Restaurant Review: Kebab Gali, Vasant Kunj

Restaurant Review: Kebab Gali, Vasant Kunj

Address: Ground Floor, Vasant Square Mall, Vasant Kunj

Overall rating: 3.5/5

I had visited the Yusuf Sarai outlet of Kebab Gali a month back, and when they opened up another outlet at the Vasant Square Mall, they invited me for a complimentary meal. It is a tiny outlet with just 4 tables and the decor is minimalistic. However, the service, as was with the Yusuf Sarai outlet is very warm and prompt.
Coming to the food, we ordered Dohra Kebab, Garlic Chicken Tikka and Mutton Galouti Kebab for starters along with Fresh Lime Soda.
Dohra Kebab is definitely one of the best items on their menu. It has minced mutton inside and minced chicken on the outside, in the shape of a seekh kebab. Both the meats were well seasoned and juicy, and the kebab was quite tasty. The Garlic Chicken Tikka was well marinated in a nice mix of spices and was succulent and flavourful, with a subtle flavour of garlic. The galouti was served with regular paranthas (even though the menu says varqi parantha), and though varqi paranthas are meant to be a little sweet, I think they should tone down the sweetness on this one. The galouti was soft and delicately spiced- not the best I’ve had, but still quite good. The fresh lime soda had some kind of mint syrup in it and was quite refreshing.
By the time we got done with starters, we were too full for main course, but since I wanted to try at least one item on their menu, I asked them to get me a small portion of Chicken Curry with Mirchi Parantha. The chicken curry was a basic, spicy, home-style type of curry and the chicken pieces were very tender. While I was expecting the mirchi parantha to be one with red chili powder, this one had chopped green chillies on it and was quite good.
Overall, this is a nice place for kebabs (while their main course items could do with some improvement) and all their dishes are reasonably priced. Another good thing is that all their main course dishes have the option of half or quarter portions, so that you can have more variety. This place can definitely be tried, and is more suited for home delivery.

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Bakery Review: The Sugar Cube

Bakery Review: The Sugar Cube

Address: Greater Kailash (GK) 1

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I have a major sweet tooth, so when I got a box of some yummy sweet treats from The Sugar Cube, I was delighted. These were some of their signature items and all of them were delicious.

1. Red Velvet Cake: It was one of the best red velvet cakes I’ve had. The proportion of icing to cake was perfect and the cake was very soft.
2. Vanilla Creme Brulee with Raspberry Jelly: I am not sure whether this was creme brulee as I couldn’t find any brulee element. It was more like a cheesecake, with a biscuit base, topped with a smooth and creamy custard, topped with a tart raspberry jelly- an amazing combination.
3. Chocolate Fudge: This is surely a treat for chocolate lovers. I loved how they have played with textures here. It had 4 layers of different textures of chocolate- a baked chocolate base, with a rich chocolate marquise, then a layer of tempered chocolate, topped with a chocolate glaze. The chocolate marquise was rich and creamy and the entire dessert was amazing.
4. Mango Pistachio: This is a perfect dessert for the summers. It had a pista flavoured sponge cake, mango jelly, fresh mangoes and a cream cheese topping. Not only was this a great combination, it was a perfect ode to summers- the season for mangoes.
5. Heaven and Hell: This dessert showed great creativity. They put too polar opposite cakes- devil’s food cake and angel’s food cake together, along with a rich peanut butter cream cheese frosting. This one would be a big hit with peanut butter lovers.
6. Melon Pannacotta: Again a perfect dessert for summers, and I have never seen the use of Musk Melon in desserts, so this was very innovative and was very tasty, light and refreshing.
7. Banana-Peanut Butter & Chocolate Loaf: This cake loaf was also very soft and moist and the flavour combination was very nice.
Overall, not only were all the desserts amazingly delicious, I also loved the fact that all of these 7 products (except for the red velvet) were very different and innovative, things you normally don’t find elsewhere. They are very skilled at putting different flavours and textures together and creating something unique and amazing. I also really appreciate the use of seasonal fruits to create season-specific desserts.
Another thing was the detail of the presentation. All the desserts were beautiful to look at. I also loved the use of tempered chocolates, ganache etc. for decoration rather than fondant.
This is definitely one of the best bakeries in Delhi and I look forward to tasting more of their wonderful creations!
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Bakery/Patisserie Review: Sugarama

Bakery/Patisserie Review: Sugarama

Overall rating: 4/5

Chocolate making is an art, And it’s an art not many have perfected in Delhi at least, except Rama Chadha.

Sugarama is a patisserie which apart from other products, makes amazing Belgian chocolates in really awesome flavours like strawberry chili (my favourite), wasabi, salted caramel, etc. The filling inside the chocolates is so creamy and delicious, and the texture is perfect. Unlike other ones that I have tried, the filling inside these chocolates doesn’t turn hard and chewy even after being refrigerated. I feel they are also a perfect gifting option because they each have a different design and look very elegant.

Another item that I feel they do brilliantly are the macarons. And macarons are not very easy to get right. Not only do they have the perfect texture, but Sugarama has so many innovative variants like mango chili, vanilla pepper, cola, other than the regular flavours.

I personally love the combination of spice with sweet, and it is really not being explored to its potential yet, and that is where Ram takes the cake (no pun intended). Whether it’s his macarons or his chocolates, he adds a kick of spice to his sweets which take them over the edge.

I also tried the brownies and I have to say that the cream cheese brownies are absolutely to die for – rich fudgy gooey chocolate brownies, topped with a decadent layer of cream cheese.

This bakery/patisserie is definitely one of the best in Delhi and is absolutely a must try!!

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#LBBEvent! Sweetest Day of the Year – Dessert Bazaar at Monkey Bar

#LBBEvent! Sweetest Day of the Year – Dessert Bazaar at Monkey Bar

Yesterday was the #sweetestdayoftheyear. Why? Because Little Black Book Delhi (LBBD) had organized a Dessert Bazaar which brought together some of Delhi and Gurgaon’s best home bakers and patisseries under one roof. The roof in question was of Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj.

I went there around 12pm as I thought if I went there a bit early, I would be able to avoid the crowds. But I was so wrong, as I underestimated the sweet tooth that us Delhiites have, as this place was packed even at that time.

I tried out desserts from almost all the counters and even bought stuff to take back home. My favourites were Sugarama, Smitten Bakery, The Brown Box, Sucre, Melt, and my all time favourite- Whipped.

What was interesting to see is that all the home bakers tried to move beyond the regular desserts and tried to do new, innovative things. Also each counter had one dessert which had Grant’s whiskey as an ingredient. Also, at the Grant’s cart, if you took a selfie, they were offering you a chance to spin the wheel and win a delicious goodie! The icing on all these cakes, was the KitchenAid do-it-yourself counter, where you could make personalized desserts, add toppings and sauces of your choice and enjoy your creation, for free!

To beat the heat, they also had a juice counter (The Good Juicery), an ice-cream counter (Scoops N Sticks) and a gelato counter (Mimi’s Gelato).

LBBD had also set up a counter where you could pick up the candies of yesteryear from Ravalgaon. Also, if you could answer their question about their site, you would get a mug.

All in all, the second edition of Dessert Bazaar was an awesome event. Here’s wishing there’s more and more of the same.


Online food delivery service review: Bueno

Online food delivery service review: Bueno

Bueno is an online delivery service that offers global cuisine, 24 X 7 and prides itself on its healthy gourmet meals made from organic ingredients. They have 2 segments: one is Bueno MenuMaker, which is a catering service delivering across Delhi NCR, while the other is Bueno Xprs, which has some popular dishes, and they currently deliver only in Gurgaon.

Since I wasn’t carrying lunch to office today, I decided to check them out. I ordered a Chicken Ham and Cheese Sandwich and a Veg Basil Pesto Penne Pasta. The online ordering process is extremely smooth, and they also ask you what time you want the order to be delivered. And, the best part is, they are extremely punctual. I had asked for the order to be delivered at 2:30pm, and at exactly that time, I got a call from the delivery boy. This is great, especially if you’re ordering from office and may have meetings lined up. About the packaging; everything was packed in sealed containers, marked properly to denote whether the item inside is veg or non-veg, and they had provided sufficient paper napkins and plastic cutlery.

Now coming to the taste! The chicken sandwich was grilled perfectly and was made in focaccia bread, which was fresh and delicious. The filling was very tasty, however, it would have tasted much better if the cheese inside was melted and oozing. The penne pasta had a nice flavour, enhanced by the shaved parmesan, and you could make out that it has been made with good quality ingredients. My only complaint with the pasta would be that it was a tad dry.

I believe if they make a few minor adjustments to their dishes, this place is definitely worth trying for a healthy office lunch, or a midnight craving!

Bueno1 Bueno2 IMG_20150513_181504

Bakery Review: Melt

Bakery Review: Melt

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? The best part about them is that they give you the opportunity to have a variety of different flavours, rather than buying one whole cake. But more often than not, I find cupcakes available at most bakeries to be dry, as cupcakes do tend to dry out faster than regular cakes. However, the cupcakes at Melt, are incredibly moist and tasty.

Melt is a new bakery that would be officially launching at the LBBD’s Dessert Bazaar, but is currently accepting orders online and on phone. They offer a range of flavours and can even create customized flavours and their promise is that their desserts are so yummy, that you will #forgetthefork.

I tried 4 of their cupcake flavours- Peanut Butter Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache and Roasted Peanuts, Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting, Toasted Almond and Nutella Cupcake and White Chocolate Cupcake topped with Mascarpone frosting with Berry coulis. All the cupcakes were moist and fresh, and had the right proportion of cake to icing. Another thing I really liked about the cupcakes is that they were adequately sweet and the individual flavours shone through. My favourites would definitely be the Red Velvet (which I found to be better than Elma’s), and the White Chocolate Cupcake topped with Mascarpone frosting with Berry coulis. The cream cheese icing on the red velvet cupcake had the right balance of sweet and sour, and the cupcake itself was soft and flavourful. The cupcake with the Mascarpone and berry coulis frosting was something very different and delicious.

Apart from these cupcakes, I also tried Banoffee pie in a jar, which was very nice, but would have been better if it were a tad less sweet. Another thing I would like to mention is the honeycomb brittle which they had put on top of the cupcake with the Mascarpone and berry coulis frosting. It was just fabulous and I could buy packets of this brittle!

Going by these products, I can say that Melt guarantees fresh, delicious and innovative products and I would definitely want to try out more of their products in the future. Looking forward to their launch at the Dessert Bazaar on 16 May.

To find out more about Melt, check out their Facebook page:
Melt Facebook page

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Restaurant review: Cherie

Restaurant review: Cherie

Address: Kalka Das Marg,Mehrauli

Overall rating: 2/5

I had gone to Cherie during Restaurant Week India with great expectations as Italian is my favourite cuisine, but I was quite disappointed. We went there on a Saturday afternoon around 1:30pm, and it was empty. As soon as we sat down, we were served a bread basket along with some condiments. The bread basket had Focaccia Bread and Pesto Rolls and was served with a Bell Pepper Relish and Pesto Sauce. The breads and the condiments were all very nice. For starters, we went with Bacon Wrapped Maple Mustard Chicken and Meatballs in Lemon Pesto. The chicken was really tasty but the meatballs were average. For main course, we went with the Grilled Chicken with Artichoke Mushroom Creamy Herb Sauce and Lamb Medallion. The chicken dish was just average, as the sauce had almost no flavour and even the grilled veggies with it were quite bland. The chicken also seemed a tad overcooked, as it was quite dry. But the meatball dish was even worse. While the meatballs themselves were ok, though the cheese stuffed inside had not melted properly, the purplish gravy served along with it was not only unappetizing to look at but had a very weird flavour.

Coming to desserts, we went with Chocolate Bath and Pistachio Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis. The panna cotta was nice, with a subtle flavour of pistachio, lifted by the sweet-tangy flavour of the berry coulis. The chocolate bath had many components- pieces of chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, chocolate shavings, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate mousse. While the chocolate mousse was delicious, the chocolate fudge was just ok, and the chocolate cake and ice-cream were strictly average.

Also, the portion size of the starters and main course was quite small. Given that many restaurants much popular and more expensive than Cherie serve up more food, along with add-ons like palate cleansers, etc. in this restaurant week concept, the food and the portion size were both disappointing here.

Overall, I would say that there are much better Italian restaurants, at the same price point in Delhi.

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