Online food delivery service review: Foodport

Online food delivery service review: Foodport

I bet it’ll resonate with almost everyone when I say that office food is bad, to say the least. Not only is it boring and bland, but also quite unhealthy at times, and having burgers and pizzas everyday is not a very good idea either. I normally carry food from home, but that’s not always possible. For times like these, Foodport comes to the rescue.

Foodport is a new food delivering service, catering specially to those who want tasty, healthy, hygienic food delivered to their offices. They are open Monday-Friday, from 9am-6pm, currently delivering only in Gurgaon, and they have a new menu everyday, so that we get variety.

Let me start by saying that I was thoroughly impressed with their packaging. The food comes neatly packaged in pizza boxes, and within the pizza box, the food is again packed in sealed plastic boxes, all complete with cutlery and paper-napkins. It is so good to see that they have thought of each and every detail, so that a person does not need to arrange for even one extra utensil and the food can be had in those very containers and can be disposed off in the pizza box, without making a mess. They also label their boxes with a green strip for veg and red for non-veg and even mention the cuisine inside (Continental, Indian, etc.). Their exceptional service is also worth mentioning here. They were running 10 minutes late due to water-logging and they made sure to inform me in advance.

Now coming to the real deal- the food! I got to try a wide variety of dishes- Grilled fish, Chicken sandwich in multigrain bread and veg kebab platter with dal makhani. Each meal is very well thought of, as it comes with accompaniments like nacho chips and salad. The grilled fish came with buns, warm salad (with baby corn, beans, broccoli, etc.) and nachos. I am not too fond of fish, and always consider it a poor cousin of chicken, but this fish was just perfectly cooked- so soft that it was breaking apart with the touch of the fork, and it was so well marinated in this mix of bell peppers, lemon juice and some sort of yogurt dressing. This was an excellent dish, something I would love to order again, and this is coming from a person who doesn’t even like fish. Another thing that really struck me was how good the warm salad was. Now anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I tend to stay away from salads. And that is primarily because most salads are really bland and flavourless. But this one was really tasty.
The next box had a Chicken sandwich in multigrain bread, with nachos and a cold salad with corn, carrots, radish and capsicum. This salad was again extremely tasty (they seem to really know how to make great salads) and the chicken sandwich was delicious. The stuffing was so juicy, creamy and flavourful, and it was a very filling sandwich. Again a dish that I would love to have again.
The third box had a veg kebab platter, comprising paneer tikka, veg shaami kebab, and a stuffed aloo kebab. Along with the kebabs, they had a portion of dal makhani, 2 rumali rotis and a side of onions and green chutney. While the kebabs were all quite good, they were not exceptional, something I had come to expect from their other 2 dishes. The dal makhani though, considering it was not overloaded with butter or cream, was quite tasty. The rumali rotis were also very soft and well made. The green chutney along with the onions was wonderful.
Along with these meals, I also tried 2 desserts- fruit pudding, and chocolate & walnut mousse pudding. The chocolate pudding was luscious and rich, while the fruit pudding was creamy and light. Both the desserts were really tasty and what I liked about them was that they were not overly sweet.

Overall, I would say that Continental food is their forte, but they do a pretty good job with Indian as well. Moreover, the convenience of the packaging is a key factor here. For delicious, hygienic, healthy food, with neat packaging and excellent service, I would definitely recommend Foodport.

To find out more about Foodport, check out their website:
Foodport website 

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