Online Food Delivery Service Review: World In A Box

Online Food Delivery Service Review: World In A Box

Overall rating: 4.25/5

With the hectic lives we all lead today, healthy food delivered to the convenience of our house has become the need of the hour. Joining the bandwagon of online food delivery joints that cater to this pressing need is World in a Box. But what sets this place apart if that they are not doing the same run-of-the-mill food items. Rather, their focus is to deliver high-end gourmet food, cooked in a healthy manner, to the comfort of our homes.

They have an extensive menu to choose from and they cater to every possible need- veg/non-veg/vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free/nut-free, etc. The menu changes daily and all the items are prepared using locally sourced, seasonal and fresh ingredients. Another thing that stands out about World in a Box is their commitment to maintaining a clean and green earth- the use 100% recycled and bio-degradable materials in their packaging and cutlery.

Coming to the food, I tried:

Most Delicious Ever Salad: True to its name, this salad was not only filled with nutritious items like couscous, chickpeas, watermelon, etc., but also tasted really nice owing to the sweet chili garlic pepper dressing.


California Avocado Bacon Chicken (ABC) Sandwich: A very unusual but delightful combination of herbed chicken, crispy grilled bacon and creamy avocado, in a pungent barbeque sauce. The avocado gave the chicken the required moistness, without having to use dollops of dreadful mayonnaise. The bread used for the sandwich was multi-grain and was fresh and soft.


Chicken Roulade in Bbq sauce with Baby Potatoes and Veggies: This was a spectacular dish and an entire meal in itself. One doesn’t expect such gourmet dishes from food delivery services, but not only was it packaged nicely, it tasted wonderful as well. The chicken was moist and succulent, and stuffed adequately. The potatoes and veggies were also cooked perfectly and still had a crunch to them. The only thing that could perhaps be improved upon in this dish was the bbq sauce. It could be a bit more balanced in flavour, as it was a bit on the sweet side.


Oh! She Glows Smoothie: The smoothie was a mix of really healthy things like cucumber, spinach kiwi, mint, almonds, yogurt and honey, yet was delicious. What I also really appreciated about the smoothie was that it was just mildly sweet, which gave the other ingredients a chance to shine.


Ten vegetable Tomato Basil Soup: This was the best dish of the lot for me. The soup was robust in flavour, had the perfect consistency and was loaded with vegetables, all cooked al dente. The soup had a lovely depth of flavours and one could taste the herbs and spices used in the soup, but none of them were overpowering. This soup is a must-have during winters!


While no meal is complete without dessert, World in a Box ensures that the ‘healthy’ aspect is taken care of here as well. I had the Blueberry Cheesecake Jar. The cheesecake was topped with fresh berries and red grapes and though it was a healthier version of the decadent cheesecakes that we are used to, it was still quite nice.


Apart from the fact that all the food was really well made, it was all packed very neatly as well. They also provided cutlery, paper napkins and sachets of salt, pepper and even a hand sanitizer.

Overall, with delicious gourmet food, timely delivery, and neat packaging, World In A Box is a must-try!

To find out more about World In A Box, check out their website here.

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