Event review: The Grub Fest

Event review: The Grub Fest

Today was the first day of the 3-day long Grub Fest, and it was quite nice. I did have a bit of trouble figuring out which gate the entry is from, so probably the organizers can mention the gate no. on their website to make it more convenient for all of us. But once I was in, I felt everything had been organised really well- from the layout, the small, seating areas to even the security- everything was well taken care of.

What I really like about such events is not only that it brings together a number of our favourite restaurants all at one place, and gives immense variety, but more importantly that it showcases some great home cooks, home bakers and organic products, which we may not get to hear of otherwise. I got to try quite a few of these products and even purchased many of them as they were really good. There was also a huge selection of restaurants to choose from which gave me the opportunity to have a plethora of different dishes.

My top picks for restaurants– Fio; NYC Pie; Leaping Caravan; Asian Haus. You can also refresh yourself with popsicles from Frugurpop or gelato from Gelato Italiano, Gelato Roma or Gelato Vinto (yes, all three are there!) There was also a counter for ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen called Niice Cream.

My top picks for products to be brought back– amazing dips from Wingreens Farms; flavoured butter from Murginns; yummy pickles from Spice Jar (my favourite was the mango chutney); masala mattis and besan pak from Naani Ki Matthi; and amazing flavoured cheese from Choudhery’s Cheese Bazaar.

The Grub Fest is on for 2 more days, so don’t miss out on it!

To find out more about The Grub Fest, check out the links below:
Grub Fest Website
Grub Fest Facebook Page

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