Review: The Food Farm Company

Review: The Food Farm Company

Snacking is a habit we can’t do without, so if we have healthy and tasty snacking options, it surely helps keep the calories in check while still being satisfying. ‘The Food Farm Company’ was started with the idea of providing artisanal appetizers and sweet treats. All their products are made with fresh and natural ingredients and are preservative-free. Their range of spreads, dips, sauces, seasonal drinks and desserts also factor-in another aspect which is becoming increasingly important with the kind of busy lives we all need- convenience. So all their offerings come in glass jars, along with a wooden spoon. They can be stored, heated and eaten from the same jar, without the burden of washing up.


I recently tried a few of their products:

Saada Hummus: The hummus was really smooth and thick, and had the perfect level of acidity. It also had a strong garlic flavour, and was certainly one of the best ones I’ve had.

Sarson Da Hummus and Tez Hummus: Really nice and innovative takes on the regular hummus. The tez hummus had really pickle-y jalapeno and a sharpness from the tabasco, while the sarson hummus had a pungent mustard flavour. What’s great about these dips is that they can be used in many ways- the Tez Hummus is a good alternative for chilli mayo on burgers and sandwiches and can also be used as a spread for toast. Sarso da Hummus goes very well with fish chips and as a marination for fish fry, if you’re a mustard fan.


Tzatziki: The tartness of the yogurt really shone through, and the cucumbers were cut into really small pieces, which gave a nice crunchiness. A very nice rendition of tzatziki.

Taaza Pesto: The pesto was so fresh and zingy. This can be used as a dip, or even as a sauce for pasta. Also, what I really liked was that it had texture- the ingredients were minced and not ground finely, and the addition of pistachio gave it more crunch. The traditional pesto, which has pine nuts, usually turns bitter after a few days, but this version containing pistachios remains fresh even after weeks. The pesto sauce can be used to make pasta, as a pizza topping and even as a sandwich spread.


Spiced Orange Sauce: A really nice jam/marmalade to have with bread or even crackers, the sauce had a thick and chunky texture. The sauce was pulpy, and even had pieces of orange zest in it, which amplified the flavours. It had bold, zesty flavours, and packed a real punch. The only thing I would like to point out here is that some of the pieces of the orange zest/rind were a bit too big, and could be a bit overpowering if you happen to get such a huge piece in one bite.


Cookies and Cream: The dessert had rich and decadent chocolate cake, layered with a lovely creamy, yet light and airy mixture of cream and cookie crumble. Also, it was not too sweet, which was great.

Strawberry Cheesecake: The cheesecake was really tasty- the biscuit base was crumbly, while the cheesecake layer was smooth and creamy, while not being too dense. The strawberry compote on top was absolutely amazing. It had a great balance of flavours and the sweetness level was on-point.



Across all products, the freshness definitely came through and all the products packed a punch of flavour. Also, they were all packaged and labelled beautifully. They are also working on the concept of meals in jars, where complete appetizers and even mains would be packaged in glass jars and can be had straight from those jars. So for delicious, healthy, fresh and extremely convenient dips, sauces, desserts and more, The Food Farm Company should definitely be tried!

To find out more about The Food Farm Company, check out their Facebook page here.

Bakery Review: A Piece of Paris

Bakery Review: A Piece of Paris

Paris is known as the city of love. But what it is also known for, is the food, especially the divine Parisian desserts. Bringing to our homes, a little taste of these Parisian delights, is a new home-bakery called A Piece of Paris. I tried a few of their products and was highly impressed with them!

Macarons: Macarons are a labor of love. Made of just three ingredients- almond meal, egg white and sugar, these little sweet treats look deceptively simple to make, but require a lot of skill and experience to get the texture just right. The perfect macaron should have a thin crunchy shell, should be aerated and soft inside, and should just melt in the mouth. The buttercream sandwiched between the two shells should impart the required flavor, but should not be too thick so as to ruin the texture of the delicate macaron shell. And the macarons from A Piece of Paris shone on all fronts- perhaps one of the best I’ve had in Delhi. I tried a few of their classic flavors- chocolate, orange, pistachio, lemon and raspberry. The chocolate one was rich and decadent, the orange one was really fruity and citrusy, and the pistachio had a nice earthy flavor. The lemon one had the right amount of acidity to it and the raspberry was sweet and tart at the same time. The box had been constructed so as to ensure that the macarons don’t break, while at the same time being really elegant to look at, thereby being great for gifting.


Madeleines: Madeleines are traditional French small cakes and the key here is the texture. These shell-shaped cakes have to be really light, and A Piece of Paris did a really good job of these as well. The cakes had an airy and light texture, and a slight lemony after-taste which really uplifted the flavours. What was also great was that these were not too sweet.


Fig Chutney: The chutney was absolutely delightful. It had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours and the consistency was also spot-on. Along with the crunchy, herby crackers, the sharp and delicious cheese, and the fresh red grapes, that they source, this would be a perfect tea-time or breakfast snack.

Overall, not only were the products tasty and beautiful to look at, they were all packaged in a classy and elegant manner. The bakery is really focusing on quality- be it their ingredients, the finished products, or how they are presented. True to its name, A Piece of Paris definitely provides your palate with a taste of some authentic treats from Paris. So to taste these delectable goodies, this bakery should definitely be tried.

While you could always place an order with them at or +91 7042721625, they are also taking part in the LBB Dessert Bazaar at One Golden Mile, Chanakyapuri on 27 February, so you can check out their products there as well.

Restaurant Review: Niche

Restaurant Review: Niche

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The food scene in the city is undergoing a dynamic change, with new concepts, new cuisines and new dishes coming up faster than the speed of light. Chefs are becoming more ambitious, and are learning and displaying unique techniques. Niche is one such restaurant, which hopes to break the monotony of regular food, and bring to the customers, dishes that they would have never experienced before.

Recently opened in Connaught place, Niche has a lounge-style ambience, plush wooden and leather furnishings and upholstery, and a beautiful glass ceiling. The restaurant has a huge DJ console on one side, sheesha sections with grandfather chairs on the other, and a huge bar at the entrance. The main attraction on the second floor is a stage, which will soon be home to various live performers. The terrace area, which was not yet functional at the time of our visit, is also sure to bring in the crowds.


The focus at Niche is on progressive food- bringing together unusual combinations, showcasing exemplary knife skills and demonstrating incredible techniques like spherification, soils, airs, jellys, etc. We were invited to Niche to taste some of their offerings, and the experience was truly spectacular.

We tried a few mocktails:

Pick Pocket Soda: A mix of balsamic shrub, basil, citrus and soda. The balsamic shrub imparts a sweet yet tart flavour to the drink, while the basil and citrus provide minty and peppery notes.

True Blood: This was a really intense drink, with a dominant beetroot flavour, mixed with cold pressed orange juice, raspberry paint and basil blossom.

Kaffir Fizz: This was our favourite drink- made of kaffir lime, spiced pineapple marmalade, citrus, egg white and soda- it was light, zesty and refreshing.


Moving on to the food, we had:

Rajma and Mushroom Galouti Quesadilla: The galouti kebabs had been seasoned with a deft hand and the texture was really smooth, and they went very well with the soft quesadillas. The kebabs were served with tandoori mushrooms and a mushroom pickle, which were both really tasty, and the mint air on the plate provided a nice lightness to the earthy flavours of the dish.


Polenta: The plate had two flavour of polenta- bell pepper and beetroot, along with seasonal mushrooms, asparagus, baby carrots, mushroom soil and parmesan chips. The mushroom soil was extremely innovative and intense in flavour, and the vegetables were perfectly cooked. As for the polenta, the texture was perfect but both of them could definitely have done with a touch more seasoning.


Lal Mirch ka Chicken Tikka: The chicken tikka was served with nitro cooked yogurt chutney and mint cloud. The chicken was juicy and well-cooked and was spiced so masterfully that it tantalizes the taste buds but doesn’t hit you too hard with the chili. Also, the nitro cooked yogurt chutney was not only a nouveau way of presenting the traditional yogurt, but also worked well to soothe the taste buds after the spice from the chicken.


Chicken Arancini: Delicious little balls of chicken arancini, crispy on the outside and soft flavourful on the inside. While the arancini was superb on its own, due credit needs to be given to the delicious accompaniments served alongside- pickled beetroot espuma, crispy kale and beetroot and parmesan chips. The beetroot espuma was so incredibly that we scraped the last drop off the plate, and we literally wanted to buy bags of the crispy kale and parmesan chips.


Beets and Goat Cheese salad: This salad was hands down the most interesting salad we’ve ever had. It had various textures of beets and goat cheese, and it was a total visual treat. Each element we picked up, had a different technique, taste, texture and look. Though it tasted pretty good, it may not be the tastiest salad you’ve ever had, but it promises to make you feel like a happy kid, discovering and exploring each element.


Hari Saag: This is a must-have dish at Niche for vegetarians. It comprised polenta crusted fried yogurt balls in a saag gravy, served with cornbread, white butter soil and jaggery chips. The fried yogurt balls had a crunchy exterior and were delightfully creamy and smooth on the inside. The saag was rustic and homely, giving this dish the perfect balance of modern and traditional. The cornbread on the side was a nice way to represent the traditional makke di roti, and the white butter soil and jaggery chips just made it a complete meal.


Lamb Shank: The portion size was huge and the lamb was cooked to perfection. The flavours were spot-on and served with the jus and seasonal vegetables, this was a heavy and wholesome dish.


62 degrees Chicken Breast: Moist and succulent sous-vide chicken breast (sous-vide is a method of putting the meat in a vacuum sealed bag, which is placed in a temperature-controlled water bath so that it cooks perfectly without losing its juices). The chicken was lightly flavoured with mace and cardamom butter, and was served with chili korma and mint oil powder. The korma gravy had incredible depth of flavour and really uplifted the dish.


We ended our meal on a perfect note, with a beautifully constructed and plated dessert- Flexible Chocolate Ganache: The ganache was rich, luscious and the texture was incredible. It was served with (believe it or not) porcini ice-cream, and surprisingly, the earthy and savoury flavour worked very well with the chocolate. Other elements on the dessert comprised a light and luxurious caramel foam, zingy raspberry jelly and banana and beetroot chips. This dessert would surely be one of our repeated orders at the restaurant.


Niche brings forth incredibly tasty and innovative food, and dining here is an experience. The chef promises that each time you visit, the dishes would have some or the other new elements added to them.

There are different techniques used in every dish, but what is great to see is that everything on the plate serves a purpose, and the techniques are not there just for the sake of it. The team behind Niche has definitely put a lot of thought into designing the menu, as each dish is elaborate and intricate, while still pleasing the palate. The service, though courteous, could be faster.

Niche is definitely worth trying out, but go here with an open mind, and be willing to experiment and try new things, and you will surely come back with a unique experience!

Quick Facts

Location: 2nd & 3rd Floor, M-16, Outer Circle, Connaught Place
Phone No.: +91 9599289970

Restaurant Review: ‘Naan’ery @ Baluchi

Restaurant Review: ‘Naan’ery @ Baluchi

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Some meals are not just about the food, they are about the entire dining experience. And if a superlative dining experience is what you are looking for, Baluchi is the place for you. The signature Pan Indian restaurant at The Lalit, Baluchi serves authentic Indian food, matched with splendid service. The restaurant also features a huge wine cellar, which is home to a range of old and new world wines.

Baluchi has also come up with an interesting concept of a ‘Naan’ery (Naan + wine) wherein they offer a selection of three artisanal breads, paired masterfully by their Head Sommelier Charles, with some house wines. The Naanery section is separate from the main restaurant seating, and one gets to see the breads being made live. This innovative concept is a brilliant initiation into the world of wines for those who are relatively unfamiliar with it. At the same time, it also serves as a unique experience for those who are quite the connoisseurs when it comes to wines, as this kind of combination is a very new concept and would make them appreciate Indian breads in an altogether different light. The wines have been handpicked to perfectly complement the refined flavours of their freshly baked specialty Indian breads. The Naanery experience flows seamlessly from the light to the more robust and full bodied wines, finishing off with the dessert wine.


We started the Naanery experience with Pheni Parantha, which was paired with a light bodied wine from South Rhone Valley- VDP Vaucluse Domaine Lapigeade “Petite Grains De Folie” 2014. The flaky bread, rich in ghee, had sesame seeds and pistachios and a mild flavour, going perfectly with the fruity notes of the wine, and the richness of the bread was cut with the acidity of the wine. The next pairing (and our personal favourite) was the Gilafi Kulcha (a spicy bread topped with cheese, onions and tomatoes) and the fruity and robust red wine AOC Ventoux Domaine Lapigeade “Les Sables” 2014. The bread was absolutely delicious and the spiciness was matched well with the red fruit aromas of the wine. The final pairing was of a dessert wine AOC Beaumes De Venise Domaine Lapigeade 2013 with a fermented semi-sweet bread called Bakarkhani. The bread, which has its origins in Kashmir, had just the right amount of sweetness from the honey, and worked like a match made in heaven with the perfumed sweet orange, honeysuckle and orange marmalade aromas of the beautiful wine. It was a very interactive session and each pairing was explained to us in detail and Charles entertained any questions we had.

The Naanery experience was ethereal, and at Rs 1000, we feel it’s a steal and is something that ought to be tried!

After that wonderful experience, we moved to the main dining area of Baluchi. All the dishes on the menu are accompanied with suggestions for wine parings. Throughout our dinner, we tasted some of these superb wines, and we were in awe of how brilliantly each wine was complementing the flavours of the dishes.


We started off with some kebabs-

Panchpohran Mahi Tikka: The rive sole filet was marinated with the traditional five spice (panchpohran) mix- a combination of mustard, fennel, cumin, fenugreek and onion seeds. The fish was flaky and seasoned deftly.

Mutton Chapli Kebab: The minced lamb was flavoured with pomegranate, coriander and black peppercorns, and cooked on a griddle. The beautiful flavours of the seasonings came through, while still letting the meat shine, which was the beauty of this kebab. This is a must-try here.


Awadhi Kalmi Kebab: The chicken pieces were rubbed with saffron, yellow chili, yogurt and cooked in a tandoor. The chicken was juicy and succulent and the flavours on this dish were subtle and beautiful.

Guchhi Aur Safed Mushroom Ki Galouti: This was a delicate kebab, made of black morels and white mushrooms, aromatized with clove smoke. The kebab had a stupendous earthy flavour, smoky undertones and a smooth texture and it stood its ground even in front of the flavoursome non vegetarian kebabs. This kebab should not be missed.

Dahi Aur Sing Dane Ke Kebab: A dahi kebab like no other, it was flavoured adeptly so as to let the sourness of the hung curd be the hero. The kebabs were coated with roasted peanuts, which provided a nice textural contrast.


For mains, we tried:

Dal Baluchi: Dal Baluchi, a house speciality, is their rendition of the traditional black lentils, but what made it distinct was that it had a lovely rich and creamy texture, while still not being heavy which often happens due to an overload of cream. This kind of creaminess and depth of flavour can only be achieved by cooking over slow fire for a long duration. While there are other dals which have gained more fame (hinting at Dal Bukhara here), this dal was just as good, or dare we say, in fact, better.

Afghani Nalli Nihari: This was a traditional baby lamb shank stew, where the lamb was cooked perfectly, so that it was really soft, but still not breaking apart. The gravy had a gelatinous texture and a robust flavour. Only a very experienced chef can ensure that all spices are in such perfect balance.

Methi Palak Papad Ki Sabzi: This was a lovely melange of spinach and fresh fenugreek finished with crunchy roasted papad. This dish just goes to show that in the right hands, even the most humble ingredients can be brought together to create magic. It was unbelievably creamy, without a drop of cream or oil added to it, and the flavours were just incredible. The beauty of this dish cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.


We devoured these dishes with Garlic Naan and Pudina Parantha, both of which were crispy and delectable.


Then, we ended the extravagant meal with some delightful desserts:

Gulkand Gulab Jamun and Paan Ki Kulfi: The gulab jamun was really soft and was filled with gulkand and dipped in saffron honey syrup, but what stole our hearts was the exquisite kulfi, which was flavoured with betel leaves and sweetened rose petals. There was also a special paan masala sprinkled on top of the kulfi, which was making it all the more appetizing.


After our incredibly soul-satisfying meal, we had a lovely conversation with Chef Satyabir Singh Tyagi, who though a man of great experience and expertise, was unbelievably humble. When asked what the secret behind his delicious food was, he said he makes his own spices and keeps the flavours authentic, while still adding his own touch everywhere. He explained to us that he doesn’t believe in keeping his recipes a secret, as for him, food is about love and sharing. His vision is that the food should make you want to come back for more, and that spices should be used to enhance the taste, not overpower any ingredient.

Overall, having a meal at Baluchi is an extraordinary experience. From the divine dishes, which have pronounced and authentic flavours, to the exemplary, super-attentive service, the entire experience leaves you craving for more and planning your next visit. For all these reasons and more, Baluchi should definitely be earmarked for your next special occasion!

Quick Facts

Location: The Lalit New Delhi, Connaught Place
Phone No.: 011 33105268

Food Delivery Service Review: Eatonomist

Food Delivery Service Review: Eatonomist

Overall Rating: 4/5

Eatonomist offers calorie-counted, health gourmet meals, delivered to your to your office or home. Currently delivering only in Gurgaon, they have a daily changing menu, which has options ranging from Indian, Continental to Oriental, all under 500 calories.

The food was delivered on time, and was packed very neatly. I tried:

Zucchini Lasagna with Vegetables and Ricotta: This is a very interesting take on the traditional lasagne, where instead of the pasta sheets, zucchini slices act as the lasagne. While the mixed vegetables and ricotta in between the layers was incredibly flavourful, the zucchini slices should have been chopped thinner in order to mimic the effect of pasta sheets. That would definitely make this dish taste much better.


Til Wali Gobhi with Multigrain Rotis: The gobhi was cooked al dente, and the gravy had a nice, tangy flavour. The sesame seeds gave a nice crunch to the dish, which added a different textural element. However, the spice level on the dish could be amped up a little. Also, while the rotis were soft and well-cooked, it would be great if they were thinner.


Fish Moilee with Lemon Rice: The fish moilee gravy had really nice flavours, and was not overpowered by the coconut taste, which was nice. Also, the fish was moist and well-cooked. The rice was also quite tasty, though it could have definitely done with a bit more lemon juice.


Overall, the concept is really good- offering calorie-counted versions of gourmet dishes and these definitely make for a healthier alternative to food that we get elsewhere. However, I feel the prices are a bit on the higher side, compared to the portions, but they are using top-quality ingredients, which do push up the costs. But for those looking to keep their calorie consumption in check, while still having delicious and wholesome food, Eatonomist should be tried.

Quick Facts

Phone No.: 088002 33100

Event Review: Rangla Punjab at Punjab Grill, Saket

Event Review: Rangla Punjab at Punjab Grill, Saket

Punjab Grill is a well-known brand and a go-to place for many when it comes to devouring authentic Punjabi fare. While their regular menu has some great options to choose from, they have recently started a food festival called Rangla Punjab, to showcase some rustic and traditional Punjabi dishes from the homes of Punjab.

We were invited to taste these creations, and when we reached the restaurant, we were greeted by servers dressed in authentic Punjabi gidda outfits, and Punjabi folk music playing in the background which added a great deal to the whole feel of the place. The special menu for the festival was presented to us on a miniature charpai.


We started the experience with Kaali Gajar ki Kaanji, a mix of black carrot juice, vinegar, mustard oil, jeera and other spices, giving it a lovely piquant flavour. The drink really got our juices flowing for the meal ahead.

To go along with our meal, we ordered a Fire & Ice Mocktail (a lovely mix of sweet and spicy- lemon, mint and green chili) and a Dhaniya Patta Virjin Mojito, both of which were supremely delicious.


We then had the famous Kotlapure Da Atta Chicken, which is a very interesting creation. The chicken pieces are marinated and covered with a covering of flour and the whole thing is then placed in charcoal to cook on slow heat for 4-5 hours. The atta covering was broken apart in front of us, to reveal tasty morsels of chicken. It was a great dish and a must-try, but the only thing we would like to point out here is that in some chicken pieces, the spices had not seeped into the meat completely.


Next, we had Machhi ke Pakode- juicy and succulent pieces of fish, coated in a flavourful marinade, and then fried. These were served with spicy potato chips which went very well with the fish.

The Mutton Chaamp followed next, which had extremely juicy and soft mutton, covered in a delicious mix of spices. This dish should not be missed.


Moving on, we were served 3 unusual pickles or achaars- Gobhi Shalgam da Achaar, Chicken Achaar and Mutton Achaar. These pickles were absolutely heavenly. They had been preserved in a lovely mix of spices and had an appetizing pungent flavour. Our favourite was the chicken achaar which we simply could not get our hands off.

The main course consisted of some delicious dishes like Kunna Meat (a lovely mutton dish, cooked in an earthen pot on slow fire), Khoya Paneer, Maa Choley Di Dal, Pind Da Saag with Makke Ki Roti. The Kunna Meat is a dish which will keep making you want to go back for more. It had a lovely earthy flavour and the meat had been cooked to perfection. The gravy was thick and gelatinous and had a robust flavour. The paneer was creamy and mild and such a welcome change from the regular shahi paneer and kadhai paneer preparations. The creamy gravy and soft chunks of paneer really soothe the palate. While we love our typical rich Dal Makhani, the maa choley di dal was absolutely incredible. It was not heavy and had been flavoured with whole spices and lots of ginger, onions and tomatoes to impart a lovely flavour. The saag was made in the authentic style and had a coarse texture, though we would have liked a bit more garlic in it. The make di roti served alongside was really thin and tasty.


We had these dishes with Hare Chholiya Da Pulao and a mixed bread basket comprising ajwain, pudina and red chili paranthas. The hare chholiya da pulao was something we haven’t had before, and we loved the simplicity of the flavours. The breads were all really crisp and tasty, though our favourite was the ajwain parantha as it just went incredibly with the home-style food.

For desserts we had Gur Wale Chaawal, Makhane Di Kheer and homemade Masala gur. The rice had been cooked perfectly and were flavoured masterfully with jaggery and dates. The makhane ki kheer was also rich and creamy, and the masala gur just provided an excellent end to a wonderful meal.


The festival is on only till 24th February, so don’t miss a chance to taste these traditional Punjabi dishes, and visit Punjab Grill asap!


Location: 2nd Floor, Food Court, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket


Restaurant Review: Junglee Billee

Restaurant Review: Junglee Billee

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Junglee Billee not only has an unusual and quirky name, but a very unusual concept as well- of a restaurant-cum-boutique. That means that everything on display, from the furniture to the cutlery, is on sale. Another thing that makes the restaurant really interesting is that it is women-centric, to the extent that it does not allow stag entry for men. Designed by famous fashion designer Ms. Nida Mahmood, the place is fresh and bright and the interiors use a multitude of colours, without being jarring. The restaurant, which sprawls across three floors, has a café-style seating on the first floor, with a huge bar in tow, as well as an open-air seating. The second floor is divided into two sections- one having the same café-style seating while the other has a lounge seating. But the most beautiful section is definitely the terrace area, which has hanging gardens on the walls, and a small water body in the centre where your girl gang can dip their feet while having a chat over mimosas and sangrias. The design theme is 70’s Mumbai, but with a contemporary touch. There are many antique pieces adorning the cabinets and walls of the restaurant, giving the place a vintage feel.

The theme of the décor transcends perfectly to the food, with the menu offering the whole spectrum of Mumbai grub, and showcasing all the cultures and cuisines which have led to the creation of the melting pot of Mumbai food as we know it today. Chef Pawan Bisht has masterfully incorporated dishes with Konkan and Maharashtrian influences, a few with Gujarati, Parsi, and Bohri mohalla links, as well as the food of the posh European cafés of South Mumbai.


We started with a few mocktails- while the Twisted Eve (a mix of ginger ale, apple juice and cardamom) was light and refreshing, the Tropical Zing (pineapple, pomegranate and basil) was just as the name suggests- zingy. However, our favourite was the Guava Mary, which had just the right amount of spice.


Moving on to the food, we tried:

Pandus Vada Pav: A perfectly made vada pav with a soft, buttered pav, flavourful vada which was seasoned adeptly, covered in a spicy red chili thekcha masala and topped with a fried and salted green chili. This typical Mumbai street snack is a must-have.


Surati Samosa: Very different from the regular samosas, these were stuffed with lentils and caramelized onions. They were small in size and the outer covering was very thin and extremely crispy. These were accompanied by a scrumptious pumpkin relish and a sweet and sour tamarind sauce.


Khandvi Chaat: They have taken the famous Gujarati farsan and added their touch to it by converting it into a chaat. The khandvi itself was springy and light, and was topped with sesame seeds to give it a nice crunch. The khandvi was paired with a crunchy, tangy chaat and the combination worked surprisingly well.


Koliwada Style Tandoori Surmai: The fish was marinated in the same spices as the typical Koliwada preparation, but instead of being deep fried, it was cooked in a tandoor. The lovely flavour of the amchoor came through and the fish was also cooked well.


Mh. Ali Chicken Boti Kebab: Their take on the famous boti kebab from Mhd. Ali Road in Mumbai, this had juicy and flavourful chicken pieces, slathered in a creamy sauce which made it taste simply divine.


Bhaijaan Seekh Kebab: The recipe takes inspiration from a famous shop in Mumbai, where Salman Khan frequently visits, hence the name. The kebabs were juicy and had a lovely grainy texture, and were deftly spiced, so we could actually taste the meat, and none of the flavourings were overpowering.


Mushrooms with Garlic Aioli: Mushroom caps, stuffed with a creamy garlic aioli – the lack of adequate seasoning on the mushrooms and a light hand on the garlic in the aioli was a downer on this one.


Amaranth, Beetroot and Rocket Salad: The salad served as a nice palate cleanser. It had bitter rocket leaves, juxtaposed with the sweet beetroot marinated in a kokum vinaigrette, and covered with amaranth seeds, which provided a crunchy texture. While it may be a hit with salad-lovers, there was nothing exceptional about this salad, so we probably won’t be ordering it again.


Gujarati Kadhi Pakoda: Authentic Gujarati-style kadhi, with a tinge of sweetness, and a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves, while the pakoda was spiced with deghi mirch to give it a light red colour. It was served desi style in a tiffin and it tasted quite nice.


Chicken Sanju Baba: This dish is a recreation of a famous dish from the iconic Noor Mohommad Hotel in Mumbai, and the story goes that Sanjay Dutt visited the kitchen of this place and created this dish. It had chicken cooked with curd, saffron, red chillies and whole spices, and topped with almonds. The tomatoes gave it a lovely tangy taste and the dish had a very unique and delicious flavour.

Iranian Berry Pulao: The much-loved dish consisting of saffron-infused fragrant rice with Iranian berries and caramelized onions. The veg version had soya chaap while the non-veg one had juicy and succulent mutton pieces. This is surely a must-try here!


For desserts, we had:

Bombay Mava Cheesecake with Butter Frosting and Berry Coulis: They have taken the famous Mava cake and converted it into a cheesecake, with a cashewnut base, and topped with a silky-smooth butter frosting. The berry coulis served alongside works well to counter the sweetness of the cake and bringing the dish in perfect balance.

Caramel Custard: Perfectly made, springy, wobbly and creamy custard, with a beautiful caramel sauce, and the best part was that it was not too sweet.


Junglee Billee scores not only in terms of décor and food, but also in terms of exceptionally courteous and professional service. Many restaurants are cashing in on this new wave of concept-driven places, but few are truly following through with it. Junglee Billee gives you exactly what it promises- a vintage, 70’s era Mumbai inspired women-centric place with typical Mumbai food- and the theme is actually incorporated seamlessly in each and every aspect of the place. Junglee Billee should definitely be visited to find a little piece of Mumbai in the heart of Delhi!


Quick Facts

Location: M-24, Main Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1
Phone No.: 011 33105462