly, which was good, but on their own, they lacked a bit of seasoning. However, if had with the chili sauce that was sent along, they tasted really nice. The sauce itself was spicy and delicious.


Both the momos- the Chili Paneer Momos and the Spicy Chicken Momos had a thin covering of flour, were well cooked and had been flavored really nicely as well. I really enjoyed these momos, especially with the same chili sauce.


Chicken Aniseed: This dish was nice, but something was lacking. The problem here was that the aniseed has a strong peppery, slightly bitter flavor. So to complement that, the chicken should also have had a pungent flavor, but the chicken was a mild, so it was getting lost in the aniseed flavor.

Drums of Heaven: They were nice and crispy, but nothing great.


The Asian Kathi Rolls, which I felt are a really nice innovation, were all quite tasty. The Chili Paneer Roll, though a bit oily, was really packed with flavor and was my favorite of the three. The Chili Chicken Roll also had nice juicy chunks of chicken and was quite tasty. However, the Spicy Crispy Chicken Roll was not spicy at all, and the chicken pieces in it were a bit bland, which combined with the kathi roll, had very muted flavors.

They had also sent a nice and refreshing dip along with the kathis rolls which had brunoise vegetables in a spicy, vinegary dressing, which was super tasty.


Veg Manchurian: This was perhaps the most disappointing dish. While the Manchurian balls were soft and spongy, the gravy was really bland. A Manchurian gravy, especially for a vegetarian one, should be really robust, with strong flavors of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, etc. But here I could taste none of those. This dish definitely needs to be worked on.

Sichuan Chicken: This was also a decent dish, but needed more punch in the flavour. However, it had a lot of vegetables and chicken pieces, which was nice.


The noodles were both really nice. The Chicken Hakka Noodles was loaded with chicken, which is always great and the noodles also were well cooked and tasty. The Veg Sichuan Noodles were spicy, but not too much, just adequately, and the noodles were not oily as well.


Overall, I think the packaging and delivery are good, but the flavor in the food needs to be amped up a bit, especially in the gravy dishes. But Wokstar can definitely be tried for their delicious momos, noodles, and their innovative Asian kathi rolls.


Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Location: Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 45647869

Restaurant Review: Bandstand

Restaurant Review: Bandstand

Bandstand, a pub/lounge located at Aurobindo Market, is widely known for its live music events, but what we discovered is that the grub is pretty good too. The place was created with the purpose of bringing musicians together to create a lively and fun ambiance, while also showcasing some of the best talent on show today. The interiors of the place do justice to the ‘neighbourhood bar’ theme they are going for, with a spacious bar counter, a stage for live performances, cocktail tables around the stage, and a spacious indoor seating area with a raw feel with graffiti art on the walls. The place also has a nice outdoor balcony area, which is a nice option for hanging out with buddies.


Their bar menu has a nice range of classic cocktails and straight drinks, which are all reasonably priced. Their food menu is short and crisp, focussing on tapas, and a range of Mediterranean and world fusion inspired dishes.

We were invited here for a tasting, and we not only liked the drinks, but also found the food to be on point.

We started off with a Whiskey Sour, which was a heady mix of Whiskey, lime juice, sugar, egg white- all combined in the right proportion to make for a nice drink. We also told the bartender to whip up a nice mocktail, and the instructions we gave were that it should not be sweet, but should be tangy and a tad spicy. And he masterfully created a drink which was exactly what we wanted. It had a mix of lime and orange juice, mint, cumin, green chilies, and some spices and was really refreshing.


Moving on to the food, from the tapas section, we tried:

Cheese and Potato Croquettes: The croquettes had a nice mix of potatoes, chilies and coriander and were seasoned well. The melting cheese oozing from the croquettes just added another nice element to it. It was battered lightly and had a crisp exterior. A nice little snack to have with drinks.

Wild Mushroom Arancini on a Roasted Tomato Bed: The arancini was made well, with the Arborio rice cooked nicely and mixed with mushrooms. However, we felt that there should have been more mushrooms in the arancini as the mushroom flavour was lost amid the rice. But the roasted tomato sauce served with the arancini was really delicious and packed a punch.


Soy Glazed Chicken Yakitori: The chicken was really moist and juicy and was flavored brilliantly with the soy glaze. The sesame seeds sprinkled on top added a nice textural element to the dish and the sauce served alongside was thick, pungent and scrumptious as well.

Chicken Shish Taouk: A traditional Middle Eastern dish, the shish taouk was made well- the chicken was marinated nicely in a mildly spiced yogurt-based sauce and with a little sprinkling of lemon juice on the chicken, this was quite a nice dish.


For mains, we tried:

Quinoa Mix Bowl with Spinach, Aubergine, Mushroom and Ginger Soya Tofu: It was unbelievable that such a healthy dish could be so tasty. It was a colourful bowl of food, with soy-soaked quinoa at the centre, and a myriad of ingredients around it, all of which were healthy, and so delicious. Our favourites were the sautéed mushrooms and the aubergine, which was cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices. For all healthy eaters out there, this is a must-have dish!


Half a Roast Chicken: The chicken came with skin on, roasted to perfection. The chicken skin was crispy, and the meat was succulent, and was rubbed with herbs to impart a nice flavour to it. The chicken came with Wasabi Mash Potatoes, which were creamy and delicious and al dente green beans, on a bed of whiskey cream. The whiskey favour definitely came through in the cream sauce, which was very different and tasty. Also, there was a bowl of house-made barbeque sauce served alongside, which was spicy and tangy and went brilliantly with the chicken. A very good and filling dish indeed.


To close the meal off with dessert, we went with a Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream. The cake was made well, and was really gooey and decadent. The only problem here was that the dessert, when presented to us was already ‘punctured’ with the gooey chocolate oozing out. So we missed out on the whole feel of breaking it apart and having it ooze out in front of us.


The service was courteous and the food came swiftly.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal and the ambiance of the place, and would surely be visiting again soon for one of their live events.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Location: 214, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Place, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Phone No.: 098102 00318

Restaurant Review: Made In Punjab

Restaurant Review: Made In Punjab

Zorawar Kalra is a man on a mission- a mission to make Indian food cool. And so far, he has been very successful at it. The new menu at Made in Punjab is his endeavor to revive the rich culinary history of Punjab, to uncover dishes which have till now been limited to homes and not presented on restaurant menus, or have somehow been lost over time, and of course, make them look smashing! The presentation aspect, which his restaurants are always popular for, starts with the beautifully created menu at MIP. The menu is colorful, graphic and as fun as a comic book. Even the names of the dishes are really quirky, with typical conversational Punjabi words such as ‘Paaji’, ‘Faad’ and ‘Dhaasu’ thrown in.

Coming to the food, there is no ‘molecular gastronomy’, no fusion happening here; it stays quite true to the authentic flavors of the region, with just a few touches of innovation put in, largely in terms of how the ingredients come together, and how the final dish looks.

We started off with some mocktails:

Minty Apple: This was a mix of fresh apple, muddled with mint and lime juice and topped off with house-made apple soda. It was a light and refreshing drink.

Khatta Meetha: A mix of muddled orange, mango juice, lime juice, and passion fruit puree, this was more on the meetha side than the khatta, but the kaffir lime leaves did provide a fresh flavour.

Guava Mary: This was by far the best drink of the three. Made by mixing up guava juice, worcestershire sauce, tabasco salt, and lime juice, it was fresh, spicy and tangy and the magic created by fresh coriander leaves just made it even better.


We tasted a lot of items on their menu:

Popeye Paaji Ki Favourite Chaat: The spinach was battered and fried to a crisp, and looked colorful, covered in yogurt, mint chutney and tamarind sauce, along with some crispy corn, fresh pomegranate seeds and the surprise element of aam papad jelly. The different flavors and textures came together beautifully to make for a really nice dish.

Dhaasu Aloo: This was a really nice take on the humble aloo tikki. It had baby potatoes, with skin on for extra texture, roasted and smashed to attain a really crispy exterior and soft interior. The potatoes were marinated with a garlic and curry leaves flavored oil, which gave it a really different and appealing taste.


Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka: For all those vegetarians who always felt that they aren’t able to get that true taste and crunch of a dish cooked in a ‘bhatti’, this dish comes as a welcome relief. It consisted of big pieces of paneer, marinated in spices, coated with roasted papad and then roasted in a tandoor. The paneer was really fresh and soft inside, while the outside was crisp owing to the papad. It was served on a tray, resting over burning charcoals, which added a nice element to its presentation.

Paneer Barrel Tikka: This dish had barrel-shaped pieces of paneer, marinated in cream and mild spices, stuffed with a cheesy pickle stuffing, and roasted in the tandoor. The quality of the paneer they used was really good, and we could taste the freshness of the paneer. It was really soft and deftly spiced, and was served with a piece of sirka pyaaz, which complemented the mild flavors of the paneer well.


Tokri Chaat: It had small baskets made of aloo lachchas filled with mashed green peas, crispy colocasia, and drizzled with mint and tamarind chutneys. A nice dish, where the flavors were enhanced by the same delicious aam papad jelly we had in the palak chaat.

Jau Mushroom Chakli: This was perhaps the only dish that we didn’t like. The tikks were made with mushrooms and barley, and it was a nice and different combination, but where it lacked was in the spices. It wasn’t seasoned adequately and felt a bit bland.


Legacy Tandoori Champ: Lamb ribs, when done well, can be spectacular, and these were exactly that. The ribs were marinated beautifully in a traditional ghotna spice mix, braised and then tandoor cooked, to achieve a lovely texture, and a scrumptious taste.

Lol Tikki: This was another highlights of the evening- patties made with 6 hour slow cooked leg of lamb and bone marrow, very lightly crumb-coated and fried. The balls had juicy, stretchy and flavorsome meat inside, and a nice crunch on the outside. The bone marrow gave it a lovely earthy note. Also, the smoked tomato chutney served with it worked really well with it. A must-have dish here!


We then moved to main course, which was an equally impressive spread. We tried:

Maa Ki Dal: This was a classic dal makhani- creamy, yet not too heavy, and with a depth of flavor.

Lehsun Palak Chenna: What a dish! It had chenna balls (freshly split cheese) in a gravy made with shredded spinach, more chenna and a light onion-tomato masala. It was a very different dish, had really subtle flavors, and it was simply beautiful. This dish should not be missed.


Luxury Butter Chicken: This is their version of sinful butter chicken, in which they use the best Goan cashews, imported tomatoes, fresh white butter and Punjabi dairy cream. It was rich, heavy and creamy, and though it tasted nice and might be liked by many, it was a bit too rich for my taste.

Fauji Chowk Di Chicken Curry: This was like a home-style, ‘masaledar’ chicken curry, and had beauty in its simplicity.


Nalli Hard Core: This nalli was truly hard core- it had slow-braised kid lamb shanks, and the slow cooking made the bone marrow in the shank to break down and provide more flavour, with an onion and yogurt gravy with extra bone marrow thrown into it to make it even more gelatinous. A really well made dish.

Guchchi Pulao: This was decadence at its best. Glorious guchchi mushrooms, stuffed with marinated paneer, gave the pulao a lovely earthy, musty flavor. The rice was perfectly cooked, and very mildly spiced so as to let the guchchi shine, and rightly so. This again is a dish which must be tried.


We finished off this wonderful meal with some equally great desserts:

Ras ‘Dates’ Malai: A nice twist to a classic rasmalai, this one was stuffed with dates, which brought in a nice, different flavour and textural element. And the best part was that it wasn’t too sweet.


Gaushalla Di Kulfi: The kulfi was a paan-flavored one, and they hadn’t used essence, but actual betel leaves, and it was delightful. This was not only a great dessert, but could also serve as a nice mouth freshener.


After this, we were also given some traditional Indian digestives like churan, aam papad and flavored saunf.


We were also really pleased with the service, which was swift and attentive throughout.

Overall, the new menu at Made In Punjab is spectacular, making this a must-visit food destination.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5
Location: 6-7, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Phone No.: +91 8130911899