Review: Chocovault

Review: Chocovault

Overall Rating: 4/5

‘If chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is’. And you will find all the answers at Chocovault, a newly opened chocolate café in Hauz Khas Village.

The entry to this place is in the shape of a vault door, and aptly so, as inside it holds the most treasured items- delicious desserts!

Still new, the café currently doesn’t boast of a large place for the liking of a big group, but the owner has plans to expand it soon. The interiors are really quirky but charming and the entire place reflects ‘decadence’. Anybody who loves desserts, and especially chocolate, would feel like a kid in a candy shop here as the cafe boasts of a huge variety of chocolate items on offer, and each of them unique in its own right. So the most difficult thing when you visit the café would be to choose the right dessert, as you would want to try everything available on the menu!

We ended up trying five desserts:

Lip-smacking: A creative presentation of red velvet cake- it was in the shape of luscious red lips, which when you bite into, reveals the most delicious moist red velvet cake, surrounded by tart cream-cheese frosting. This dessert looked amazing, but tasted even better than it looked.


The Choco-Nuke: One of their signature items. This had a chocolate ball, on which hot chocolate sauce was poured, causing the chocolate ball to melt and reveal a really nice take on black forest- chocolate mousse, cherries and chocolate sponge. The chocolate sauce was rich while the mousse was light and airy, providing the perfect contrast in textures. Another point worth mentioning here is how perfectly the chocolate ball was moulded. It was clean and sharp, which takes great technique and skill to execute.


The Show Stopper: Another one of their signature items- this was a combination of chocolate, salted caramel and crunchy biscuit. This dessert was quite complex and had layers of different textures and flavours, starting with a light and subtle caramel mousse, followed by a crunchy biscuit layer and finished with a rich chocolate cake layer. The one thing that can be improved though is that the crunchy layer was a bit too thick, making it a bit hard to break apart with the spoon. This dessert is something you would expect to find in top Parisian bakeries and is definitely worth trying.


Scandalous Mud Cake: This is not the usual mud-cake, rather, it’s been taken to the next level by layering chocolate cake with salted caramel to give a more balanced and well-rounded taste. The chocolate cake was rich and moist and the caramel provided the correct balance of sweet and salty flavours. A stellar dessert!


Brownie Waffle Stick: We’ve all had waffles in their regular form, but Chocovault has put their twist on these as well, and converted them into waffle sticks. and they have 10 different flavours of waffle sticks on offer. We opted for the brownie flavour which had a crunchy waffle base, with chocolate sauce and flavoured cream topped with brownie bits. A must try for waffle lovers.


Apart from these, we also tried 2 drinks:

Belgium Chocolate Elixir: The presentation of this drink was also quite different. The drink came in a kettle-shaped jar and when that was placed atop the glass, the drink poured into the glass. The chocolate shake was really smooth and creamy and had a rich chocolate flavour. One of the best chocolate shakes that we’ve had.


Virgin Mojito: Well, clearly chocolate is their forte and its best if you stick to that. While there was nothing wrong with the mojito, it was just ordinary, and could have in fact done with a little less mint and a bit more lemon juice.


Overall, it’s clear that a great amount of research and attention to detail has gone into crafting each of these items. Each dessert seems really innovative as well as pleasing to the palate. Another thing which comes across is that these desserts are made with top-quality ingredients- couverture chocolate, imported cream cheese, etc., and hence justifies the slightly higher pricing. The café has a vast menu and each dessert is not only eye-catching, but also has a unique appearance and is even more amazing to taste. The service is also warm and courteous.

All this makes Chocovault a must-visit for all dessert-lovers!

Chocovault1 Chocovault2 Chocovault3 Chocovault4

Quick Facts

Location: 1-A, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village

Phone Number: 011 33106468

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