Bakery Review: The Bombaykery

Bakery Review: The Bombaykery

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I have a massive sweet tooth, and I simply love variety when it comes to desserts. But heavenly as they are, they are also filled with calories and having more than one slice of cake is a huge indulgence.

To solve some of these problems is the new entrant on the delivery-only bakery scene- The Bombaykery- which works to satisfy all your sweet cravings, with delicious bite-sized baked goods, so that you get to taste a variety of items, with lesser guilt. Why the name Bombaykery? Because the people behind this venture are originally from Mumbai and they want to expand their menu to include some quintessential Mumbai flavours, like their cutting chai macaron.

I was lucky enough to taste a number of their products, each better than the previous. I tried:

Cupcakes: I tried 4 cupcakes- Nutella, Nutty Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Red Velvet. All the cupcakes had a delightful soft and springy texture. The red velvet had a tart cream cheese icing, while the icing for the dark chocolate cupcake was rich and luscious. The ganache topping on the nutty chocolate cupcake also had a lovely creamy texture, and the nuts on top were well roasted. But the winner was the Nutella cupcake. The icing was light but still had a rich chocolate flavour, and the gooey Nutella filling inside the cupcake was a lovely surprise. This cupcake is a must-try!


Lemon Tart: The tart shell was thin and crisp and was baked perfectly. Also the balance of the tart to filling was spot-on! But what took the tart to another level was the tangy lemon curd. Very often, lemon curds end up being either too sweet, or not lemony enough. But in this case, the flavour was just the way it should be.


Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart: This was spectacular. The tart shell here again was superb. The layers of the chocolate ganache and the salted caramel (a combination which is a personal favourite) just elevated this dessert. Also, a special mention here on the salted caramel- the balance of sugar and salt was precise, something few people get right.


Kala Khatta Baked Cheesecake: I simply love cheesecakes, and I’ve had many, but none like this. The mix of blackberries and blueberries in the compote made the topping pleasantly sour, while the cheesecake itself was zingy and light. The crust was also incredibly tasty, and the base was crunchy, but the sides had become a bit soggy. Though I personally really loved the dessert, the sourness of the cheesecake may not be a hit with everyone.



Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie: Another spectacular creation! I’ve had a couple of red velvet cheesecake brownies before but they have always been really dry for some reason. But this one was moist and fluffy, while the icing was adequate in quantity and delicate in flavour. Really lovely!


Macarons: I am a huge macaron fan. But I feel very few people know how to get the texture right. The outside of the macaron should be crisp while the inside should be light and bubbly, and they should break apart instantly- they should be slightly chewy, but not hard at all. I tried the lavender, passion fruit and chocolate macaron. The texture of their macarons was spot-on, and the flavours also came through- especially in the passion fruit one, which just tantalized my taste-buds.


Nutella & Sea salt Cookies: Amazing texture- buttery and soft, with gooey chunks of Nutella inside. The sprinkling of the sea salt made these cookies exceptional, though I would have liked a bit more Nutella inside.


Walnut Brownie: The brownie was fudgy inside and had a paper-thin crust, just the way it should be. However, the brownie could have been a bit more fudgy for it to be among the best I’ve had.


Biscotti: Probably the best I’ve had- finally one that got the sweetness right. Biscotti needs to be just faintly sweet, and that’s exactly how this one was. Also, it was really toasty and crunchy, and would be a perfect accompaniment to tea/coffee.


Cheese Straws: Incredible is the word for these. Thin, crunchy, extremely flavourful. They really packed a punch, looked amazing and I just couldn’t stop at one. The straws had a lovely background flavour of spices, a strong punch of cheese, and a slight bitter note at the end coming from the toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top.


I always ask myself after each meal, which is the one dish/dessert I would go back for. In this case, it is so different, as I had to ask myself which one I wouldn’t like to go back for, and the answer is none!


All the desserts are really polished in their flavours and combinations. There is a lot of care and attention that has clearly gone into their creation and not only are they sublimely delicious, but they are also made using the finest ingredients and are also very well presented.

The elegance of the desserts transcends into the packaging, which was clean and neat- simple yet elegant. A customized box like the one I tried would also serve as a brilliant gifting option.

Moreover, all the products were reasonably priced and were surely value for money.

For all these factors, The Bombakery becomes a must-try, and I’m sure once you do, you’ll be hooked for a long long time!


The Bombaykery Phone No.: +91 9811801005 ; +91 9810222150

Restaurant Review: Zu Tisch

Restaurant Review: Zu Tisch

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

We are always on the lookout for trying something new and interesting when it comes to food, so when we were invited to Zu Tisch, we were really excited. At the same time, being complete novices with regard to German food, we were a bit apprehensive of what we were in for. However, our experience at Zu Tisch was nothing short of spectacular.

From the ambience and furnishings to the music, the restaurant has a rustic bistro feel to it. The walls have been painted with the German map, with names of some prominent cities.

While the menu does have quite a few vegetarian items, the emphasis is clearly on the meat.

We tried:

BBQ Spare Ribs: The pork ribs were grilled to perfection, and had a lovely smoky taste, and the meat was literally falling off the bone. But what took this dish to another level was the delectable sticky bbq sauce. The sauce had a perfect balance of sweet, tangy and spicy flavours. This dish is a must-have here!


Cordon Bleu: This was a pan-fried chicken schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese. The chicken had a thin, crisp crust and was very juicy and soft on the inside. The ham and cheese stuffing was generous and the ham was clearly of superior quality. The chicken was served with a side of potato wedges which were crisp and spicy.


Fisch Brotchen Mops: Perfectly cooked Basa fish, deftly spiced and well marinated. The fish was coated with an exquisite and zingy sauce made from fresh herbs. This dish was served with smashed baby potatoes which were also really tasty, and a lovely piece of buttered corn on the cob.


Texas Bbq Lamb Chops: The lamb chops were again toothsome, and the meat was moist and well-cooked. The chop was drizzled with a beautiful sauce called kokkari, with was earthy and flavouful. The lamb was served with smashed potatoes and a piece of toasted bread, generously coated with a delicious garlic-herb butter.


Across the board, all meats were perfectly cooked, adeptly spiced and all the sauces also had a lovely depth of flavour. Whether one likes fish, chicken or red meat, there is something for everyone here, and each dish is simply delectable.

Along with our meal, we also had a couple of drinks.

Berlin Beer: This was an interesting and heady mix of green Apple, beer and vodka, and was also served in a very innovative manner. The vodka and green apple mix was served in a huge fish-bowl shaped glass, with a bottle of over-turned beer. This way, the beer kept seeping out of the bottle slowly, and mixing with the other components.


German Chocolate Shake: The shake was perhaps the only disappointment for the day, as it lacked a rich chocolate flavour and tasted a bit diluted.


The service was excellent throughout, with the servers promptly changing our plated after each dish.

Overall, for all meat-lovers out there, Zu Tisch is an absolute must-visit!


Quick Facts

Location: 2nd Floor, M-18, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1,

Phone No.: +91 9810885447; +91 9871558565

Restaurant Review: Qubitos

Restaurant Review: Qubitos

Overall Rating: 4/5

Rajouri Garden has been hit by a wave of new restaurants in the past couple of months, and another new kid on the block is Qubitos- The Terrace Café.

The place has a British pub feel to it, with wooden interiors and high chairs. The décor is chic, neat and minimalistic, giving the place a relaxed vibe. There is an open air section as well, with ample seating and the provision of mist fans for summers. They also have a deck which seats 20 people- ideal for private parties or gatherings.



Coming to the food, we tried:

Vegetable Tilla Kebab: Normally we find veg kebabs really dry, but this kebab had the perfect texture- it was moist and juicy on the inside while crunchy outside. The spices were subtle but gave the kebabs a nice flavour.

Dahi Kebab: The dahi kebabs were creamy, slightly tangy and went brilliantly with the spicy and fresh coriander chutney.


Stuffed Mushroom Caps: This was a really interesting dish- mushrooms caps, halved and coated on one side with a batter and fried, and then stuffed with cheese and bell peppers. The batter was thin and crunchy and tasted nice, while the cheese in the stuffing had melted perfectly and was really oozy and tasty. The mushrooms had still retained their bite, and were not overcooked, but could have been seasoned slightly more.


Butter Chicken Spring Roll: This was a really innovative dish- something we haven’t seen before. The spring rolls were really crisp, without being oily, and were filled with tandoori chicken. The dipping sauce served alongside was actually makhani gravy. So, essentially, it was a very unique take on butter chicken and it tasted delicious. A must-have dish here!


Stir Fried Fish Chili Basil: The fish was cooked perfectly and was really soft and flaky. The marinade was subtle in spice but had a lovely flavour of basil coming through.


Tai Chi Chicken: The chicken chunks were juicy and the sauce was balanced very well.


Chicken Soup: It was a nice clear chicken soup, with a lovely fresh flavour from the herbs. The soup was loaded with chicken chunks, and this light soup is perfect for winters.


Mushroom Soup: This is another must-have at Qubitos. Though the chicken soup was really nice, it got completely overshadowed by the mushroom soup, which was perhaps the best one we’ve had. The soup had a lovely delicate flavour, was creamy but not heavy, had been spiced adeptly and the mushroom flavour was amazing. For mushroom lovers, this is something which should not be missed.


Cheesy Cream Sauce Pasta Pan: Perhaps the only disappointing dish of the lot. The pasta was overcooked and over-sauced. When we discussed the same with the chef, she said she totally agrees with our feedback but the only reason she prepares it this way is because this is what a majority of the crowd wants. While we can understand that, the dish wasn’t enjoyable for us.


Burmese Chicken Curry: The dish was really authentic and had lovely flavours. The curry was mildly spiced and had a strong background flavour of coconut. The chicken was well cooked and the spices had penetrated inside the chicken as well.


Chocolate Almond Fudge Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream: The brownie was really fudgy and luscious and had a rich, dark chocolate flavour. This was an excellent way to end a delightful meal.


Along with our meal, we also had 2 mocktails:

Juicy Julep: A mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, mint and lime juice. While the drink was quite nice and refreshing, it was perhaps a bit too heavy on the mint.

Mango Spice: This was a really nice drink- thick mango pulp, with a mild kick of spice coming from the tabasco and jalapenos- a nice balance of sweet and spicy.


Our server was really courteous and polite and had good knowledge of the menu.

Overall, it was a delightful meal, with some absolute must-try dishes. The service was excellent and the ambience and music were also really good. Qubitos, though new to the market, has definitely made its mark and should be tried!


Quick Facts

Location: C-7, 4th Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden

Phone No.: 011 33106389

Food Delivery Service Review: Twigly

Food Delivery Service Review: Twigly

Overall Rating: 4.25/5

The process of ordering food has changed drastically, and this segment has also become very competitive. Another new name joining the brigade is Twigly, and in a very short time-frame, it has made a mark, and deservedly so.

Twigly makes the whole process of food delivery extremely seamless- the ordering process is smooth and the food is delivered within 45 minutes. The menu changes daily, with a focus on global cuisine, and they use the freshest of ingredients. The dishes are prepared by professional chefs in a hygienic manner, while ensuring the ingredients retain their nutrients. But what was most striking to me, was their huge passion towards the quality of their food. They have currently restricted themselves to certain areas for delivery, where they are sure their food will arrive fresh and hot, and they will in no way compromise on that. They do plan to extend their delivery area, but only when they have the required resources.

I tried their Hummus and Peas Patty Sandwich, Grilled Fish and Mashed Potatoes and New York Cheesecake.

The food arrived neatly packed in containers and there was absolutely no leakage of the liquid items.

The sandwich had a subtly spiced pea patty with pickled vegetables, slathered with hummus in freshly baked bread. The sandwich was not only tasty, but was also huge and was definitely value for money.


The grilled fish was cooked perfectly and spiced adeptly. The marinade was extremely flavourful and took the dish to another level. The fish had various accompaniments- making for a hearty meal. The mashed potatoes were creamy and fluffy, while the lemon butter sauce packed a punch. The sautéed vegetables were cooked al dente and were seasoned well, and the bread was soft. Overall, a great dish!


The New York Cheesecake at 59 bucks is a steal! The slice was large, and the cheesecake was creamy, light and adequately sweet.


Overall, Twigly’s emphasis on good food, at rather reasonable rates, with no compromises made on quality sets it apart from the crowd and definitely makes it worth trying!

To find out more about Twigly, check out their website here.

Restaurant Review: Masabaa

Restaurant Review: Masabaa

Overall Rating: 4/5

Masabaa is a fine-dining restaurant on the super-busy Punjabi Bagh Club road which has recently become home to many new restaurants and cafes. But with its beautiful ambience, Masabaa manages to set itself apart which is noticeable right from the moment you step foot into the restaurant. The place has been done up beautifully in shades of gold and brown, and decorated with chandeliers and sculptures of lions (from where the restaurant derives its name), giving it quite a majestic feel.

While the restaurant does serve Chinese and Continental dishes, it prides itself on its authentic North Indian preparations, which they claim are also their best-sellers.

For starters we tried:

Tomato and Basil Soup: This was a thick and creamy tomato soup, done the traditional way. Though it was decently tasty, there was nothing spectacular about it.


Everyday Nachos: The nachos, they claimed, were completely home-made and tasted quite nice. The nacho chips were crisp and flavourful. The nachos were topped with fresh and zingy salsa which was one of the best salsas we’ve had. The sour cream was also light and tangy. Overall, this is a really good snack option. Also, the quantity of this snack was surprisingly huge.


Dahi Kebab: The dahi kebab were slightly disappointing as the panko crust on them was a tad too thick. As a result, the dahi kebab were neither creamy nor tangy and lacked flavour.


Mutton Galauti Kebab: These kebabs were spectacular. They were perfectly spiced and had a lovely subtle saffron flavour coming through. The texture was spot on- soft and velvety. The kebabs were served atop tiny discs of utle tawe ka parantha which complemented the kebabs very well.


Classic Caesar Salad: The salad was well made with crunchy garlic bread croutons and fresh lettuce leaves. The salad dressing was well balanced and wasn’t too heavy.


While the starters did impress, the main course is what stole the show. We tried:

Dal Masabaa:  This was the traditional dal makhani-  the dal was rich and creamy and had a depth of flavour which only comes from cooking for long durations on low heat.


Kashmiri Rogan Josh: The mutton chunks were perfectly cooked and just melted in the mouth. The gravy was perfectly balanced- it was neither bland, nor too spicy, and each individual spice could be felt in the mouth. The gravy had a lovely depth of flavour and reflected the chef’s mastery of use of spices.


Murgh Amber Biryani: The chicken biryani had succulent chunks of chicken and the rice was fragrant and fluffy. The whole spices were shining through the biryani, and the background note of saffron was just perfect and lifted the dish to a different level altogether.


After a hearty meal, we decided to top it off with a dessert. We went for the Chocolate and Cinnamon Fondant with Vanilla Ice-cream. The fondant had a rich dark-chocolate flavour, but the cinnamon was missing. The vanilla ice-cream was covered with peanuts which gave the dish the required crunch.


Along with our meal, we also had two mocktails- Virgin Mojito and Masabaa Green. The virgin mojito was really well-made, with the mint, lemon and sugar in the right balance. The masabaa green had pineapple juice and mint and was very refreshing. Both the drinks were also very nicely presented.


Overall, our meal was quite a tasty one, with the main course in particular which was spectacular. The service was extremely swift and efficient throughout, which, coupled with the classy and elegant décor made for a really nice experience. We would definitely recommend Masabaa for a hearty North Indian meal with family and friends alike.

Quick facts

Location: 37, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh

Phone No.: 011 33106182

Restaurant Review: The Nest

Restaurant Review: The Nest

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Opened up recently, the Nest is a grand property, successor to F-bar and Lure which earlier occupied the same property. It surely is a welcome relief from the tiny and congested one-floor restaurants located at HKV, Rajouri Garden, etc. The Nest sprawls across three different segments- a glass house lounge, an open air restaurant and a water front cabana.

We were invited for a blogger’s table at the Nest and sat at the open air restaurant.

No doubt The Nest has a beautiful locale to its credit, which builds up huge expectation for service and food as well. Unfortunately, our experience at the Nest could not translate our high expectations into an experience worthy to be termed as ‘grand’.

The food in general was just above average, with not a single dish compelling enough to entice a second visit.

We started off with a welcome drink termed Surya- which had orange juice and mint. It was just an average tasting drink with nothing spectacular as its attractive name suggested.


For food, we tried the following dishes:

Mushroom Truffle Pizza: The pizza was loaded with mushrooms and was also topped with truffle oil, which may be an acquired taste for some, but we quite enjoyed it. The base was thin and perfectly cooked.


Bolognaise Goat Cheese Pizza: The toppings had a nice balance of meaty bolognaise and sharp goat cheese which makes for an interesting combination. However, there was nothing extraordinary about this pizza.


Chicken Dimsum: The chicken filling was juicy and had an amazing flavor of ginger and herbs, providing a nice freshness to the dimsum.


Lamb Dimsum: The lamb filling inside the dimsum barely had any spice or herbs in it, rendering it quite bland.


Taquitos: These were miniature tacos, stuffed with a filling of chicken, tomatoes, onions and greens. However, there was too much leafage and too little chicken in the dish – not too impressive to taste.


Quesadilla: The quesadillas were stuffed with a tasty chicken stuffing, and the tortillas were soft. The dish was served with a zingy salsa which complemented the dish well.


Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil: A decent tasting risotto, nothing great about it.

Chili Chicken: The chicken was overcooked to the point of being hard, and barely had any flavour.


The food alone, coupled with the beautiful ambience would have warranted a much better rating, but what completely ruined the experience for us was the poor service. We were made to wait for long periods of time before the dishes were served. The servers quite often seemed confused about the menu.

We had also placed an order for Chipotle Chicken Tikka, Peanut Butter Chicken, Chicken Chipotle Sliders and Mutton Galouti, and despite reminding the servers repeatedly of our order, and after having waited for almost an hour for these, we had no option but to leave without tasting these dishes.

Overall, with decent food and subpar service, The Nest still needs a lot of polishing to be able to live up to its promising location and ambience.

Quick Facts:

Address: Tavern on The Greens, Lado Sarai, Aurobindo Marg
Phone No.: 011 33107590