Review: Nayab Handi

Review: Nayab Handi

Nayab Handi has recently started a delivery outlet in Delhi, bringing authentic Mughlai food to our doorsteps.

The packaging was really neat and spill-proof and everything was nicely labelled. We also loved the fact that rather than sending the regular pickled onions, they sent a lovely homemade flavored with nigella seeds, which we absolutely loved.n1The Nayab Chicken Tikka consisted of succulent chunks of boneless chicken that had been nicely marinated in a flavorful mix of yogurt, spices and fresh coriander to give it a wonderful taste.

They claim that their rendition of the Mutton Seekh Kebabs is the authentic Delhi 6 version, and we lovely the flavor and the texture of these kebabs. The kebabs had a slight bite to them and were very nicely flavored without the seasoning being overpowering.

The Mian Ji Ka Galauti Kebab is another delicacy from their kitchen, consisting of soft, melt-in-the-mouth kebabs made from minced goat meat, tenderized with green papaya to give them that lovely texture. The mince was flavored with herbs and a variety of spices, shaped into patties and fried with ghee. The galauti kebabs were really amazing and were served with mini discs of ulte tawe ka parathas.n2The Dal Nayab had been cooked for hours on charcoal to get a thick and creamy texture and had a lovely robust flavor. The dal had been topped with a generous helping of butter to give it a richer, more well-rounded taste.

The Bahadur Shahi Mutton Qorma is another stellar dish on their menu. It had a generous amount of mutton pieces on-the-bone, which were perfectly cooked and really tender. The gravy had a lovely depth of flavor from the spices and yet was very delicate. This dish should certainly be tried. We had these dishes with lachcha paranthas and soft and spongy khameeri rotis.n3The Shahi Phirni was thick and creamy, had a lovely saffron flavor and was just adequately sweet.n4Overall, this is a place we will be ordering from time and again, as we simply loved the flavors of all the dishes.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Greater Kailash 1 (GK1)
Phone No.: +91 9990620233

Review: George

Review: George

George is a microbrewery and restaurant located in Sohna Road, and its ambience pulls you in immediately. The outside area is bright and colorful with a lot of greenery, and the interiors are dimly lit, have a variety of seating options, and a huge stacked bar. There is a DJ console and live performance stage at one end of the restaurant, and you can also see the brewery through the glass window.g1We started off with tester shots of their house-brewed beer- wheat, premium and dark beer, all of which had a lovely flavor, with the dark beer having nice coffee notes and a malty taste. We also tried the Guava Mary which was a tangy-spicy drink made with guava juice muddled with slit green chilies, tabasco, salt and fresh coriander.g2The appetizer section has a nice variety of veg and non-veg options among Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes.

The Dahi Kebab had creamy, soft hung curd inside which was lightly coated and pan fried to get a thin, crisp outer layer. The dahi kebabs were very deftly spiced and seasoned so as not to overpower the delicate flavor of the curd, and were served with a mint chutney.

The Veg Spring Rolls had a really flaky, crispy roll covering and were stuffed with a nice assortment of shredded vegetables. However, the sweet chili sauce served alongside could have had a touch more chili as it came across as too sweet on the palate.

The Kasundi Mahi Fish Tikka had delicate, juicy fish chunks marinated with kasundi, herbs and spices. The fish was so soft that it just melted in the mouth, and the marinade was flavorful but not too harsh.

The Shish Taouk was perhaps the best dish of the evening – consisting of char-grilled boneless chicken, marinated with Lebanese spices, skewered with bell peppers and onions. The marinade on the juicy, moist chicken was packed full of flavor, and the pickled vegetables and garlic mayo dip served alongside enhanced the flavors of the dish. This dish is a must-have here!g3For mains, we went with Khade Masale ke Mutton Rara with lachcha parantha. The dish had soft, well-cooked pieces of mutton in a moist mutton keema that was spiced to perfection.

We ended our meal with Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice-cream, which was nice, but nothing to write home about.g4The service throughout our meal was efficient and extremely courteous. Overall, if you’re in the area and are looking for a place to have good food and drinks, this is the place for you!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Location: Ground Floor, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 098105 75114

Review: Saugaat by Bikanervala

Review: Saugaat by Bikanervala

Saugaat is a gifting boutique by the brand Bikanervala, and they offer a range of delicious, unique mithais which are a blend of international flavors with a traditional soul. The brand has also thoughtfully designed the luxurious, elegant packaging to

We recently tried some of their mithais and were not only blown away with how pretty and colorful the box of sweets looked, but how unique and tasty the different flavor combinations were.s1The Scarlet Dream had a bright red color, and consisted of smooth white chocolate, draped in a pretty crimson layer of coconut and beetroot. The nuttiness from the coconut nicely balanced out the sweetness of the white chocolate.

The Lemon De Leche was our personal favorite because of the skill which with it combined milk chocolate with the tang of lemon. The dulce de leche sauce in the center of the mithai was thick, creamy and extremely delicious, and the balance of the sweet and the tanginess was just perfect.

Ispahan loved regal, as it was covered with a layer of dried rose petals and topped with a little bit of edible gold leaf. This mithai had mellow tones of almond and rose combined with chunks of juicy lychee right at the center.

The Lait Croquer had a flavorful combination of French wafer and doda churned with rich Turkish hazelnut. The mithai had a nice crunch from the wafers, and a creamy texture inside, and the amalgamation of signature flavors of three cuisines – Indian, Turkish and French – worked so well in this dessert.

The Crème Dela Coco had a delicate balance of passion fruit and ghee wrapped in a crunchy coconut exterior- a delight for those who like the nuttiness of coconut in their desserts.

The Saugaat Royale had a chunky base made with almonds, topped with a layer of besan roasted in ghee, layered with dark chocolate. The combination of besan and dark chocolate worked surprisingly well together to make for a delightful dessert.s2Overall, the offerings from this new brand would make for perfect gifts, party favors and even as wedding favors. And the pretty packaging and the beautiful, vibrant colors of the mithais make them look as heavenly as they taste.

Location: E-7, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi
Phone No.: 078880 00001

Review: Ustad

Review: Ustad

Ustad is a new delivery brand serving up delicious North Indian food, and their philosophy is to provide freshly prepared dishes to our doorsteps. We recently ordered a few dishes from Ustad for tasting and were really happy to see that they use biodegradable packaging for all their dishes. Though there was a slight delay in delivery, everything came neatly packed and labelled and the mutton dish actually came sealed in the earthen pot it was cooked in.

The Subz ki Seekh had a nice mix of minced vegetables grilled in tandoor, and the flavors were really on point, but the texture was slightly dry. The Gosht ki Seekh had tender rolls of minced mutton grilled over charcoal fire, and the spices in the mutton were subtle but flavorsome.

The Dal Makhani had a lovely, rich and creamy texture and was packed full of flavor. The full-bodied flavor of the dal came from simmering it overnight on a slow charcoal fire. The Haveli Meat came in a clay pot and consisted of juicy boneless mutton chunks in a flavorsome achari gravy.

Overall, a great place to order delicious North Indian food from.u1Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Location: 93, DDA Market, Greater Kailash 1, Delhi
Phone No.: 085888 54077

Review: The Wine Company

Review: The Wine Company

The Wine Company (TWC), located at DLF Cyber Hub has a unique concept of a wine shop within the restaurant. One can choose from over 150 kinds of wine sourced from more than 35 countries and pair it up with world class Continental and European cuisine served at the restaurant. They have recently launched their new, updated menu and we visited the restaurant to try their new dishes.

Their Signature Karari Roti was something we’d heard so much about and seen in pictures, so we knew we had to try this dish. They have introduced some new, interesting flavors which we tried. The thin, crispy roti was sprinkled with garlic and cheese, Thai sweet chili and dahi papdi chaat masala, and we enjoyed this dish as we waited for the rest of our food, while sipping on some amazing Rose wine.

Along with our wine, we also relished their cheese board, which had four types of cheese, all of which are sourced locally from Indian cheese makers. The truffle cream cheese was so flavorful, and we tried the different cheese with different combinations of the condiments such as pickled olives, peach and orange jam, podi nuts, grapes and star fruit, along with homemade crusty sourdough bread.w1Their Soft Shell Taco menu has six different topping options of which we tried two. The fried tofu and mushrooms taco had a nice miso mayo, but the flavors could be a bit amped up in this dish. The other one had smoked chicken with salsa verde, and the salsa added a lovely punchy, piquant flavor which was absolutely delicious. The taco shells were also rolled really thin and had a soft texture.

The Crispy Chicken Chaat was a really unique dish, consisting of chickpea and sprouts chaat with spices and sauces, topped with fried chicken breast. The chicken was moist inside and had a crispy covering, and went surprisingly well with the chaat.w2The Corn on the Cob was another amazing dish consisting of perfectly grilled corn with a lovely smoky flavor, doused with lots of sriracha honey butter and topped with some crumbled cottage cheese. The butter gave it a nice richness, and the sriracha and honey nicely counterbalanced the sweet and spicy flavors.

Next, we went with the Flambed Kebab Pate which had a lovely buff mince cooked in an iron skillet, mixed with spices and herbs. The mince was served with milk toast, so as to mimic the slight sweetness of sheermal. Along with this, we had a glass of red wine which paired amazingly well with the robust, rich buff mince.w3For mains, we went the Lamb Pappardelle, which had thin, perfectly cooked ribbons of homemade pappardelle pasta, mixed with salt crusted lamb and red wine jus. The lamb was soft and juicy, and deftly spiced, and the red wine jus was packed with flavor.

The Whole Grilled Himalayan Trout had a crispy skin and the flesh inside was really soft, flaky and moist. The whole fish was served with a fresh citrus salad, and a lemon butter and roasted garlic sauce, and these flavors complemented each other really well.w4To end this delicious meal, we chose a rich and scrumptious dessert- the Raspberry Chocolate, which consisted of a 70% Callebaut chocolate mousse on a chocolate cake base, served with a tender coconut ice cream, and some raspberry compote. The raspberry helped cut the richness of the chocolate and added a nice tangy element to the dish.w5Overall, the entire meal highlighted Indian food in a contemporary way and each dish was tastier than the last. The chef has done a great job redesigning the menu and adding really interesting, delicious dishes that would make you come back for more.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 22-23, DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 096433 31098

Review: Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Review: Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti has opened another outlet at CP, serving the same delicious Nepalese, Tibetan and Bhutanese food. This outlet follows a similar theme of wooden furnishings and Bhutanese prayer wheels, prayer flags, etc. in the décor, maintaining its simple and rustic feel.

Since our favorite mocktail, the Ming Magical, was not available, we went with the Ginger Mint which was a nice concoction of soda, ginger syrup, ginger juliennes, and fresh mint leaves, and was thankfully not too sweet.y1Yeti has the best momos in town- hands down- and the Chicken, Mutton and Buff Momos that we had were just as flavorsome and juicy as they always are. The covering was thin and translucent and the fillings were generous in quantity and very deftly spiced so as to let the proteins’’ flavor come through.

We also had the Sliced Pork with Vegetables which had big pieces of really juicy and flavorsome pork and crunchy greens in a tangy, spicy sauce that was loaded with flavor.

Rather than ordering our go-to thukpa, we tried the Thenthuk this time, which is an Eastern-Tibet style hand pulled noodle soup. The broth was really flavorsome and hearty, the vegetables cooked perfectly al dente and the noodles thin and soft.y2For main course, we went with the non-veg Thakali Thali. The thali had a humble but tasty chicken gravy dish, a lovely homely dal tempered nicely with ghee, gundruk sadeko, rai ka saag, piro aloo, fried karela, achaar, papad, curd, and rice. The Gundruk sadeko had sundried spinach tossed in traditional spices, and piro aloo had fried potatoes tossed in cumin, garlic and turmeric.y3Throughout the meal, the service was fast and efficient, though we prefer the attentive service at the HKV outlet. However, this outlet is still rather new, so we guess the service will become more seamless with time. This is a must-visit place, and proves how simple, humble food can be exceptionally tasty.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: B41, B Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 40421829; +91 8383929921



Review: Punjab 2.0

Review: Punjab 2.0

Punjab 2.0 delivers lip smacking authentic Indian and Mughlai delicacies right at our doorsteps, from 7 am all the way up to 4 am.

We recently ordered some dishes for tasting, and the food came neatly packed and labelled in a nice cardboard box.

The Bhutteyan De Kebab was a nice and different dish made with steamed corn blended with fennel, and green chilies, flattened and deep fried. The corn flavor came through well and the kebabs were soft and delicately spiced.p1The Mutton Galouti Kebab were really nicely spiced and just melted in the mouth, and also had a nice thin crust on the outside. The texture of these kebabs was amazing and they went really well with the slightly sweet discs of ulte tawe ke paranthe.

For main course, we went with the Dal Makhani and Murgh Makhani, along with Tandoori Rotis and Naan. The dal was made with whole urad dal simmered overnight with a hint of mustard oil mixed with tomato puree and cream, tempered with hot desi ghee. The dal had a robust flavor and a creamy texture from the low, slow cooking, and the ghee flavor came through well. The Murgh Makhani had tandoor grilled chicken pieces on the bone, simmered in a rich, tangy tomato gravy enhanced with dried fenugreek.p2Overall, the food was delicious, neatly packed and well-priced, and this place can certainly be tried for amazing North Indian and Mughlai dishes!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Location: F5, First Floor, Bani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon
Phone No.: 073036 58509